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Justice Mogoeng..!
..Constitutional Court!
My name is Phiri,
grabbing opportunity YouTube affords me
towards Your Justice.
This, seeing that in RSA exists...
a gentleman..
Name: ‘Mr Zuma'.
Zuma has..
..closed down all other avenues
I could use to Your Court.
If everything goes..
..according to Zuma’s ruse..
..Phiri is jail-bound;
irrespective of the process thereto!
I’m ready for Prison!
Zuma sees an early grave for Phiri!
I am ready for the Death!
However, I AM NOT READY..
..for my story to go untold!
Therefore, these videos..
..a plea for the audience of Your Justice.
The case in my own defence is SOLID.
However Zuma prevents me
from prosecuting in my own defence.
In spite of my status as
a Civil Servant,
he denies me..
..financial assistance.
Zuma’s unconstitutional aim is:
“Incapacitate Phiri’s legal self-defence”.
The root: a 2001 Zuma-Mbeki fabrication. 2001
Consequentially, several other cases too.
At the High Court: Phiri cases.
Cases even at the “Webster Department”!
Because of a Judge-Webster Order..
..Zuma Minister acquired March 2011
to gag Phiri.
I am grateful, Justice Mogoeng:
Webster Order
..or even my constitutional freedom
to pronounce politically, where need be!
Nor can Webster actually muzzle me.
Zuma-sponsored corruption shall be aired!
If in government, it shall!
But, before I expatiate on Zuma buddies'
racially-motivated corruption,
I bring you the genesis.
Matter starts:
A consanguinity claimant with
Mandela and Temba Matanzima.
She prostitutes herself
..from juniority to generalcy with Zuma-Mbeki full CONDONATION.
She exploits Lecturer Lentsoe’s lasciviousness.
No question that there was corruption!
..in the “Webster Department”!
Her name is Winnie Ntombizodwa Zini-Bobelo: Siziwe.
She had corruption-motivated sex
with her Lecturer
Lecturer went by the name of
“Raymond Lentsoe”
There was definite corruption!
The College then 00:02:42.300,00:02:45.300 erupted into a racial fracas.
Black people from Siziwe’s Eastern Cape
blindly defended their Siziwe ‘princess’.
Whites, on the other hand,
blindly attacked their Siziwe ‘tramp’.
Zuma hates me for having introduced sobriety there.
Because I sided with neither of the two ‘racisms’,
I emerged the chief whistle-blower of the College.
Zuma clearly sides with the Eastern-Cape blacks.
Zuma OKs Mandela relatives living above the law.
Probably Zuma uses similar aura for clover pro- his own kin!
Hence, I'm appealing to Your Justice, Mogoeng
Assist me please, if you can.
If you cannot, PLEASE STAND BACK!
I view myself as Freedom Fighter for life!
If need be, I’ll die for my country.
Perhaps we are in different leagues.
All of us are not patriots!
I will forgive you, Justice Mogoeng!
For the moment though, YOU'VE HEARD MY PLEA.
Please, assist me!
Otherwise I’m jailed!
The heartless Zumas will poison me to death in jail.
It is their exile-learnt murder style pro-Eastern-Cape black racism.
A tribalism championed by Zuma’s mentor:
..Nelson Mandela.
Enough with that angle!
To explain my current mess:
In Year 2000.
around December
there took place this corruption
between this man and woman
who were committing adultery
for the purpose of passing Woman Student
all the way up to generalcy..
.. in “Webster’s Department”.
By then
Mr Mbeki was State President.
That was in December 2000
As of 2001,
February the 6th
matters had come to a head
at the said College
Black and White
at each others' throats &Cause:
Madam Bobelo.
Inspector General Enoch Mashoala
brainstormed the problem with us. 00:05:01.800,00:05:03.600 I stood up..
..as the only volunteer to..
..to enlightening him..
..on the sources of the racial conflict..
..in the state Department..
South Africa is a constitutional democracy.
..I cannot mention. 00:05:17.500,00:05:20.100 Let me just call it The “Webster Department”. 00:05:20.500,00:05:24.500 So, publicly, I told Inspector Mashoala
I was going to point out the culprits.
That was on Feb 06, 2001.
There is no question Mashoala promised then his audience.
Mashoala had been sent
by Gilbert Ramano..
..Lieutenant General Gilbert Lebeko Ramano.
That is where I first expressed my preparedness to expose the corruption.
That was 2001, February 6.
By the March 6, 2001
you already had a 30-day period elapsed.
“Solid investigations for the solid 30 days”!
yet Mashoala was actively elbowing me out
Now it suddenly dawned on me that
Enoch Mashoala (who would himself, just like Lentsoe,
be “coercing sex-for-promotion..
“..on Civil Servant Mrs. Mabel Rweqana a.k.a.
“Shirley Brown”, “Mbatha” or “Mahamba” 00:06:22.000,00:06:23.899 As this “skirt-chaser” himself (according to “Shirley Brown”),
over and above his birth in the domineering Eastern Cape
Inspector General Mashoala had every motive to sell me! 00:06:29.699,00:06:33.199 So I wrote Ramano my grievance against Mashola.
Grievances are naturally geared for State President.
Thabo Mbeki, another of the domineering ex-Eastern-Capers,
No one can force time frames on a State President.
However, Public Administration Justice Act ..
..is unambiguous:
[at some stage, THE PRESIDENT..
[..SHALL RESPOND, and respond substantially!]
Recalcitrant Mbeki’s ultimate language was the boot by the ANC!
It was related to Mbeki's racism against Zuma.
I was grateful: my fellow-victim Zuma was now the conqueror.
I had spent a lot of money supporting Zuma's corruption trial.
Today I regret it why I cast pearls to swine.
I should just have saved my few rands.
No sooner did
Zuma come to power
I updated him on the endemic.. 00:07:27.600,00:07:30.500 ..promotion through sex and racism only.
Zuma just ignored me.
Zuma has since slipped
into the pockets of Eastern-Cape black racists.
They pocketed Zuma all right, and..
if I am allowed to mention how that
could have happened:: "THE SPY TAPES"!
These are the most stupid tapes ever!
If you're supposed
to have committed a crime,
avail yourself to Court and clear your name.
There should be no spy tapes to save you!
Schabir Shaik was convicted.
Why should the man at the political centre
of that Shaik conviction
be exonerated from a Judge's scrutiny?
However, I am not there, Justice Mogoeng!
I want to highlight the fact that
March 6, 2001 saw my grievance written.
The grievance was directed to President Mbeki.
He ignored that grievance.
Zuma was later to be updated on same issue.
I had thought Zuma will stop all racism, tribalism and male chauvinism.
"Zuma, the 100% Zulu from the selfsame ethnicity
that gave South Africa ANC Founder Pixley Seme!"
“Zuma symbolized South Africa’s peace with Herself.”
Nothing doing!
Zuma was to spring me some nasty surprises!
The update was 2010-September update..
that's when Zuma was updated about the Phiri case.
Mind-boggling pretences to a favourable response
from Zuma’s Union Buildings: 00:08:58.799,00:09:00.500 "President is attending to your matter."
A letter from The President
creates ecstasy to the addressee.
While resting on those laurels,
Zuma sends heavily armed military police..
raiding your residence.
Zuma drums up an accusation, hauls you court.
from 2001
until 2008
this is when I decided that
my plea against state-sponsored
black racism and prostitution-for promotion
are falling on deaf ears with Zuma and them.
So I blogged about this.
Blog was an issue on its own.
Mr Zuma stopped it
via a Court Order.
His concerned Cabinet Minister
approached Judge Webster
on Year 2011 in March.
They successfully pleaded
with the Honourable Judge that I should stop the said blog
But as to why I have since become a great client
of even the Constitutional Court where I've knocked
even in my current state of pennilessness,
(you know already Mr Zuma is asphyxiating me)
He's throttling me.
denying Civil Servant me
my rightful financial legal support at state expense.
Civil Servant just as Zuma or Jackie Selebi are!
I was told by a courier
Mr Gwede Mantashe
who is the Secretary General
of the ANC that
[“Phiri must affiliate with the ANC..
[“..before Zuma can rightfully assist him.”]
The ANC is my cultural home!
My 1st Cousin Labotsibeni started the ANC!
Despite the Mandela-Zuma lies: "ANC= brainchild of E.Cape",
no greater material contributor than Cousin Labotsibeni!
Now why must I become a party member first?
I did not arrive at the current
case "because of ANC membership".
It was all because of my status:
I refuse to prostitute myself, Mr Mantashe!
I love the ANC.
Nobody will love ANC more that I do!
OK, Zuma will challenge me for that statement!
He claims he loves the ANC.
Few people love the ANC more than I do.
I love the ANC!
I love the PAC!
I love the Democratic Alliance!
But now I am being victimized
for my principled stand.
So, Mr Mantashe can go where he likes.
I won’t follow him..
..and join the ANC.
I was born with ANC blood in my veins.
Mantashe cannot tell me a thing..
his party position notwithstanding.
Anyway, that's the message I got from Mantashe.
"If Zuma must assist Phiri
"Phiri must come via party membership."
to go a little bit back..
Year 2001
[March 06]
I wrote a grievance.
..there are official channels for grievances..
..it was directed to the Commander in Chief
of that security department
for which I work.
Three days thereafter I WAS CHARGED.
They brought a lot of lies
against me to allege that
[by the way, what I'm talking here is not sub-judice]
[I'm outlining the features of the case]
They brought the charge that
a total of about 11 charges against me
blah bla blah
including a charge that
"a 52-year-old man Phiri simply vanished from work".
How can an old man like me simply disappear?
I am grey-headed alread!
How do I "disappear from work"?
But that's how ludicrous the charges are!
But then they moved from the laughable to the suicidal!
Prosecutor's Case was queried:
[Answer]: "6 Feb 2001".
[Question]: " THEN WHY CHARGE PHIRI 9 Feb 2001?".
[Answer]: "[IG investigated Phiri 06 Feb-06Mar 01]".
[Answer]: "[Prosecution wanted to assemble everything]".
[Answer]: "[about this Phiri guy]".
[Answer]: "[..stemming from the February IG Report on Phiri]".
From that very reason, then
a reason given by prosecution in 2001..
I had to approach High Court Judge
The Honourable Judge Claassen.
Gauteng North.
And Judge Claassen
obviously found in my favour
if, as claimed, the Report was about me.
But in reality, the report, if any exists
was about Nelson Mandela's fornicating cousin, Bobelo!
She was fornicating in order to become the general.
Report could not have been about me.
But because prosecution built on it
the very gravamen of their case,
obviously I am entitled to that fornication report
in order to save my skin from the Judge.
The Zumas started to dilly-dally on giving me that Report
Judge Claassen had given the Zumas
7 days to comply with the Court Order.
The concerned Minister simply ignored the Order.
When the Minister felt like it
..some 5 months later..
..the Minister came up with the following..
"Let's have a 21-Sept-2004 discussion with you Phiri"
"State Attorney Ref: 897/ 04/ 1235/ L10/SN", dated 6 Oct 2004
So we agreed we were settling out of court
Before I knew it, the Zumas sommersaulted!
They got cold feet
from the prospect of a Ramano affidavit in my hands.
They knew I was going to rip Ramano apart in court!
So they kept on sommersaulting.
In 2006, they ended up
and instead of returning to Claassen,
they played smart.
They went to Acting Judge Sithole.
They claimed with Sithole that that had
already given me the said report
I opposed them and Justice Sithole found in my favour.
to say I have not the report.
Incidentally, the chief allegation
they have against me
is that
as a supposedly native African
I allegedly called a native European
South African
an F- Racist.. I used the F-word.
and it all sounds ugly.
But now when they went to A/J Sithole
Sithole threw them out!
and said: "No, you haven't given Phiri".
So they opted for a Full Bench.
That's now when Zuma had come to full power, 2010.
They went a full bench led by
Judge Tuchten
I hear he is highly respected.
But, with due respect,
I have no respect for that Judge.
He allowed emotions to wade him through my case.
His spokesperson, one Judge Southwood,
is the one who made me read Tuchten's mind and temperament
As If I'm prosecuting myself with the Fornication-Report-linkage,
Tuchten turned prosecution's task to mine
Tuchten demanded of me demonstrate "the linkage"
between my prosecution and the Fornication Report I sought.
Tuchten said my case [is kindergarten stuff].
"I'm wasting his time seeking the Fornication Report".
All 3 European judges against me were put by Justice Ngoepe!
Justice Ngoepe surely must have lost his marbles!
I am supposed to have called a European the F-Word.
Clearly, Justice Ngoepe was selling me out for Zuma!
Particularly in a South Africa with a racial history,
when you still have Whites like Drost and Kleynhans
who lie blatantly for Mandela racism
Judge President of the Pretoria High Court,
Justice Bernard Ngoepe
should have known better than to do this to me in 2010!
At that stage, my literally unpaid lawyers never apprised me
of the fact that I could Appeal the Tuchten-Ngoepe fiasco.
It was only on March 2011
when a legally-minded friend of mine
That is then when I decided to appeal Tuchten-Ngoepe.
I approached the Appellate Division in Bloemfontein
I aske too for condonation
for Late Appeal.
Bloemfoentein condoned me for late appeal.
..that'w what happened, Justice Mogoeng.
They condoned me for the late appeal.
But they surprisingly said they reject my right to appeal!!!
That, then, became my reason for approaching
the Constitutional Court.
Muzah Attorney, and on a limb,
made a Constituional Case Number for me.
Zuma has since made Muzah Attorneys
Becaue Zuma denies Phiri funds for paying Muzah.
Zuma hates seeing me killing corruption in South Africa.
I hear he has a nephew who's grown from taxi driving
to becoming an industry captain.
I don't know if some billionnaire or millionaire.
So, politicians of Zuma's ilk use their families.
Zuma clearly wants me to shut up
about the corruption of the Mandela relative, Bobelo.
Zuma apparently thinks Mandela is God.
For me, Mandela is just another fellow...
He may be a bit older than I, granted.
I will respect Mandela only on the basis of his age!
But, unlike Zuma, Mandela is not my God.
I have my God who is in heaven.
I'm prepared to die anytime and go meet my God.
I'm ready to go for poisoning in Zuma's prisons
It's fine for me.
but I'm never going to accept
South Africa ruled by black racism
of Mandela's Eastern Cape.
Mandela gave the Thembu Royal House
of the Eastern Cape
the bad name of South Africa's black racists.
All Mandela's relatives who matter
seem to be there in [Zuma] government.
The likes of Temba Matanzaima
a.k.a. Templeton.
They're all over the show harrassing us
"we must kow-tow to these folks"
"because of their blood links with Mandela".
Justice Mogoeng! I really need the help of Your Justice.
In short, Your Justice:
Make of them The One Case which they are.
Because, as of February 2012,
I received an email
This was again at dubitable Ngoepe's High Court.
How on earth would I attend to any High Court urgent case?
How does Zuma imagine I give instructions bar legal fees?
If Your Justice helps me
Honestly, from the Ngoepe experience,
I don't expect you to help me.
In any case, you were appointed by my enemy, Zuma.
Still, as Justice,
Do remember:
You are put there FOR THE LAW.
"Fear" and "Favour" are foreign to both Law and Justice!
No person with a psyche less, deserves Your Position!
Anyway, that is how I see the world of Justice!
Still, I leave room that "Mogoeng is still human"
Maybe you will unfairly fail me.
I'm as of this moment relaxed!
I am wating for my God
to show me there are still miracles
for the Holy Land, South Africa!
We are the Original Land of Zion.
When either Jewish King David or Solomon..
named his Palestinian city "Zion"
His Majesty had read history of Jewish origins.
That same Biblical "Zion" is "Azania"
the orginal name that covered present-day South Africa.
Humanity started right here where I am standing!
The Jews, too, come from here!
You can go for genetic testing...
Southern Africans are the only people closest
to the grave remains of all the heroes of the Bible!
You won't find those results even in current-day Israel!
But you will find them in present-day Southern Africa.
So, I am standing here on The Holy Land.
I don't care some idiots think this is a land for prostitutes.
I for one believe very strongly in South Africa!
I believe in the entire humanity!
I am not a racist.
But I am prepared to fight racism and tribalism.
Justice, Mogoeng! This was for Your Justice!
You recall I doffed my hat.
It was out of respect for Your Justice, Mogoeng!
I refused to be any longer.
I've done several other videos for Your Attention.
Hence, here is where I should like to end this video.
The sun is setting already!
Of course, there is a querulous gentleman
shooting the video for me here.
If he holds his horses,
I will be the gladder for it!
Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng,
Ka Kopo-Hle [and I beseech Thee!]
Without your assistance, I'm as good as in prison.
I could even be dead.
But The Very Best I have already received:
My Maker has given me this chance
to put this material on YouTube.
I'm grateful for YouTube.
I'm grateful for the Web Wide World.
I'm grateful for the advances in TECHNOLOGY.
In the past, Nobody would ever hear me.
Hence I'm quite grateful.
Still, I'm also ready
If there is a way
that hitherto one-track-minded Jacob Zuma
can wake up from his racial stupor pro-Nguni
going about calling Mandela "Father of The Nation",
How can Mandela be Father of the Nation?
Where is the Moroka, Pixley Seme
who started ANC back in 1912 if Mandela is now the "Father"?
But I don't want to go to politics too deep.
I just plead for the tying of the cases into one.
Much because Zuma's richly persecutory mind
has as of 12 Dec 2011 brought a brand new, anti-Phiri charge
Now Zuma is charging for telling the world about
the departmental corruption he is himself condoning.
If Zuma for 11 years will not respond to grievances,
Mr Zuma, as a civil servant, can only shape up
by on-line exposure where he shields fornicators-for-promotion
I do't know what my prospects are.
But if jail, So Be it!
I should like, Your Justice, to end this here!
[INTERVIEWER:] What's your preference now? Jail and Prison?
[Phiri:] I'm ready for anything coming my way.
[INTERVIEWER:] "I used to think..
"..people who go to jail
"are criminals..
"Do you see crime in what you did,,
"[blowing the whistle against corruption?]
[PHIRI:] My only crime is that South Africa
boasts some families of make-believe gods.
And since I believe in One God of Heaven
that is why Zuma sees a criminal in me.
My vocabulary has no god called Nelson Mandela.
[INTERVIEWER:] Now why prepare yourself to go to jail, then?
[PHIRI:] It is all because Mr Zuma
is the most powerful
human being in South Africa.
Zuma wants to send me to prison
in order to save his friend, Mandela's family.
So, I've prepared for jail beause of Zuma's power.
Happily, though,
Zuma has no power over my God.
[INTERVIEWER:] But what is Zuma's reason for this?
[PHIRI:] Mass media is replete with report of Zuma
alleged gallavanting for illicit sex.
He himself has admitted to some of this filth.
Now, if Zuma thinks that
adultery is a normal thing for the Zulu Nation,
He is busy insulting his own Zulu Nation.
Zulu Founder Shaka Zulu
regularly executed adulterers!
Zuma should be knowing better than lying about Zuluness.
Sorry, I forget he went only till Grade 4 at school!
My point is simple:
King Shaka Zulu by state decree, executed adulterers!
If Zuma equates his Zuluness
to free-for-all fornication,
that will be the reason why
he is persecuting and victimizing me
over self-porstituted Bobelo Lady.
Zuma imagines Phiri is crazy.
But Phiri is only being a Child of The Original Holy Land
of Humankind.
And I must stand for what is Holy.
[INTERVIEWER:] "But now,
"I still fail to understand..
[Phirii:] What is your question?
[Interviewer:] "I'm helplessly asking myself
"the reason for a man like you to end up in jail..
["Have you committed a violent crime or something?"]
[Phiri:] This is called "politcs", my friend.
[Interviewer:] "Politics?"
[Phiri:] "Indeed, 'Politics'.
Politics dictates your speeches must be likeable to the ruling intelligentsia.
But Zuma dislikes what I'm talking here.
Politics will send you to jail even for kicking a dog!
If you kick the dog of a Head of State
Then you will probably go to jail because..
the dog may not be among
the laws that send you to jail.
But because the particualr dog
maybe answers to the Head of State..
You may end up seeing the inside of a prison wall.
I know it's stupid, but that's exactly what's happening to me.
But, forgive me for now. I need to do yet another recording.
..This one about Tribalism...
[Phiri:] Your chance for your last question, please!
[Interviewer:] My knowledge and my experience..
"Nobody goes to jail for ideas..
"You are talking your rights here, Man!
"even your human rights..
"Why then be jailed for demanding your human rights?
[Phiri:] Exactly my Human Rights is what they want to extinguish, Bro!
[Phiri:] It's 27 years now I am a victim of human-rights abuses
by Zuma and the like, since the days of my exile in 1985, Tanzania.
You may know about Truth and Reconciliation Commission's
Case Number: JB/04241/01GTSOW
The Human-right victim there at the hands of Zuma
is me and my Tanzanian-born wife whom
xenophobic Zuma sees as a mere Kwerekwere,
without a right even to this day, to repatriate to South Africa.
Let's not overload His Justice Mogoeng
with all those details.
[Interviewer: Thank you very much!