The Great Queen Seondeok, 5회, EP05, #02

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Feeling rested? Sit with me.
Feeling rested? Sit with me.
Wait, you're sweating.
Is something wrong?
Are you coming after ME now?
You do what you must.
And so will I.
Did you have a bad dream?
Dreams don't scare me.
But reality does.
It's impossible. Tell the King you won't do it.
I've lost three little brothers... princes. You think that's coincidence?
If it is then Misil really does have the mandate of heaven.
I may be young but I can face facts.
I gave up my royal status to be a member of the nobility with you.
To live with you as a woman, as two ordinary people.
I thought you felt the same.
You were right, I do.
Then why? Why become the Crown Prince?
The King's alone. I want to help.
No, you can't.
Good intentions aren't enough to hold power.
Maybe not, but he needs someone to stand with him.
But why you? Why us?
- Princess. - What?
It's just... the Hwarang...
The Hwarang are up to something.
It's nangjang, is it?
Why have you painted your faces? Why are you preparing for death?

You have no voice in the matter.
But we DO have a voice... as Hwarang.
But we DO have a voice... as Hwarang.
YOU, the Crown Prince?
You're not a royal anymore. Just nobility.
Since when can nobility inherit the throne?
The heavens have long denied our blessed nation an heir to the throne.
We must appoint an heir to avoid appearing weak to our neighbors...
and to avoid internal strife.
But we all know WHY Yongsu here lost his royal status.
Cause his daddy lost the throne!
That's why, isn't it?
You'll pardon my asking, but have you done anything worthy of the throne?
If you've been keeping it secret, now's the time...

You want the throne without earning it, is that it?
You're Jinji's brat. You're not a royal, you've got no military background.
You expect us to accept you as Crown Prince and follow you into war?
Why? Why would we? Better yet, HOW could we?
Say no. Decline.
- Decline. - Refuse.
- Refuse. - Unacceptable.
You're right, of course.
I'm not worthy. I've done nothing.
Nothing to earn a name for myself.
And lacking that, how can I hope to be worthy of the throne?
You've got nerve, I'll give you that.
to be worthy of the throne, to make a name for myself...
I'll lead the troops to re-take the Mosan Fortress.
Beware what you say in Council.
Commitments made here are binding.
As they should be.
I'm going to war.
You... wha..?
How dare you?
You'd perform nanjang to challenge your King's commands?
It was a Silla king that created the Hwarang...
and gave us our Three Binding Virtues.
and gave us our Three Binding Virtues.
Even a king cannot make us accept a command that breaks the Three Virtues.
Accept? Now the King needs your approval, does he?
Accept? Now the King needs your approval, does he?
Nanjang is a commitment to die for your belief.
Is this worth it?
I admire your resolve. But this is not your affair.
What Hwarang will serve a man so unworthy?
A man not of royal blood?
How long will the throne last without the Hwarang?
So that's it?
If he truly plans to rule the Hwarang and Silla, he has to prove himself first.
He claims he will.
What are you chattering about now?
Only that Yongsu says he's going to war.
Claims he's going to lead the troops to re-capture Mosan Fortress.
He wouldn't... What did you do?
What're you yelling at me for? Ask him yourself.