What The Guild Cast Think About Each Other - Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 2

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FELICIA DAY: It's such a blessing to be able to form a
family like this.
And they're awesome people.
And we all really enjoy hanging out together.

For me, it was always a goal when I set out that
there were no stars.
We're all an ensemble.
Everybody gets treated the same.
Everybody is equal.
SANDEEP PARIKH: You got to be friends.
If we aren't friends with each other, then it just becomes
not worth it.
FELICIA DAY: It's Felicia Day on the set of The Guild.
And there's nothing I wouldn't do for my castmates.
I mean, nothing.
I mean nothing.
SANDEEP PARIKH: Need a seat?
I got room.
There's plenty of room.
JEFF LEWIS: There's plenty of butt room.
I can tell that.
ROBIN THORSEN: Everyone gets along.
It's a little weird.
FELICIA DAY: Did you fart?
Did you fart?
SANDEEP PARIKH: I've been constantly farting.
ROBIN THORSEN: We all have very strong
personalities, I think.
And that works well just in the whole
dynamic, on set and off.
FELICIA DAY: I feel like I'm socializing more now when I
should be working than I do when I should be socializing
when I'm probably working.
That made no sense.
JEFF LEWIS: We always will think of a laugh.
And sometimes, like the last convention, we now say--
there's about 10 jokes we do.
And now we just say joke number four
and joke number seven.
And everybody knows what those two jokes are, and
we laugh about it.
AMY OKUDA: He asked for my armpit measurement.
Why didn't he ask for my head?
FELICIA DAY: Because he assumed that you had a tiny
little doll head.
AMY OKUDA: I do have a small head.
We're just a group of people that would never be friends if
it weren't for this show.
But somehow, we've all gotten really close.
I'd like to give you some drama.
But there's not really much there.
VINCENT CASO: We don't have a dramatic life together.
We go to cons, we have fun.
We shoot, we have fun.
We go to dinner, we have fun.
We're a big happy family.
FELICIA DAY: To me, the great joy is being able to give them
new words for them to bring to life and add their magic to.
Because the chemistry is, I think, why
people like the show.
And hopefully we can do more.