How to Make Popcorn Christmas Garland : Enhancing Popcorn Christmas Garland Design

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi everybody, my name is Angela Pugh. I'm here today on behalf of Expert Village to
teach you how to create Christmas tree garland out of popcorn. Now I've heard that people
use blueberries or raisins or oops, two pieces of popcorn, two pieces of cranberry. You can
use any kind of fruit that you like as long as it's dry. You couldn't use a big wet soppin
orange, not on the popcorn. I wonder if pieces of banana would work, I guess we'd have to
try it, huh? Again, the best part about stringing popcorn garland is the fact that you get to
sit and do something quiet and relax, have fun with your sisters and brothers and your
kids and make a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree. So we're just going to keep
on alternating
pieces of popcorn, two pieces of cranberry. I'll show it to you in just a second. You
want to pull everything together as tightly as you can, as closely together as you can,
so then you don't really see the thread in between so try to get that pretty closely.
And you can see if you use the same amount of pieces of food and just alternate, it will
start to make a nice little pattern.