Influence of the political situation in Egypt on the tourism industry

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Alaa El Hadidi, the Ambassador of Egypt to Russia
I suppose every one of you is aware of the fact
that we have recently held presidential elections in our country; it was won by an Islamic candidate.
Tomorrow he will take the oath.
Accordingly, we will have a new president of our country on July 1, Sunday.
Thus, from July 1, power will be transferred from the country's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
to the civilian leadership, i.e. the first elected president after the revolution in the country.
After that, we can only prepare the new Constitution of the country; the work on it is continuing.
Next, we will form a new government, about which talks with various political figures in our country
are currently being held.
After the revolution, the Egyptian economy was in crisis.
Our reserves substantially declined.
The Egyptian exchange index fell during this time.
For us, a very interesting and pleasant surprise was that,
after the publication of the election results and the announcement of the winning candidate
in the presidential elections of the Egyptian elections,
this index gained a lot of points and rose to an unprecedented level.
Within three days, i. e. from the date of the publication of the election results,
the Egyptian Stock Exchange received a profit amounting to 32 billion Egyptian pounds.
On the day of the announcement of the election results,
the Egyptian index rose to an unprecedented level in its history.
According to experts, the Egyptian stock exchange
and the Egyptian index compensated for 25% of its losses since the beginning of the revolution in three days.
I can say that this is the best indicator of the fact that strong optimism prevails in the country
at the moment, and that the people have high hopes and expectations due to these elections;
they are completely sure that we are moving in the right direction.
If you watched TV on the day of the declaration of the results of the Egyptian elections,
you could see that not thousands, but millions of people went on to the streets of Egyptian cities
and were happy that we had been able to hold democratic elections.
We already have our first president of the country to be elected in free elections after the revolution.
The third point is the bilateral relations between Egypt and Russia in various fields.
In particular, I would like to consider one of the most important areas.
I've read and heard lately that there are many concerns of various representatives of Russian society
about what will happen to tourism in the context of the new political situation in the country.
Watching what is happening now in the economic market and in the stock exchange,
I can say that there is no good reason for these concerns at the moment,
especially for those which have been spread in the last 2-3 months.
As you know, several weeks ago the Egyptian government decided
to abolish visa fees for Russian tourists visiting our country.
I think the government has taken this decision confident that the number of tourists in the country
will not stop but, on the contrary, will increase, and this decision was made to support tourist traffic.
I say once again, Russian tourists who come to our country
will receive a visa free of charge to the end of August.
The authorities will not charge any fees,
nor will the travel agencies that will guide the tourists to our country.
Accordingly, you arrive and get a visa free of charge.
Alexander Radkov, head of the Federal Agency for Tourism
We sincerely hope and believe that soon the political and social situation in Egypt will be normalized,
and the country will continue to welcome tourists from all over the world.
Indeed, Egypt is a popular destination in the Russian market.
Last year, 1.45 million Russian tourists visited Egypt.
This year, the flow of tourists has begun to actively increase.
In particular, active growth in tourist arrivals was registered in the first quarter of this year.
Of course, we can not say that it has reached the volume of 2010 yet.
For us, it is important that the crises happening now in Egypt
have no effect on weakening of state control over safety and the quality of services provided.
To this end, we have created a special commission on security,
together with our Egyptian colleagues from the Ministry of Tourism;
we are constantly monitoring the current situation in the resorts.
The elected president gave an address to the nation after the announcement of the election results.
In this speech, he mentioned the general features of the policy which will take place during his term.
In this speech, the president clearly and unambiguously confirmed
that Egypt would respect all international treaties signed with other countries
and all its obligations to the international community.
Mr. President spoke Arabic clearly, so that there was no cause for any ambiguity of interpretation.
Egypt respects its international treaties and obligations and will keep them.
Of course, the fact that a new president and a new administration of the country
came to power requires a review of some aspects of Egyptian domestic and foreign policy.
The name of the new Ambassador of Egypt to Russia is already known.
His name is Mahmood Ildib.
His candidacy has already been approved.
He will arrive in Russia in early September this year.