A Química das Coisas - Cereais do pequeno-almoço

Uploaded by quimicadascoisas on 12.03.2012

Maybe you never noticed, but chemistry is part of our lives
even in the smallest and most unusual details.
To show you this, today we talk about
breakfast cereals.
We know that iron, one of the most abundant chemical elements in the Universe,
is essential to life and its deficiency can cause anemia,
fatigue, loss of appetite,
dizziness, growth problems, and many other health problems.
The World Health Organization recommends the intake
of about 15 mg of iron per day.
Of course, this does not mean eating nails or screws,
but eating foods rich in iron ions
the way this element appears in living organisms.
Although no-one would consider eating pieces of iron
to improve their diet, the truth is that
many do it without even knowing, and for breakfast!
In fact, manufacturers produce breakfast cereals high in iron
by adding tiny bits of metallic iron.
Yes, it's true! Cereals with a pinch of iron filings.
If you want to check this at home
you just have to grind some cereal flakes in a little water
and run a magnet over the paste.
After some time, the magnet is covered
with small particles of iron that were added to the cereals.
But don't be scared, because the small pieces of metal
are literally dissolved in the acidic environment of the stomach
through a chemical redox reaction
which converts iron into a form usable by the body:
the iron ions.
So we have chemistry taking care of our health
from the early hours of the day.
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