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ERIKA STORM WASSER: I was recently invited to a
Christmas tree trimming party, and as a nice Jewish girl, I
brought scissors.
These scissors, right here.
My induction into the world of Christmas tree trimming
actually had nothing to do with cutting shrubs, though.
Instead, it is an art form, which is why I'm enlisting
Suzy West, owner of Collier West in Brooklyn, New York, to
show me how to best decorate a tree.
You may also recognize her from Spaces' own "Tiny
Eclectic Amazing Spaces." So tell me about tree trimming.
SUZY WEST: I am notorious for eclectic
presentation, I suppose.
So maybe not something so traditional.
But I do think it's an opportunity to do something
creative and maybe expressionist.
But it should be treated like anything else in your home.
It should belong.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: So tell me about the four eclectic ideas
that you have for us today.
SUZY WEST: I pulled together a monochromatic statement that
also was curated with vintage.
Then something really Mother Nature-inspired.
A concept called a gift tree.
And then I wanted to present something that
wasn't a tree at all.
So vintage tree.
SUZY WEST: You know, the idea is to go into a thrift shop or
go to a dollar store, and when you're focused enough to look
for a single color, it's very easy to curate,
just find oh, red.
This'll work.
Put a little more into it, you might add some new things to
it, as well.
But you know, an old nutcracker will get tucked in,
and some vintage ornamentation looks interesting.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: This is so cool.
SUZY WEST: I know.
And it's useful, too.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: I like this guy.
Next, you have a nature tree.
SUZY WEST: At Collier West, we always prescribe Mother Nature
as the original decorator.
And so talk about the ability to find something free and
I was using some beautiful leaves that were falling from
a tree, pine cones, a little bit of a twig or a bird's nest
tucked into a tree.
SUZY WEST: I think feathers are really interesting.
But overall, you would have this really natural-looking
ERIKA STORM WASSER: Now onto my favorite
tree, the gift tree.
SUZY WEST: The gift tree.
I love to have people over at the holidays, but don't have
the ability to do the cookie baking or the long dinners.
And so the idea is really maybe just to have a brunch or
a cocktail hour where my parting gifts to my guests are
on the tree.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: So I know that you live in a tiny,
eclectic, amazing space--
which honestly, it is.
It's 200 square feet of just amazingness.
What would you do in that kind of a space, where even a tree
of this size might be an imposition?
SUZY WEST: So I had this idea of, I wanted
to start with nature.
I almost always do.
And so I found a really interesting branch.
I took some cotton vintage sheets and
tore them into strips.
And then because I'm a lighting expert, the kind of
thing that I also have lying around is chandelier crystals.
I wanted to bring in a little bit of sparkle in something
very vertical.
And so with the chandelier crystals, I just hung them
amongst these strips of white, fluid sheeting.
I'm calling it the gossamer branch.
And it's supposed to be light and airy and angelic.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: Honestly, I'm so inspired.
I'm not telling my grandmother.
I am going to try, myself, at trimming when I get home with
one of these ideas.
And I'll send you a picture.
Honestly, this is a lot more fun than I actually knew.
So honest, thank you for sharing with us.
SUZY WEST: It was my pleasure.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: These are wonderful.
I hope these got you inspired at home.
Please comment with your favorite tricks or traditions
on how you trim your tree.
God, that sounds dirty.
Ho, ho, ho.
Yeah, that sort of sounds dirty, too.
SUZY WEST: Ho, ho, home, chic, home.
Look who showed up to work today.
ERIKA STORM WASSER: Love home and design?
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