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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Apparently April
showers bring May showers.
Still raining, and this is Just Dance for May 19, 2011.
Let's check out what's going on in the dance world--
in the rain.

So I was all set to talk about the new Glee episode,
"Funeral," when I found this video by
Todrick Hall on YouTube.
He actually wrote this song, called "I Want to be on Glee."
Not only can he sing, he can dance,
he's a little cutie-pie.
I became so unhealthily obsessed with this video, I
went stalking.
And I found Todrick Hall himself.
Here he is, a full interview on the process of making "I
Want to be on Glee."
TODRICK: Hello everobody, I'm Todrick Hall.
You might remember me from American Idol.
Last season, I was top 16.
And I was also in The Color Purple and Memphis: The
Musical on Broadway.
This show is amazing.
I love it because it introduces people to theater
in the same way High School Musical did.
But I feel like High School Musical was an unrealistic
view of what high school is.
Everybody can't identify with someone as attractive as
Vanessa Hudgens or Zac Efron.
And I like that Glee makes stars out of people who aren't
conventionally the most attractive people
by America's standards.
I think it's a really, really cool way to make everyone,
even the underdogs, feel like they can achieve their goals.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So I really want us get Toddy on Fox.
He wants to be on Glee, and I want to see him on Glee.
Get the word out to your friends, whoever--
we want to see Toddy on Glee.
ABDC, America's Best Dance Crew, season of the
Crews were rocking it to Justin Bieber tunes.
Let's talk about ICONic Boyz, who have been compared by
Judge D-Trix to little dancing Justin Biebers.
Their task was to do basketball moves--
from dribbling to stretching to making human slam dunks and
basketball nets.
They were all over the place and so cute.
You all know I'm a huge I.aM.mE fan, and they were
rocking it out.
This week they had to tackle the Usher glide, and they
brought you some Bieber brainbanging.
Phunk Phenomenom's task was stepping.
I gotta shout out to the one female crew member of that
group who taught all those guys how to
step dance so fierce.
Street Kingdom is a krump crew.
They are used to being really, really aggressive, and they
want to hit it hard all the time.
This week's challenge was the perfect challenge for them.
They had to do martial arts.
They had both sides going against each other.
The hair was flying.
It was like, wa-- ha-- ha--
Instant Noodles was bringing it.
They brought the hair, they brought the chairs.
I'm sorry to say one team had to go, and it had to be
Instant Noodles.
See you later, guys.
So we're getting down the end.
Only four crews remain.
Nicki Minaj week is up next.
Let's check out what all the crews had to say
about what to expect.
MALE SPEAKER: Any time the judges make any kind of
comment about us being stationary, we make sure to
take care of it the next episode.
MALE SPEAKER: It's just weird because we're all guys, and
we're singing a girl's song.
But it's cool.
JUDGE D-TRIX: Every week, every crew has to fight.
Even when you're not on the bottom, you have to act like
you're in the bottom.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So just finished watching the Hellcats
season finale.
I'm a little sad that I'm not going to get my weekly dose of
Don't exactly know what I'm going to do.
But for now, let's take it over to POTENTiALcelebrity Mia
for a Hellcats recap.
MIA: Hey guys, it's Mia, aka POTENTiALcelebrity.
I'm back again.
And I am reviewing Hellcats, the season finale--
or more of the forever finale.
Hellcats was a really great show.
It had a very good plot, it had very good dance numbers,
cheer numbers.
The character development was really good.
They just did a huge cheer number at
the end of this episode.
At one point, they had three people connected, and it was
like a huge propeller.
And they were throwing them in the air.
And they would flip and then they would
toss, and it was great.
I would recommend you watching the show, but it's over.
I'm really sad.
If you want to go online, I'm sure the CW
has episodes online.
And it really is a really great show.
The plot--
everything is just great.
And I'll talk to you guys later.
Thank you for having me on the show.
Thank you.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Dancing With the Stars is getting intense.
We're almost down to the final episode.
If you guys missed the latest news, check out my recap.
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And if you find yourselves getting a little sad, you
think you're going to be in dancing on TV withdrawal,
never fear.
Just watch So You Think You Can Dance.
On May 26, it's coming at you, the two-hour
season premiere on Fox.
Check it out.
And click here to check out our New
York audition coverage.
(PIRATE ACCENT) Ahoy there, dancers.
I'm here to tell you about Pirates of the Carribean: On
Stranger Tides, a new movie coming out I'm
super excited about.
I'm shaking in my bootstraps because it's directed by
famous choreographer Rob Marshall.
Mr. Marshall has been nominated for Tonys for his
work on Broadway and also directed and choreographed the
hit movie musicals Chicago and Nine.
So make sure you set sail to your nearest movie theatre to
check out Pirates of the Carribean: on Stranger Tides--
or swim there if it's easier.
-Did everyone see that?
Because I will not be doing it again.
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