Bringing the Test Server To Life - The Guild Behind-the-Scenes S6 Ep 6

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-This is the singing one again, so wherever you were
for the singing one.
-Is that what we're doing?
-So we're like--
We don't sing, we just high five.
-Oh, do we sing?
-What-- what are we--

FELICIA DAY: So when I set out to write this season, it's
kind of difficult, because Season 5 was such a movie in a
way, and a construction.
And I never want to do the same thing twice.
We're definitely establishing a whole new
world in this season.
So I thought that was one thing that the
audience would like.
But at the same time, I felt like I needed to raise the bar
a little bit.
So I had always intended to have a major storyline take
place inside The Game.
I had to limit myself, as far as how much green screen we
were able to do on our budget.
But bringing in the in-game footage in Episode 6 and
throughout the rest of the season was such a joy.
GREG ARONOWITZ: The Game has always been this elusive
concept throughout all of the previous seasons.
It's kind of like the shark in "Jaws." You know it's there,
but you never really see it.
Which to Felicia's credit, was super clever, because it
allowed the audience to, whatever their favorite game
is, is what everyone was playing in the show.
So in Season 4, we get our first peek into what the
in-game experience is like.
There's a lot of pressure, because everyone wondered what
the style of The Game was.
And now we're actually expressing it.
Now we're on this test server.
And we're exploring an entire world.
So we're all over the place.
I love Felicia.
She's always just like, you know, I'm trying to cut way
back this season, trying to simplify things.
Like all we have to do this year is do a whole in-game
experience in an underwater world.
The most important thing that I wanted to retain is there
was a lot of thought that went into Season 4 in terms of how
we marry the actors, the live actors, into the, supposedly,
computer backgrounds.
And I was very much opposed to doing it in CG, because I just
felt that they'd just look like they were
green screened in there.
I wanted to put the physical people into a physical
environment, and then do stuff in after-effects and with CG
to make it look like it was all supposed to be digital.
AMY OKUDA: It was really cool.
I mean, it's kind of hard to act on a green screen, just
because there's really nothing there.
And our director, Chris, would just be like, and there's a
big huge whale swimming over you.
And we're like, oh, cool.
And you just have to pretend like it's actually happening.
FELICIA DAY: You know, that was actually one of my
favorite things to write, because it took the show in a
fresh direction.
And so introducing this to the audience in Episode 6-- which
I think might be my favorite episode--
is kind of one of my favorite moments.
And I hope people get to laugh along with Zaboo
in that test server.
And hopefully, everybody gets the in-game jokes.
And if they don't, well, it amused me.
KIM EVEY: I couldn't be more pleased with the team that
we've assembled.
I couldn't be more in awe of the things that they are
continually bringing and putting in front of us and
putting into The Game.
I mean, that's the thing about Greg Aronowitz is that he's
just like, trust me.
And I'm like, all right.
I do.