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Hello, it is time for that Bunheads recap.
I'm Celestina.
All right, so I'm gonna get straight into this, OK?
So Fanny extends her trip and leaves Michelle with all her
little munchkin bunheads who have to take potty breaks
every five minutes.
I think they're so adorable, possibly a little stressful
when you're not used to that.
But, um, I think Michelle's a natural.
So she's doing good.
She-- she's hanging in there.
Now, just when the ladies are getting together, they seem to
be bonding, eating fried food-- and Fanny doesn't like
fried food, but they're having it, and they're enjoying
But then the show's taking a bit of a few
turns, swerves, U-turns.
While the girls were bonding, Michelle made some comments
about Jenny being with her boyfriend for eight years.
And she's like, that's weird.
Now Jenny's in that mode of exploring, breaks up with her
boy, and now Charlie is interested in Jenny.
And we all know who loves Charlie, or at least has a
really big crush on him.
Now her crush is crushing her.
And of course, he's gonna ask Boo to be the one to
hook that thing up.
Do you think she should have relayed the message?
Should she have said, oh, Charlie,
man up, do it yourself?
What do you think?
Leave comments below.
And of course, Jenny's mother is upset at Michelle.
I feel like her whole tantrum and going off on Michelle, I
don't really think she's thinking about her daughter.
I think she's thinking about herself.
And she's mad that she doesn't have a handy man around the
house anymore.
She needs to get over it.
It's her daughter's life.
She made the decision.
Sasha is back at it again.
I'm not sure what happened at home now, but my question for
you is, is that acceptable?
Is it an excuse?
Do you think Michelle handled it well?
Personally, I think Michelle handled it very well.
I think she was having a hard time, obviously
going off on her.
But I mean, Sasha stole her shirt, lied to her to her
face, disrespected her in class.
And I think she needed a few words, just a few, you know?
And probably a few more.
Funny part of the episode for me was the one-eyed plumber,
who obviously doesn't know what is going on with the
plumbing, and is putting holes in the wall and getting fresh
with Truly.
[INAUDIBLE] got Go Truly.
Go ahead, girl.
So that is my recap.
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