Os Barbixas - Improvável - Só Perguntas 2 (com Marcio Ballas e Marianna Armellini)

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Alright, everybody plays, 2 will begin. Stand up everybody.
Anderson on one side and Elidio on the other.
In this game, they have to talk with questions.
"Questions Only"! No affirmations, negations or declarations.
And if it takes too much time, I ring the bell, and the next player steps up.
And I'll ask the people at the right side to give me a place. Any place.
Yes, what else?
Where? A construction site.
You two will begin at a construction site, only questions,
if you don't ask or if you are too slow, I'll ring the bell. "Questions Only", go.
Do you like what I've constructed?
Don't you think it needs more yellow?
Don't you like green better?
Do you know the difference between green and yellow?
Do you think I'm color blind, my dear?
Do I look good with a moustache?
Oh, fuck.
What did you bring?
Can you believe it's an egg?
Has the cement arrived?
Is it this sack?
Don't you know what sack of cement is?
Don't you know it's my first day?
You are new here?
You called me, boss?
- What do you think? - What do you want?
Did you finish the ground plate?
Didn't you see me finishing it yesterday?
- The two of them? - You asked for two?
- Are you going deaf, man? - Can I do it now?
- Don't you think is a little late? - What time is it?
- You're without your watch again? - You think I can afford a watch?
- Didn't I give a watch for you the other day? - Aren't you just lying?
Why would I lie to you?
Do you like the new apartment, darling?
Isn't it a little too small?
Isn't it the way you like?
You never understand me, do you?
Are you gonna start arguing now?
Didn't I ask to make a third room?
Three rooms? Isn't it just the two of us?
Are you ready?
Is it true?
What if I tell you I'm three months late?
You're pretty thin, huh?
Isn't it the way you like, honey?
I like it really tight.
Did you see the problem we got?
You weren't told?
- Didn't you see the call for help? - That was for help?
Don't you know John is buried alive?
Why would it be another place?
John, can you hear me?
Do you think he's gonna answer?
- Do you think he's dead? - Is someone calling me?
John, can you hear me?
Someone call the rescue, please?
- Do you know the number? - Did it change?
Why don't you take my cell and call them?
- Can I call now? - Why don't you wait until tomorrow?
Hello, rescue?
Who's there?
Where did you call?
Can you come here to help us?
Don't you wanna tell them to come fast?
Don't you think I've already said that?
- Hello, you still there? - Can I come fast?
Don't you wanna go now?
Don't you wanna help?
This theater has Surround Sound?
Is this what I was hearing?
Where's the fire?
Can't you see it was a collapse?
Where is the buried guy?
Can't you see he's here now?
Can you take a look at him?
Do you think everything's all right?
Can you stick your tongue out?
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.