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ANGELA SUN: The stage is set and the countdown is well underway. After three exciting battles
we’re about to witness one that will advance a fourth and final B-Boy to the next level.
Welcome back to the Arena.
FLIPZ: Quarter finals number three was a hyped battle between two well respected east coast
B-Boys. With pride on the line El Nino brought diversity but gambled by going short on one
of his rounds. And Kid Glyde brought style and fundamentals to the footwork challenge.
EL NINO: Third round I kind of went a little a little too short, but I felt like I had
the edge, and so I ah sacrificed that round to catch my breath in order to blow it up
in the end and leave a lasting impression on the judges.
ABSTRAK: The winner is El Nino.
FLIPZ: In the end El Nino’s gamble paid off. He’ll move into the semi finals and
go head to head with either Spee-D or Gravity.
I’m Angela Sun with DS2DIO here at the closing battle of the Arena’s quarter finals. We’re
at the World of Dance in Los Angeles where the crowd is pumped to find out which B-Boy
will be the final competitor to advance. Now we’ve seen some intense battles so far and
this one will be no exception. Both of these B-Boys have their heart set on making it to
the semi finals.
All right ya’ll, we’re back, we’re back at the Arena. Yeah yeah. We are back. Last
two contenders. And this, I know this is gonna get crazy. And I’m standing in the middle
of crossfire right now. Our next two B-Boys are going to be.
When times are hard we go to B-Boying, you know what I’m saying. When we’re frustrated,
when we’re mad we go to B-Boying. It’s not just a dance but it’s an art form. B-Boying
is like our God, you know what I’m saying. Because it’s it’s our savior. Before breaking
I was a gymnast. And when I found B-Boying, instead of being in a gang I was in a crew.
Instead of fighting I was battling. Instead of stealing I was winning. We put years and
years of hard work into a round of thirty seconds. There’s not a lot of people who
could do that. It’s like four hour practice, four days, five days a week and we practice
so hard to precise our shit and we do it in thirty seconds and it’s amazing.
Breaking is a very peculiar dance. It has a lot of different dances like mixed in it,
you know what I mean. And ah it’s very acrobatic. It’s probably the most acrobatic as far
as like any other dance goes, cause there’s a lot of like acrobatics, tumbling, crazy
power moves that you know not even gymnasts do. I’m very competitive by nature. I’ve
competed my whole life in all types of like martial arts competitions and even breaking
competitions. I’m a very avid poker player. It’s kind of like poker and I could be like
scared out of my mind, like all right I have to battle this guy right now, but you gotta
have that poker face, you know what I mean. Before a battle I just focus on doing me and
taking the other person out. I don’t necessarily like to talk crap but I like to get my point
across with what I do. I’m a little guy, so I have to intimidate you with like my big moves
FLIPZ: Here we go, coin toss, coin toss. Gravity, call it. Tails.
Heads, it’s heads, it’s heads.
Gravity, you go first. This is it. Without further ado, the Arena.
We have Gravity versus Spee-D.
It’s going down. DJ, blast me.
FLIPZ: Gravity.
Thirty seconds.
Ohhhhh. Oh.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Spee-D. Round One
Ohhh. Unique styles. Spee-D.
It’s on.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Yo, it’s the challenge round.
Fifteen seconds. Bring it the rawest way you can.
5 Crew Dynasty.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Power round for Spee-D. Fifteen seconds. Use it, abuse it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Yo, anything goes round three!
Five, four, three, two, one.
Five, four, three, two, one.
The final round. It’s all down to this. Fifteen seconds. 5 Crew Dynasty.
New York City. Gravity. Give it to em.
Four, three, two, one.
Spee-D, fifteen seconds. All or nothing, baby. All or nothing.
Five, four, three, two, one. Yo. Insane.
DJ: Make some noise ya’ll.
FLIPZ: Insane, insane.
Gravity, let me get you right here, bro.
ANGELA SUN: Man, I don’t wanna be a judge right now. This is gonna be tough. Tough.
Definitely the power round went to Spee-D.
I thought that was easy. There’s not many
people that can compete on a on the same level as Spee-D when it comes to power. Ah he’s
world renowned for that and major props to you. Gravity, you were mixing power with a
lot of dynamic blow ups and throwing em from awkward angles, which is you know the element
of surprise in B-Boying that a lot of people lack. Your transitions don’t always flow
to what is normally expected of someone, so props to you. I think the whole battle was
just, I mean I I I felt like dadadadada after, you know, it was just it was really dope.
I I don’t even wanna say anything.
Definitely um Gravity, you know I think it’s dope that somebody who has so few years in
the game and yet you have so much under your belt already. You’ve got the speed, flow,
really cool tech. Spee-D, man, I gotta give it up to you because everybody knows you’re
a power head, but you put everything in cause you want everybody to know look, I do other
things. You’re not one of those cats who’s like yo, I got power and then you try to diss
footwork when somebody else comes out and does footwork cause you appreciate the dance.
It’s it’s a pleasure to be sitting here watching B-Boying at this kind of level.
FLIPZ: All right, all right, Abstrak.
Yes, Gravity. Awesome as always. I love the angles you be hitting. I think sometimes you
coulda been a little cleaner, but it was still dynamic. Spee-D, always fresh, dynamic as
well. I kinda was looking for a little, for a little more footwork in there within your
amazing moves.
FLIPZ: There you have it.
ANGELA SUN: All right.
FLIPZ: The moment of truth.
CRAZY LEGS: So, with that being said, the winner is.
Amazing, huh? Amazing. Congratulations to Gravity who takes the last remaining spot
in the semi finals. Ah, I’m so excited right now. Things are about to get insane
and so be sure to check back in with us soon. Give us a shout and let us know what you think.
I mean we’ve been reading all your Facebook posts, tweets and comments below, so
keep'em coming. From the whole Arena crew and my co-host Flipz, I’m Angela Sun.
We will check it back her next time. Peace.