I was Born Into A War: The Cambodian Genocide

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the death of two million people under the commercial cambodia
to add to the communist dictatorship creates an environment for genocide as possible
the nineteen seventy five to nineteen seventy nine
one of the world's most serving a those killings took place
that of the cambodians yes
cambodia and that is can push it is located between the seventeen countries last island
a manhunt is pol pot wanted to find a family in search of cambodia in nineteen seventy
his part of the missiles are
in nineteen forty nine points last fall all travel to paris study really trucks
he became fascinated an extremely inspired by March
many of the studies are really Johnson pol pot certainly cambodia four years later it
joined the underground punishment by nineteen sixty two leader of the cambodian communist
party was Paul
Obama has forty four into the jungles the state funeral prince norodom sihanouk
leader of the cambodian monarchy at the time
one poll published in the journal inform the armed resistance movement
well you can see the difference
therefore waging a guerrilla war
still the fighting forces for by known as coverage read to him
meanwhile could see it was taken out of power by united states forces
some former prime Minister on all substitute that the economy northern Vietnam
I'm especially destroyed in cambodia sir
and isn't that issue
then what is the next big primaries although they were from
in that same year united states invaded cambodia in order to rid the north become fighters
of reporters
this attack et cetera
in order to become soldiers in December
in a CBS- on Sunday
during that period nineteen sixty nine to nineteen seventy three
the united states continues to go on to the fact that he's actually station
although the united states not special assignment in the audience it
it is believed that as many as one hundred fifty thousand cambodian has expired
she is the strongest candidate has the area fled by the hundreds of thousands capital
the on he's essentially result of the economic and military situation thousand slide in popularity
purple basra desire for change
by the time the united states was trying to choose from Vietnam the week the cambodian
economy also lost its American military support
hope what these teenagers and young President who rose to fight because of the coverage
taking advantage of the weak economy military
pol pot seize control committee
there are whole prospect of a communist cambodia
the judge to change the face of the chamber
all sports
this restrictions and identify with twenty five percent of the company's problems
for his part of this country's economy
many died both parties are keen to see as the surge
from for villages to labor camps in shelters
and so we say it's a horrible first NHL this terrible and hands
it's it
I did see it
the generation were forced to wait around farms and pastures
for as much as sixteen hours
although they've worked hard all their lives
they receive no pay lower wages it said
but there are issues of goldwater and sides against this
Davis the your it you know
it's saying well it is
it is seamless
oh absolutely
the MDC
for to be it hasn't he
Donald strauss the cambodian people's fears for a conclusion
one of the most dangerous the structures cambodian prisons forceful in prison
good night
that's a the that incident
this will save very high school was converted into a terrorist first in nineteen seventy
the five buildings in the complex for uses interrogations and the missiles until nineteen
seventy nine
indeed in the soldiers uncovered for the first time
many educated or undesirable person's wilson's will sign it shows and randomly youngest the
oldest the senate
they will
the was it
the soviets because I have
let me
the next year
so I don't
all right
since then
pass the house
you had to settle for less anybody from Vietnam to laos India and China
also came out in support of police not changed as far as society
the family
what before
although it did me
buddhist monks Chinese and muslims were also among the most of the best invisible funds
for them in the senate
no estimated seventeen thousand or more people who are imprisoned will sign from nineteen
seventy five to nineteen seventy nine
many were separated from their families and whole culture she things that separate reasons
for children and adults
you've the the show can you go to a class
some and it goes with the handle
so it's
so I'm going to wear candidate
does that mean
vietnamese finally been solution
this is certainly a to triple was mortar attacks on the evening news
Mary fallin nineteen seventy nine
do not support the government coverage
that's the genocide congress greenspan nineteen nineties Jackson Russian civilians under stalin's
reign persevere much
this proves the communist dictatorship senators paulson's virus genocide that about
cambodia's genocide tribunal has historical impact on all of them
it shows how many people could be affected by one single the two true
yes I also shows how communism can isolated and it becomes with us
that's it
the economy and society in Cuba
has never fully recovered from genocide
you can but he still has one of today's biggest economy as a whole of the world
although cambodia has made many times that you do the time
he's still based in atlanta has ruled that out
those polled thought policies have to sort of foreign aid
and killed all cambodia's competent professionals engineers and technicians
in recent years trials against terrorism leaders have occurred
among the issues this context you
and executioner whole
nineteen seventy five he said
cambodia is desperately trying to put away these war criminals for the crimes against
but the genocidal forever live on the facts in the hearts of candidates were blocked
that's right
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