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Hello. My name is Nicole Kellerman and I'm founder and creator of Successful
Weight Loss School. I am also a personal trainer and weight loss and lifestyle coach. If you
would love to lose weight, well tightening and toning your body and staying that weight
forever, I'm going to show exactly step by step on how to do that without dieting or
stuffing on a dreadful treadmill. If you re struggling with your weight and feel like
you're stuck in a body that you don't absolutely love then you were going to enjoy this free
weight loss training that I have for you. Now is the time to take action because here
are the facts: when you feel better about yourself, your world lights up, right? You
laugh more. You smile more. You feel more joy. And for that everybody reaps the benefits.
So there's no reason not to pay for this free video training because I'm gonna be showing
you step by step on how to lose weight, have more fun and never have to worry about gaining
it again. Just a fair warning; this is not some quick fix diet that's going to give you
temporary results. There's no restrictive meal plans and exercise regimens. I don't
believe in that stuff. This is about life long change and this is a weight loss approach
that you've never seen before. We're all about teaching you on how to lose weight by having
more fun. Yes. Weight loss and fun can go hand in hand and I'm going to show you exactly
how they do. I know this sound a little out there and maybe you question it. Well, rest
assured this works. As being a personal trainer and weight loss and lifestyle coach over the
last 7 years, I have countless clients lose weight and saying they actually had a good
time while doing it. One of my God-giving gifts was to motivate. Ever since I was a
young kid I could see the potential in everybody. And I was not good zipping my lips about it,
which got me in trouble a few times. And I'm also an extreme type A which could definitely
a course sometimes but when I learn on how to use for advantage in my business, I was
able to come a formula for weight loss that is simple, easy and effective. I can show
you a way to execute weight loss plan like you ve never seen. So you probably wonder
how I got into the fitness field. Well, let me tell you, I was not an athlete in high
school nor did I eat healthy. I love fast food. I was a fast food junkie and I hate
to exercise. I actually almost failed in P.E in high school. So this is not something I
was born with. I had to learn it. So, long story short, I got a high school and I gained
30 pounds. I was lost. I had no idea what to do. And so I was lost but also determined.
I'm telling you, I'm determined, a little sucker. So what did I do, I decided to try
every single diet out there weight watchers, diet pills, body for life, working out two
times a day, eat stop eat, Jillian Michaels making the cut video, just eating vegetables,
working out for two hours, juice fasting for days, the master cleans (oh! I gotta go) And
top it all, I was a big starver and binger. If I try to rack my brain, I could probably
come up with a few more, you get the point. I was a diet junkie. I love to be on diet.
I thought that was the only way you could lose weight. So what I really learn during
that time was not to deal. So that in combination with being a personal trainer and weight loss
and lifestyle coach of the last 7 years, I created a formula that is simple, effective
and works for the long term. And that's exactly what we do in Successful Weight Loss School.
If you join I would love to help you too. So now that you got here, I wanted to tell
you how buying an expensive jacket actually helps you lose weight. Alright, for how many
times you said, "When I Lose Weight I'll finally go shopping." Right. So many fingers, you don't
have to count. Well, that stop right there could be busy holding you back from losing
weight. It's been scientifically proven that like a tracks life and thoughts become things.
This isn't some airy fairy bias; do not roll your eyes at me. If you want to see staggering
proof that this is real, Google Emoto's Water Crystals. So you tell me how you feel getting
dressed up every morning, right? Doesn't it sucks? I know how you feel. You opened up
the closet door, your stomach drops. Right, you hate this part. Suck. You try on all different
kinds of clothes only to figure out that they don't fit you, making you feel even worse
about yourself and you finally decide on one of the four outfits that you wear that don't
make you look too bad, right? So, if you're always walking around in clothes that make
you feel fat and frumpy for example, and remember, like a truck's life and thoughts become things,
it's no wonder you're stuck. Alright, are you still with me here? Or you're picking
up what I'm throwing down? I know this is a little out there but stay with me. Okay,
if you keep playing, 'When I Lose Weight I' game, you are going to be struggling with
your weight for the rest of your life. I have a question for you. How will you feel and
what will you do if you lose weight? Do you have that laundry list? Well, I actually like
you to write them down. So go there get the pen and paper. I want you to do this with
me right here and right now. So hurry. Go. Go scream. And get your pen and paper. Come
back. And I want you to write down and give you 30 seconds. How will you feel and what
will you do when you lose weight? Wasn't that good? Aren't you starting the feel those feelings
just by writing that list? Yes! That's exactly where I need you to stay. When you keep generating
those feelings because remember like a truck's life and thoughts become things. So, there
are two more assignments to help you generate those feelings; the first one is the expensive
jacket effect. Yes I am telling you to go shopping. Yes! Shopping. You don't have to
go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. All you need to do is buy two new outfits. Don't roll
your eyes at me. Don't shake your head. Don't tell me it's going to be terrible. Get a
sales lady to help you. She can help you to find clothes that fit your body. The only
requirement that I have for at least two outfits is to make sure there's color. Ideally red
but any color work will do. And black? Not a color. Sorry sister. Also, make sure to
get some accessories. It's a nice way to make you look good and feel good. And I know you're
probably questioning why I'm telling to go on shopping when you're planning on slimming
down and not being able to wear these clothes anymore but trust me, this works. You can
always donate them or send in tailor. Do not use that as an excuse. This is going to make
you feel incredible. Now, before you stop this video (because you think I totally lost
my marbles) let's think about this for a minute. If you're walking around with those two new
outfits that make you feel hot and sexy, what kind of message are you now putting up there?
Hot and sexy baby! Yeah! We need more of those hot and sexy feeling all the time. I am telling
you start doing this. The weight is gonna come melting off. Because this is the bottom
line of it all, "The better you feel, the healthier decisions you will naturally make." Oh! And
by the way, if you haven't hopped on over to SuccessfulWeightLossSchool.com, I hope
you go on over there and put your name and email address to get more of this weight loss
video training. This is only the tip of an iceberg. The second thing that I need you
to do right now (told ya a little bossy) is a homework assignment I'd like to call,
"Damn, I ROCK!" There's a PDF that you can print off right below this video that s gonna show
you step by step how to generate more of those feelings. Thank you so much for sticking with
me through this video so far. Now let's do a quick review of what we've talked about.
Number 1: Like a truck's life and thoughts become things. Number 2: The better you feel
the healthier decisions you are naturally going to make. And, Number 3: Two homework
assignments to start generating more good feeling. So if you made it fun with this video,
I want to congratulate you because obviously, you're a woman who believes you deserve better.
You deserve more to have fun. Now is the time take action because knowledge without action
is completely pointless. So we're going to do this together right now. In the comment
section below I want you to start writing down your 'Damn I ROCK' assignment and tell
me 3 of your top accomplishments. Cool? So write below in comment section, 3 of your
top accomplishments. I hope you got a lot of value out of this training video and I
sure hope you generate some of those good feelings. Let's not be selfish and share this
with 3 other women you know. Now is the time for us women to come together and support
each other through weight loss training. It makes me so sad to see how many women sabotage
each other. So I'm here to change that. And you can start that right now by sharing out
with 3 other women you know. In the next video, I'm going to give you my dirty little secrets
to ditching the stress for good. Because truth is, stress = FAT and we don't want that. Now
that you have this foundational of weight loss, you need to know there's little secret
so you can keep the weight off for-ev-a. The last thing that I want to tell you is, Now
is the time. Are you busy? Yes. Super busy? Probably. Well that's life. And the truth
is it's never going to slow down. So you can either stay in the body you can have now,
saying I'm-too-busy-to-lose-weight excuse, or you could channel who I'd like to call, your
determine badass and just figure it out. I'm telling you, you can do this. Don't let
anybody tell you differently because if I can do it, you can too. I believe in you.
Alright, I'm gonna stop talking now. Get to work on your homework and I will see you in
the next video.