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hey man! I am Carlos Junior and starts now the Goooooooood gaaaame!!!
What’s up guys, I’m here today instead of Panssa because he could not attend,
but even so it’s still worthy watching the show
because we are going to talk a bit about League of Legends, currently the most played game in the world.
Our team attended Riot’s opening event bringing to you every single detail of it. Check it out!
On august 9th, at Vila Marques in Barra Funda - São Paulo,
occurred the League of Legends Brazilian server opening party, produced by Riot Games.
With a lot of attractions, the event accounted around 1200 guests.
Among the attractions we can point out a few LoL cosplays such as
Ryze, Lee sin, Morgana, Katarina and lots of beautiful promoters dressed as Nurse Akali.
The guests could also enjoy a LoL arena mounted by companies like X5 computers, LG and Razer.
Riot Brazil’s General Manager, Paulo Fernandes, introduced the event with a breathtalking presentation
about the upcoming Brazilian server and the objectives of his company.
- I am Riot Brazil’s General Manager..
- And I would like a round of applause to League of Legends Brazil!
- Who likes League of Legends here?!
Following with announcement of the most expected attraction of the evening,
the duel between two of the best Brazilian League of Legends teams
CNB e-Sports Club versus vTi Gaming
To qualify into this big final,
both teams had to show that they are the best among
more than 300 teams which participated in an online qualifiers
organized by ESL Brazil in partnership with Riot Games.
The reward couldn’t be better, they had the opportunity to participate
on this first big event, with all expenses paid by Riot, and dispute a show match to
decide the championship.
Certainly the biggest Brazilian official League of Legends championship so far!
Before the match beginning, a video in the UFC Countdown style was shown in the screen,
with the captains of each team taunting each other
and telling why their team would win!
- We came here to show vTi that we can beat them and bring the trophy home.
- We were unbeaten in 7 national events and this time is not the time we lose.
At the end of the video, the shout casters Toboco and LeonButcher announced player by player
as they entered the stage and sat on their respective machines.
- Playing as AP Mid for CNB, PrZo!
With a cheerful crowd, the shout casters warmed up the match a little bit
The majority of the guests seemed to be cheering for CNB.
- Who’s cheering for vTi?!
- Guys, everyone here love League of Legends. Don’t be ashamed.
- C-N-B!
The public went delirious as
as the player prZo chose one of his best champions "Gragas".
They looked to predict what was about to happen…
- Everyone cheering for PrZo’s pick for a reason. He is amazingly good with Gragas…
CNB played pretty solidly and cleverly
Every single member was concentrated on the game
and on suffocating the enemy team.
Every vTi death put the crowd in delirium.
After an exceptional play by CNB
but the highlights were the
mighty prZo’s Gragas, with an impressive 7 kills
and AD Carry Jow with 6 kills
achieving CNB a stomping victory of 15-0.
- Loky is taking so much damage, yet Darius get a grab on Yacoz
- Hao’s ult get all 5 but look at that! vTi is melting down
- CNB is gonna be able to pick up four kills in a row with no deaths.
- Kogmaw is gonna damage four people with his passive but yet it’s no going to be enough to stop them.
- There’s not escape Toboco, they are going to finish this game 15 to 0.
- Exactly, there no way to turn around, it’s going to finish 15 to 0 for CNB
- It’s just a matter of taking the nexus down now
- It’s getting down, it’s getting down....
With the cries of the crowd
the trophy was handed by the famous American presenter Nikasaur,
from the Summoner Showcase series.
With electronic music and cocktails, the party moved on until daybreak.
In the end of the event, Guilherme “Panssa” interviewed Bruno Vasone
Senior Community Manager of Riot Brazil and the shout caster Toboco from TobocoTV.
- What’s up guys I’m here with Bruno Vasone, known as Bagaço...
and he’s going to explain us what’s his whole at Riot.
- Hello guys how’s it going! I’m Senior Community Manager...
I manage the community, e-Sports and content of Riot’s Brazil.
- Bruno, the event was spectacular, happily our team came out as the champion...
- I’d like to know what were your feelings about the event, how is your heart hanging so far?
- It was so exciting man, the response from the community
- we got a full house, more or less one thousand people attending.
- Everybody cheering and screaming, even with a delay on the match
everybody getting so excited. It was really way more than we expected.
- And actually it was just the beginning...
we can hardly wait until we reach the real tournaments to come.
- What can we expect from Riot in the future?
- Riot games is coming once and for all to Brazil,LoL is the most played game
in the world and it’s not going to be different here in Brazil.
- We have a lot of people playing already, hundreds of thousands players
and we are going to invest a lot in the competitive scenario, community actions, contests...
We are going to listen to players, talk to them, see what the needs of Brazilian players are
change needed stuff and adapt whatever necessary.
- We are really going to focus on developing the competitive scenario
beginning with Brazil Game Show LoL tournament
with the biggest prize pool in the history of the Brazilian e-Sport.
- I know a lot about the history of Brazilian e-Sport so I guess the awards
should be really rewarding then, really interesting.
- So what kind of advice do you have to the new players
who want to start into the competitive scene?
- We have a lot of ways for new players to step into the competitive scene...
- Some people may be a bit afraid to face big teams like CNB and others...
but we are going to have lots of kinds of championships
aiming at amateur, experienced and professional teams.
- So there will always be a room for people who want to participate.
- We believe a lot on this, outside of our country the competitive scene is already really big
and our aim, beginning at Brazil Game show
is to introduce the national teams to have a chance in the international scenario.
- That’s it, we talked to Bruno Vasone, well known as “Bagaço”
- Do you want to thank anybody Bagaço?
- You, players! The ones truly responsible for what League of Legends is nowadays
- What’s up guys, we are now going to speak to Diego Pereira “Toboco”
- Toboco, tell us a bit about the feeling of participating on such a big event like this...
- It was a dream to me Panssa, I really want to be a professional Riot Brazil’s shout caster...
- I was the first Brazilian shout caster, it’s been 9 months casting tournaments...
the past 10 weekend I casted over 6 tournaments.
- I am really dedicated, I put a lot of time into it...
sometimes I even have to put my girlfriend aside, to work into my projects.
- Worked really hard to finally get here, always trying to bring Brazil unpublished content
and I hope everyone who watches TobocoTV enjoys it...
- I guess they do, or I wouldn’t be here today casting this big event!
- So I’ll continue my job. I’ll continue and be sure that there will always be more!
- I wanted to know what did you feel, how was it during the event?
- It’s a really great question because I actually casted IEM São Paulo.
- There’s no comparison.
- Not down talking the event, but this one is official...
it’s got a lot of preparation, I watched all this scenario being mounted, really nice structure.
- And that’s the result we got, the crowd going insane
yelling at every single kill, you guys being the big champion. Actually congratulations, really!
- Thanks!
- So yea, it was a dream coming true...
- Like I said, it’s been 9 months of hard work...
and finally got rewarded for it. It was spectacular, perfect.
- That’s it guys, I talked to Toboco...
look for TobocoTV at google and you will find all the information you need about him.
- Thank you and access!
- Hey guys, it was an awesome event and a really nice victory
by our League of Legends team!
- Congratulations to everyone involved.
- Don’t forget to access our website, like our facebook fanpage
and subscribe our youtube channel.
- See you soon!
- 1...
- 2...
- 3...
- Let’s go CNB!
Translated by Eduardo Novais