American Express Summer Intern Insights 2012 Vol. 2 Episode 1

Uploaded by AmericanExpress on 18.07.2012

Cameron: Hi
Sofia: Hi
Cameron: How are you.
Sofia: Good how are you doing?
Cameron: Im good.Tell me whats your name?
Sofia: My name is Sofie.
Cameron: And where you from?
Sofia: Im an MBA intern from the University of Texas at Austin.
Cameron: Great. What are you doing here in New York?
Sofia: Im interning with the finance organization here at American Express and supporting the
Global Networks Services team.
Cameron: Thats good.Tell me, what were your expectations coming into the internship program?
Sofia: I was really looking forward to having a structured internship program where I had
a project, I had a hiring manager that was dedicated to my success. I was looking forward
for a cohort of peers who would be in this experience with me and we have a great group
of other finance interns, grad interns, undergrad interns. And I really honestly wanted to make
sure that American Express was the right place for me. So getting sort of to interview them
for ten weeks.
Cameron: Thats interesting. What type of skills do you want to take away?
Sofia: So I want to make sure that my modeling gets up to snuff, that my knowledge of card
economics is sharpened and that I really understand the ins and outs of how the card business
Cameron: Right, and the early jury on New York? What do you think?
Sofia: So, I love New York. I miss my garbage disposal, which we dont have here in New York
and I miss that because I have that in Austin, and I love to cook. And the place is a little
bit smaller but the shopping and the food make it all worth it, so Im having a blast.
Cameron: Well good. Were going to follow you around for the next few weeks and hopefully
people get a little better understanding of what its like to be an intern at AMEX.
Sofia: Fantastic.
Cameron: Good. See you then. Ciao.
Sofia: Bye.