Rebecca & Juliette - VL 4111 - July 18th 2012

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You like that guy?
What's wrong with that one?
If a guy at all he has to be well built, manly.
(cough) You aren't talking about me, by any chance?
No, actually more about...
Boris. Boris Malchior.
Oh come on, you aren't serious, are you? Boris?
- Why not? He's pretty attractive, isn't he?
- Yes, I'd even consider him the most attractive man here at LCL. - Yepp.
And you think you can judge that properly?
- You mean... - Because we are lesbian.
Uhoh, no, no, I don't have a problem with that, but...
I mean... you two aren't into guys, and that's not a bad thing at all, I generally think, think that's great.
Just... how will you know then who gets the job done and who doesn't?
And you think you get the job done?
I respect all these women, so why should I doubt their judgement?
All these women... Suuuuuure.
Yes, I've lived too long on Mallorca. You know what's going on there.
Millions of women come to the island for just one reason.
Which was naturally shamelessly exploited by you.
Hey, why else did god give me this body of mine?
I've got a mission.
You don't even know what you're missing.
Ladies, how about a little snack?
Vegetable sticks with dip or scampi skewers on wild rice?
They look great. But I'll be sticking with those veggie... sticks.
I'm a vegetarian.
Yes, any problems with that?
Nope, I kinda almost figured that.
Why? Because she's a lesbian?
Hey, I don't have any prejudices, my mom just always says meat is important because of the proteines
and one should eat a lot of vitamins or else one will become...
Or else one will become what?
Ah, that doesn't work with girls anyway.
You don't seriously think now that eating meat protects from homosexuality?
I don't...believe anything, but...
but your mom does. Yeah right.
And you're sure that nobody in your family is gay. Or... oh no, lesbian!
And Venezuela probably still has the death penalty for homosexuality.
Nonsense, probably not for 10 years now at least!
So you always had yourself lots of meat.
Yes, I have a healthy appetite, in every sense of the word.
Because good food is good for everything, beauty, intelligence, strength and above all endurance.
So all those women definitely got their money's worth where endurance is concerned.
I absolutely want to hear more about that.
Yes, till now I still have to work, but how about today after hours?
Is this a date?
If you want to call it that?
Why not. Just pick me up then when you're done.
Help me out with that?
Have you given any thought yet on what we're going to do?
I thought, thought we would get something to eat together at a restaurant. How about it?
A steak restaurant?
Well, what do you want to eat then? Salad and potatoes?
I want to try something different today. Come with me.
I thought we wanted to go out?
And I thought we'd get warmed up a bit first.
I put something to drink on ice.
Are you afraid of me?
Should I be?
That you'll have to find out yourself.
Crazy great champagne. Wow. Nice of you to get it.
Sure. After all this will be a very special moment for me.
And besides, maybe it'll help you get loosened up a bit.
I'm always loosened up, don't worry.
That's good. You'll be happy then that we'll have some company.
Hello. I hope I'm not disrupting anything.
Just the opposite, am I wrong, Emilio?
No. No. Not at all.
I thought, if you're dating my girlfriend, what about me then?
Two women. Just the right thing for a man with so much appetite, isn't it?
Well yes, but...uhoh, I didn't mean it like that, you know.
What else did you picture a date is?
Eating fruit and drinking smoothies? And looking deeply into my eyes throughout it?
No. Well, maybe kinda. That's how I pictured it.
I fear to get the two of us back on the right path, you'll have to do a little bit more.
Awww, how cute, not even hair on his chest yet.
Well nothing grows on steel, does it?
Ok, ok, that's enough now. That's all a bit too fast for me.
How was that again with those Mallorca tourists?
I was single then, I was young and by now I'm...I'm married!
That's so cute! We definitely won't tell your wife.
We just want to take a look at you.
I mean, a man like you, all close up and personal.
After all we have to know how we react to you.
If the vitamins are doing their job yet.
Okay, that's enough. What's that supposed to be?
What do you mean?
We'll that it's going straight down to business, or that it's going down to business at all.
I'll get you some more champagne. Don't run away.
And I'll do exactly that now.
No way, that can't be. Juliette, hey!