Metro Motion - Summer 2010 - Part 3

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like by changing out your light bulbs, turning off lights when they're not in use
or by using the sun's natural rays to light up the room
and Metro is doing all of those things and more so let's see if riders at union station
are doing their part
to cut in energy consumption in this installment
of green trivia
so the first I want to know what are some of the things that you're maybe doing to cut back?
at home? uh... I'm not sure of anything else.
I'm doing what I can so far, right now
Nothing, I don't pay the bills so I really don't do anything
-who's paying the bills in your house? -My mother
Turn off the lights when you leave the room, when you leave the bathroom
Try not to leave things that are on like TVs and things that are electrical, that could cost
I turn things off, you know a lot of products stay on a lot of the time
I don't know, turn off the lights when I'm finished with them.
I make sure that I have all the light's off before I leave, unplug my cellphone charger
You should turn them off when you're not using them,
That's a good point. Every time when you leave the
room make sure you turn the light off behind you
and I changed my light bulb like almost everyone has
There's a different kind of engery, light bulbs you use now...
The little light bulbs that swirl a little bit and it's pretty big, it's about so long...
Yeah they're kind of like swirly
Well we've got those like swirly light bulbs, instead of the normal ones
one of those that has kind of like a coil
They're called compact fluorescents that's their official name,
but swirly light bulb works too, we know what you mean.
Making sure that the showers aren't going over 20 or 30 minutes
You know when I brush my teeth, I make sure I have the water off
We all appreciate you taking shorter showers
(laughs) but at least I take them
I realized something, I stopped using my vacuum cleaner I sweep
You know southern California is always sunny
Oh yeah, open up the blinds
That's what I do. I open up the blinds and the window shades
Open up the blinds, open up the windows. If you want air
conditioning open up the window, it's probably really nice outside
You can get a nice cool breeze, and you don't have to
worry about using your electricity
These trains run on electricity, what do you think about cutting back to
maybe 10 or 15 trains a day? That might help, right?
That would definitely help
I'm not sure that cutting back on trains is the best idea
You could cut back the trains but that would probably mess up somebody's schedule (laughs)
Hey I mean if it's a solution, you know if there's a wait...
That was a trick question, they're not cutting any trains
What do you think about Metro doing all of this?
I think it's a great effort, because we're going through this thing with global warming and how
things are slowly coming to what they call an "end" so well it's always good to help out
Is that your train? All right bye.
five years after a deadly Metro crash killed eleven people
the agency is unveiling its two hundred thirty million dollar fleet of rail cars
designed to crumple and protect passengers in the event of a crash
the one hundred seventy new rail cars feature of box at the front that will crumple and
absorb energy on impact plus all the seats in the double-decker rail cars face to the rear
making the ride safer for patrons
these advanced rail cars also feature improved emergency exits
fire retardant materials
an anti derailment wheels and suspensions
as part of an intensive safety campaign sheriff's department and LAPD officials
recently handed out two hundred ninety five citations and impounded thirty four vehicles
in a crackdown on traffic violators along the downtown LA portion
of the Metro blue line to Long Beach
the officers set up the safety sting to enforce traffic laws
and cite offenders for Jaywalking
running red lights
making illegal left turns and using cell phones or texting while driving
these are the leading causes of vehicle and pedestrian accidents along with twenty year
old rail line
sure citation can be harsh reminder to obey all safety warnings
but remember
the alternative could be a lot worse
in another state the effort Metro has completed construction of fencing along the street level segment
of the gold line eastside extension on first street between La Reina and Indiana street
about two miles of fencing was built to make it difficult for jaywalkers to dash across
the tracks
the gold line eastside extension opened in
November 2009 to rave reviews
visit metro dot net slash projects slash eastside to learn more
in 2005 during
routine construction of a retaining Wall for the Metro gold line east side extension
work crews uncovered something astonishing
human skeletal remains
some dating back more than one hundred years
the unmarked remains belonged to early settlers many of Chinese descent
who helped build the region's very first railway
in honor of these fallen pioneers Metro has built
a memorial wall in Boyle Heights reporter Tracy Leong has the story
today is not only a day of mourning but also a day of celebration
honoring thousand immigrants who helped build the American west
This new memorial wall pays tribute to the fallen pioneers who settled our region
Many of whom were buried humbly without fanfare and often in anonymity
people who have helped make our culture so rich
well this day is a long time in coming
and it is so significant that those early immigrants who suffered so many indignities in life
will now through interment not have to suffer indignities through death
once the remains were discovered construction immediately stopped while a team of archaeologists
examined and catalog the findings. Metro also sought the community's help in
figuring out how to respectfully handle the artifacts.
Five years of effort took place, meetings with the community
and the development of a plan
they showed respect to the deceased and also to the living
relatives and into the community
it's not surprising that the burial plots were unknown
between 1877 and 1924 people with no known relatives
or means afford a private burial
were interred in the public plotters field outside evergreen cemetery gates
in 1924 the county built a crematorium on the public cemetery grounds
grave markers were removed
and the plotters field was forgotten
until now
well I feel that
at last
my grandfather has a final resting place and it's a very beautiful monument we like it very much
That they are now, as they had been before
with you in heaven
their eternal home
Metro worked tirelessly with the community to give a proper tribute
with this beautiful wall
which offers a final respectful conclusion
to forgotten lives of those early ancestors
reporting from Boyle Heights Tracy Leong, Metro Motion
crews uncover approximately one hundred seventy four burial sites along with countless
including tea pots clothing
and other pieces that will be reburied at the evergreen cemetery site and eventually copies of these artifacts
will be on display at the Chinese historical society of southern California
and at the fowler museum
LA bus riders don't touch that dial transit TV is back
with new programs and features to entertain you during your commute
the redesign service broadcast news and weather update from the associated press and local reports
in English and Spanish
from NBC and Telemundo
riders can also learn about local attractions and destinations accessible by metro
also in a unique use of GPS technology
transit TV can flash banner ads local businesses as the bus approaches their locations
next time you're on the bus keep an eye on transit TV
just think of this as "fare" warning
starting July first the metro is increasing fares for only the third time in the last
fifteen years
to help offset a
massive operating deficit
one way Metro tickets will rise twenty five cents to a dollar fifty
day passes will climb from five to six dollars
monthly passes will jump to seventy five dollars and the price of easy transit passes will
go up to eighty four dollars
luckily thanks to Measure R
rates for seniors, students, the disabled, and Medicare recipients will remain unchanged
look at it this way even with a fare increase
Metro's rates remain among the lowest of any major transit agency in the country
it looks like once again we've reached the end of the line
just a reminder check your local listings for
Metro focus, the new show that takes a closer look
at LA county's five supervisorial districts
and invites you to explore them that greenway via Metro. We leave you now with a sampling
of some images from the second annual LA ink photo scavenger hunt
courtesy of the LA convention and visitors bureau
seventy five amateur Ansel Adams' toured LA on the metro
red, gold, and silver lines
you can see more pics at the website below
From all of us at Metro motion thanks for tuning in bye for now