The circle of 4 [English sub] / El círculo del 4 [sub. español] (3/3)

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Well, good morning everyone.
First of all, I'd like you to understand this is not an easy situation for me.
The reason is very simple: It's been four years. Time wears down everything and I'm worn down. I've emptied and I need to be refreshed.
April 27, 2012 Farewell announcement
That's the fundamental reason why, in the month of September or October, I announced to the president and the sporting director that my spell as Barça coach was coming to an end.
It's evident that, in the long term, everything wears down and burns you out. I suppose it has influenced Pep's decision. And Barça environment as well. This club is tough to manage.
He's been the most influential person in the locker room and in the club. He's been not only a coach, he's acted as the spokesman.
Everybody waited for Pep's words and that wears down. I can understand it.
We gotta try to play good football. We gotta try to avoid all that noise as much as possible. I wanna tell our side of the story, the version of the club, because I've lived what has happened.
December 4, 2010 Air traffic controllers' strike: Barça arrived late in Pamplona
I've explained the sequence of events. I feel bad for Osasuna and the fans, but we've also been victims of this situation today. There's no other explanation.
No, I think he's been worn down by preparing games and the way he lives football.
He's got experience, he's spent many years in the world of football, he's been in Barça for most of his life, he's lived through ups and downs, and I think that hasn't affected him.
He spends almost 24 hours a day thinking about football, the players, if this one is fit to play, how we're gonna play the game...
And finally, all this wears you out. The pressure of winning and winning again. We've achieved many titles and that's the most difficult thing in football.
If the day had more hours, he'd work for more time. Thereby, this has worn him down.
He's very self-demanding and that's why he suffers so much. And when you're self-demanding, you require everyone around you. Sometimes is good, but sometimes not.
In this case, as we're competing and we wanna succeed, it's really good.
But in the end, you wear down because you expect a lot from everyone, and maybe not everyone gives you what you expect. I think this is the key reason.
April 24, 2012 Barça out of Champions League final
Oh, le, le! Oh, la, la! Being a Barça fan is the best there is!
In that moment, I remember I got a shiver down my spine. We were one step away from a final that everyone was longing for. And despite the hard time, people was grateful for all this time.
Camp Nou is different.
But after the reaction of the crowd, I'm very proud of being a barcelonista.
I really liked that people appreciated our effort, so I wanna thank the fans for the gesture.
Everybody's been identified with this Barça and not only our fans, but people from all around the world.
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I think it's one of the main things: The team is more important than the results thanks to all that has been achieved.
People are proud of what we've won and what we've given.
We've been the good guys in the story. People congratulate us in the street but not only for the titles, but the way we are, "You're great. Don't ever change." And we're very proud of this.
I think this is beyond winning or losing.
I hope this won't come to an end and we can keep it up because there's still room for improvement to win even more.
After these four years, I hope we can keep up the good work and keep the same mindset.
It's not usual to win 12 or 13 titles. It's amazing! We'll have a go again next year.
This squad is young, although some players are a bit older, but the team has still some way to go. Tito knows our philosophy perfectly, I think he's the ideal coach for Barça.
Tito remains. He ensures the continuity of the project and I think it's the best decision that Barcelona could make.
And it'll work. Nothing else.
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It seems to me life has given me this gift.
For five years I've been able to enjoy the great show that these boys have given us during all this time. I’ve been a privileged one, just like you.
You can’t imagine the esteem I’ll take home with me. Feeling so beloved and so appreciated... You can't imagine the happiness I'll take with me.
Thanks to absolutely everyone.
Especially thanks to those who have been closest to me, because day in day out we've been working hard in order for you to enjoy watching us playing football. As simple as that.
And thank you, who haven't been so close, but we've felt your support.
You should know that...
I'll miss you a lot, I'm the person who's losing most. But the seatbelt was too tight for me and I'm taking it off.
But you don’t need to do that: Keep the seatbelt fastened because this still has a long way to go.
I wish you all the best, have good luck, and see you soon, because you'll never lose me.
I don't know what to say. It's difficult for me.
No, there's no problem. No, I'll look at the camera.
I'm sweating.
There's not much more to say.
Well, Pep...
Well, coach...
Pep, thank you for all you've given us.
Above all, I wanna thank you.
Everything began one day in your office. You promised me the centre-backs will know how to do with the ball, and that's been the case.
I wanna thank you for all this time.
For making us enjoy, for what you've given us during these years.
We've enjoyed a lot, we've learned.
Well, there're many things I'd thank you.
The one who has managed to make me see football as something funny.
We'll try to keep up this way.
I've been very happy listening to you, watching you at the training sessions, analyzing the tactics with you... Everything's been wonderful.
And as everyone has said, this is your home and we'll wait for you.
This is a "see you later", like you said, so I hope I'll meet you soon. A big hug.
And I'll wait for you here. Whenever you want.
Well, it's been a privilege to be under your command. The truth is yes.
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