Product Rule, Calculus App, TI-89 Titanium, Program

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 04.05.2012

so i'm going to demonstrate the uh... product rule on the
titanium written you know with regard to my program start program a calculator
and to we need to get to the home screen here
and you type index that i'm gonna clear this out
and reapply it so they can show you how to do that
you go second
get that little dark mark in there to show you you're gonna put letters in the calculator i_n_d_e
and then alpha again to switch the numbers
in parentheses and your into my programs
there's a menu of many many things
depending on what i
want to put in there but
you know product rule like this one chain rule, quotient rule, quotient um
difference quotient, limits
trig integrals, derivatives
log of base
a or you know natural log
derivatives, derivatives of those
but anyways, we're going to go team also goes straight up and then you can scroll down
to go
here's velocity and stuff that you would need in
calculus, um
a lot of it were going to do the quotient rule in the next video
but anyways were going to do the product rule
now you can see that I've highlighted that, while that's loading
the formula for the product rule is of course
h of x because you're doing two functions f of x and g of x
h prime of x is this uh... formula here prime of x g event
epa vexed times g prime objectives the part of it for the
and then were going to enter in the parentheses like this country an example
so we have to go alpha
and then enter the first parentheses
and then you can
enter whatever let's do 5 times x squared plus
closed parentheses
without the prince of sleaze
which shows you
what you'd entered
the program you write that down in your paper dash if you think you want it if
it's okay if you like if you made a mistake and go back and change it
whatever so
saying it's ok
so each prime although it had to be good at
times the
either function
plus the other function times riveted the other functions of that so you write
that on your paper
ten x
etcetera etcetera
we come to the three
h primal
inferences that explicitly
plus the derivatives at this when you add it up or multiply it up
at forty-five expert
ninety extra eighteen
and that's the
product rule
opt regarding my programs check them out of my website
at least of calculus dot com