Peinado Semidespeinado (Inspirado en Daria para H&M Otoño) - Parly Disheveled Hairstyle

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Partly disheveled hairstyle (inspired in Daria for H and M)
Hello, how are you? I'm here to do the promised hairstyle from the H and M model
it's the hairstyle she wears for autumn. As you can see it's wavy and with an unkempt look
with hair parted at the middle and with a open curtain effect at the fringe
If you have no fringe you can also do this hairstyle, I will show you how
So ^^. This is how it looks.
I leave you watching! ; )
As always, I will start applying a heat protector. I will use this one from Dove.
I will apply it evenly over all my hair.
I comb it to spread it out nicely
Now as always, I will divide my hair into different sections with hairgrips to curl it afterwards
I will first grab a section from the lower part
and will fix my hair here on top
Here I fix it...
I will leave this section of hair free
I will take this first section and will use a thin curler
This curler is 18mm
I use PHILIPS, with removable and different heads
Take this pin down... and to make this wave I will place the curler in upright position instead of horizontal
...I will start to roll my lock around...
like this until the end...
and I will hold here for about 10 to 15 seconds
so I give enough time for the hair to warm up evenly
if you do not have much practice, I would recommend you the use of protective gloves
This would be the look
I will continue to do the same on the rest... I take another section
and do exactly the same
I hold the curler upright and roll up the lock
and here I hold for about 10 to 15 seconds...
so this is the technique, I continue to grab sections of my hair and repeat
I place the curler behind the lock and I curl it up
if you don't achieve the desired look, apply some hairspray on the lock before curling it
and like this it should curl up nicely
I continue doing sections with the rest of my hair
I place the curler behind... and curl up the hair...
What I will do now is a center parting...
...and will continue to curl it in the same manner except the fringe. I'll leave it untouched.
Remember that I always place the curler behind the lock...
I will leave here the fringe for the moment...
I will now use some serum on my dry hair. If you don't have serum just do it with your clean hands.
I just do this with serum so the hair curls up less
I place a small amount
I rub with energy, between the fingers as well...
I will now undo the ringlets I have been doing
I will use my fingers as a rake
they begin to loose shape...
As you can see, I achieve a great volume. Now I'll use a hairspray with high fixation factor, or very high
and with quick drying. This one is from TreSemme (total fixation, extreme fixation)
I will now work on this hair with SO MUCH VOLUME ;)
I will still leave the fringe at a side
What I'm going to do is: at the same time I apply hairspray I pull my hair down and hold it still while it dries.
Like this, the curl will be fixed in that position
I pass my hand as a rake, at the tips, I grab and hold down my hair
I have it pulled down and I spray it well.
If you use a high factor hairspray it's best to hold it well apart. If you see it's not sufficient, keep it closer
Just in case, it's better starting far away
Straightened curl, I place the hairspray far away and I spray
I wait in this position some seconds until it gets dry. Once dry I let go...
You see? It now looks straighter than before
I will do it once more
I will do the same back here. I apply some hairspray, wait some seconds... and I let go
I will now procede with this lower part
I pull down
apply hairspray
can you see how this one looks?
you can open it up a bit like this...
let's do the same on the other side...
the straighter you hold the hair, the less wavy the final result will be
you can do this with locks if it's easier for you
you do the same, spray, straighten... the more straight you hold the lock, more unkempt it will look
For the fringe I will apply the iron like this... and turn outwards...
from this height, more or less
from here, I won't start from the root
so I get the iron to this point and pull turning outwards
Like this
I will use the fingers to give the last touch
I you have a longer fringe it's no problem, you do it exactly the same way
Like this
As I achieved the desired look at this side, I apply the hairspray. I hold...
and apply the hairspray
I have sprayed with the same hairspray I have been using
So this form will be kept
Once dry, I let go. See?
I will do the same on this side. I get the iron to the same level as before and turn outwards pulling at the same time
Fix, close and turn outwards
As it has taken more curly form than desired, I will straighten it up a little
I will use the iron as I do when I straighten my hair
Like this it doesn't look so curly
When I achieve the desired form, I apply hairspray while holding here with my finger
I wait until drying...
As you can see the fringe has a curtain like look
Now if you like what you can do is to fiddle around with your fingers, opening up the curls, to give a more unkempt look
continue to open them up... so it doesn't look so matted
Like this.
The same on the other side
So this is it! This is the hairstyle of the model of H and M for autumn season
It's quite easy, just curl up and after that straighten a little with help of hairspray
and this is the accomplished look...
So! Thanks a lot for watching. See you soon! ;*
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