T-ara Hello Baby Ep 4 3/4 ENG SUB

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(Singing the 3 bears song)
His eyes cant even leave the bread
Its mine!
Please bring other bread
Mason, its chocolate taste
This time it had 100 pieces of chocolate
Mason jjang~
Winning or losing depends starting from now
She got more of it than you
Mine even have nuts on top of it
I won
This is a bread without nuts
How can she do that?
There is still one more
She played a lot of game before
Dont you have any milk?
She is really evil
Qri unnie, what do you think you are doing?
Qri unnie fouled
Is Qri the winner?
Even she fouled but the bread still fell to the ground
The war fighting for bread is over
Suddenly walking towards the winners spot
High five~
Mavin, sit down
We dont want to betray each other
The promise they made not to betray each other
But the bread is just infront of them
Will they still keep their promise?
Whose hand will the bread ended up with
Both who claimed wont betray each other
Are now using all their strength to get that
Where will the bread ended at...
Mothers are so scary~
Bread activity ended
This is so scary
We won! We got 1 full one and a half one
We won~
This is our final showdown. Do you get it?
Lets play rock paper scissor and the one who lose will be eliminated
The members in a team which is left until the end will be winner
So the team who lose in this game will buy lunch
Fried chicken, fried chicken
Everyone agreed on fried chicken
Stand according to your team
Do you want to eat chicken?
Winner wil eat fried chicken
Using voices to battle?
Its actually like this
Because his hands got not much strength
I used scissor
You used this isnt it?
Mason, you won or you lost?
Won already
Rematch again
No, thats not how you do it
Its correct. Thats how you do it
Mavin, we won!
Boram unnie
Blaming the older sister for not doing good in the game
Its old grandmother!
The younger ones are so good
Come here
Both old ones in both team got eliminated
You are either the winner or the ones get abandoned
Here are the ones which got abandoned
Its not like that
It should be some kind of flower (referring to the lyric of the song she just sang)
This is a foul!
No way~
No way!!
Our brother cried again?!
Mason cried because you always dont guard him properly
What to do? Mavin also want to cry already
Mavin is completely angry now
I definitely cannot stand you all making my brother cry
Forget it!
Instead of Mason's crying, Mavin's anger is much more difficult to handle
We are wrong!
Hyomin feeding Mavin biscuits
Mavin moved his hands
and accepted it
He accepted it as if he wanted to hit me
Mavin not angry anymore?
Mavin is moving towards his brother
Mavin came
He dont want to think anymore
I want to stay alone
Why he have to cry like that?
Mason is our team leader
Leader shouldnt be crying
Leader stopped crying
So handsome
Mason ended his crying in a heroic way
Mavin did you know Mason won?
Mavin eat this
In order to help your brother you have to eat this
Then let me help my brother once
Mavin actually only know how to use paper
They set up this game for Mason
Thats the only one he knew
According to the plan, Mavin must follow to use paper
Mason followed the plan and use scissor
Will Mavin follow the plan and use paper
Mavin you did well~
Mavin who gave his brother to win is the real winner~
How come fried chicken not yet come?
Here comes fried chicken
You got to be more careful !
Wash your hands before eating
After Mason eat kimchi, he know how to eat spicy food
Have you eat any kimchi recently?
Eat the potato dip into the kimchi?
What do you mean by dip?
Eat with it~
Exercise in the morning is great
Even though the weather is very cold
When the weather is good, bring the children out to play in front of the house is good thing to do
If keep on staying inside the house will make the body worst
Come and find me
Mavin is hiding himself alone
I had found someone that looks like Mavin
2NE1's Park Bom
Mavin looks like senior SunMin(I dont know her name)
Looks like donuts
Baby face
You and SunMin unnie always kept on messaging each other
Now you say she looks like donut?
But we still found out someone who looks alike
Maybe only Jiyeon dont know about it. Unnie might be knowing it
Last time, Kim Jaedek(I dont know the name) from Jaek Kiss
There are a lot of idols inside Mavin
Noona is eating right now and there is dust everywhere
I come first~
You have to dance to (Crayon Shin-chan)'s dance then you can play with the slide
Mason, you cant do that
Only the one who dance the Crayon Shin-chan's dance then can play with it
Look at Hyomin noona
Hyomin passed. Go play with it~
Do you that is a child's slide?
They are more happy then the 3 brothers
Use the slide to slide to the hospital~
Mason, do the dance and then play with the slide
I dont want to play
Everyone had left, only Hyomin is eating seriously
Mavin come sit next to me