[Eng sub] Big Bang Concert: Big Show 2010 - Sunset Glow+Lies+Ending [19/19]

Uploaded by Superhuntervip on 22.09.2010

Now the second Big Show in Korea is over.
l think we've never introduced you
to the people who tried hard for us,
and gave us the chance to meet together,
at our side,and at our back,
everytime we held this Big Show.
They are our staffs
who exist for this concert, for this Big show.
They are the ones who protect us
with more sweat and more effort
than us at our back.
Please give them a round of applause.
Someone is missing from there. Who is it?
Who is it?
-Who? -Who, who?
Our VlPS. Thank you so much,
and Big Bang will come back again this year.
We are waiting for the right timing.
We will all make you surprised.
Shall we run?
Are you ready? Our last.
One, two, three. Thank you.
2010 Big Bang.