Being a disabled volunteer at my local charity shop - Scope

Uploaded by scope4equality on 23.06.2011

Michelle: We have a lot of disabled volunteers here and customers who come into the shop
see us working with disabled people so it helps them know what the charity’s all about.
Sylvie: My name is Sylvie, I’ve been working for Scope for three years and I really enjoy
coming to work. When I come to Scope, when I work it just gives me more confidence to
get up, come out and meet people because I haven’t got much confidence in myself but
for the past three years I’ve got more confidence in myself so that’s why I like coming to
Scope because it’s getting out and meeting different people.
Matthew: Hello, my name is Matthew. I live in Alton, I’ve been at Scope for 10 years.
I like working with young ladies in the shop, it’s really good. Well you meet different
people and customers and well, I tend to do the CDs and DVDs because that’s got to be
perfect, yeah, that’s the number one job for me, so it just makes a day more enjoyable.