Holy Hallucinations 7

Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on 16.06.2010

This is a response to AngelHairdo’s video ‘God Already Got All the Good Ones’ , itself
a response to ‘Holy Hallucinations 6’. I must admit that when I saw your response
I was a little surprised that you didn’t address my allegations of ignorance, stupidity,
hypocrisy and dishonesty. Instead, what appears to have upset you was this:
“This video is a response to the outrageous allegations cited here:”
And I'd like to point out to you that the reason ‘we're doing great’ is because
of individuals who are willing to forgo the emotional security blanket of your ludicrous
beliefs, open their minds, accept reality for what it is, and not what they want it
to be, and then strive to understand it. It has nothing to do with you or your fellow
sheep, who would still be living in huts and wiping their arses with leaves if everyone
thought like you do. “It is completely ludicrous to assume that
for the entire duration of the Judeo-Christian faith, that not one single scientific contribution
can be attributed to the religious.” I agree, it would be ludicrous, and that is
why I didn’t claim it. Did you actually watch my video? Because if you did then you’re
either incapable of understanding the English language, are making this crap up, or you’re
back to building and attacking strawmen again. I really do hope for your sake that it’s
just your lack of intellectual capacity that prevented you from understanding my response,
because otherwise the great imaginary elevator will be heading down when it’s time for
you to get on it. So, where exactly did I claim that not a single
scientific contribution could be attributed to the religious? If you look back, you’ll
find that I said no such thing. And that’s because, I do try to choose my words with
some thought and care – because words are important. And if you actually took the time
to listen to what I actually said instead of what you thought I was saying, you would
have saved yourself further embarrassment. I’ll elaborate after we listen to a little
more of your misinformation “You speak as if this ‘cold war’ between
the god-fearing and godless is nothing new. Well, I can assure you, buddy, it is new.
Brand new.” OK, firstly I never mentioned any “war”,
and secondly, don’t you think that you’re being a little over-dramatic? Because I don’t
have a problem with moderate theists – those that are prepared to accept that their beliefs
are subject to modification in the face of reality and who don’t feel obliged to proclaim
the superiority of their religion to the world or cram it down the throats of those unfortunate
enough to cross their path. If I do sound confrontational, it’s because I have no
tolerance for religious zealots who belittle the achievements of science in order to propagate
their ignorance. You cross the line with me when you attack
rationality in order to justify your delusions. If you kept your ignorant opinions on matters
you obviously don’t understand to yourself I wouldn’t be calling you out on your bullshit,
“buddy.” “Your outlandish assertion that people are
black and white, that all religious men are sheep-like and completely unscientific, and
that all atheists are rational, logical and supremely intelligent is complete BS. Admit
it.” I’ll only admit that the extent of your
ability to misinterpret and twist the words of others is breathtaking. Where exactly did
I say any of this? I think you’ll find that I didn’t.
I no time did I use the words “theist” or “atheist” in this context. Instead
I chose “your kind” and “rationalist”. And that wasn’t an accident. I’m more
than aware that many of the great scientists of the past were theists, some to a greater
and some to a lesser extent. And I’m also aware that there are a large number of theistic
scientists working today. So when I used the words “your kind”,
I wasn’t referring to all theists. I was referring to you and “your kind” of theist.
The closed-minded, blinkered, intellectually crippled, scriptural literalists who believe
every word of the crude myths in their holy books despite the lack of any empirical evidence
to support them and an immense and insurmountable mountain to evidence that shows that they
are just the work of ignorant and superstitious savages from a bygone age.
And when I used the word “rationalist” I was referring to anyone who bases their
view of reality upon what can be reproducibly observed and measured and on the logical deductions
that stem from these observations. Rational theists accept reality for what it is based
on the evidence and when this conflicts with their beliefs, they are able to weave their
religion into reality and not twist and contort reality to fit their religion.
Rationality is not mutually exclusive with either theism or atheism, but it is incompatible
with “your kind” fundamentalist religion and with unintelligent non-belief. But with
that said, there is abundant evidence that shows that there are strong correlations that
influence the areas of overlap. Although I didn’t state these definitions
explicitly, if you had any ability to use the material between your ears for anything
other than stopping your skull from caving in you should have been able to pick up on
this subtlety. So the reality is that I never did state that
all theists were sheep, nor that all atheists were intelligent, rational and logical. Why
are you putting words into my mouth? Why the predilection for lying? One more time not
all religious people are scriptural literalists and not all atheists are rationalists. If
you want to criticize me, then please criticize what I said and not what you assumed I said
because you didn’t really listen. “Anyone with half a brain would realize
that your ignorant anti-Christian bias totally robs your video of any validity that it might
have otherwise had. And if they don’t, then they’re all as sheep-like as you claim we
are.” So you claim that my stance on religion robs
my video of any validity. Hmm. Is that really the best you can do? You realize that the
standard procedure for invalidating someone’s premises and arguments is to show them to
be false or fallacious? So don’t you have any actual responses to my other points? No
defense of your ignorance or deceit? This ad hominem attack makes a nice companion
to your growing collection of strawmen, but it really is quite pathetic, and you’d be
ashamed of yourself if you knew any better. “Christians have done plenty to further
the progress of civilization. For starters, Jesus himself was a carpenter. Yeah. He built
houses.” This is so ludicrous that it really doesn’t
deserve comment. I will point out, however, while building houses and displaying butt-crack
are both useful skills, they hardly contribute to the growth of mankind’s knowledge.
“Also, the Bible itself had a passage that stated the world was round centuries before
scientists made the same observation. Isaiah 40:22, ‘it is He who sits above the circle
of the Earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers.”
I’d appreciate it if you kept your bible verses between you and your preacher because
they aren’t worth anything to me. Now, I have a question. Do you understand
the difference between a circle……. and a sphere? Obviously not, and neither did the
barbarians who wrote your book of tripe. In fact, rationalists have discovered that
the earth isn’t even a sphere, but an oblate spheroid with an asymmetric bulge below the
equator. This is a perfect example of why I get pissed at “your kind”. When you
try to take the credit for mankind’s discoveries and hand them over to long-dead desert nomads
and to your magic man, I WILL call you on your crap. See my first Holy Hallucinations
video to see exactly what I think of these post-hoc rationalizations scriptural revelations
of scientific knowledge. “And that’s not to mention Noah’s ark,
the very first cargo ship, which God himself gave very specific instruction to Noah on
how to build.” And which Itsthesuperfly debunked in his very
specific videos that show why this particular craft that your god designed would have fallen
apart as soon as it hit the water. Let alone the logistical impossibility of collecting
two of every species from all over the world. Let alone the impossibility of fitting them
all on to a boat the size described in your bedtime story. Let alone the complete and
utter lack of any physical evidence for this alleged flood that was supposed to have happened
only 4000 years ago. These are just a few of the problems with
this particular fable, and the only thing more pathetic than actually believing are
the logical and psychological pretzels that “your kind” tie yourselves into to try
and explain them away. Your lamitude just grows and grows.
“Scores of religious men have made scientific contributions all throughout history.”
And they weren’t just religious – they were also rationalists. I very much doubt
that if these individuals were of “your kind”, they would have made the progress
they did because your absolute dogmatism, your smug insistence that your books are true,
does nothing but stifle the quest for knowledge since you already know the answer to everything:
“God did it.” While these men were working, “your kind” were making themselves useful
by calculated how many angels could fit on the head of a pin.
And, in fact, besides not contributing to humanity’s progress, your kind has actively
retarded it. The middle east used to be the world’s center of learning before Islam
reared its ugly head, and the Muslim equivalents of your kind seen to it that it has remained
in a time warp. In Europe, progress ground to a halt for over
a thousand years as any ideas that countered you bible were crushed ruthlessly by your
kind. In fact, it’s particularly telling that Copernicus delayed publication of his
“On the revolutions of the heavenly spheres” because he feared the scorn and perhaps the
retribution of “your kind”, that your kind jailed Gallieo for expounding helio-centric
model and that your kind did not allow the publication of Copernicus’ book for almost
300 years after his death. And today it is your kind that’s trying
to remove evolution from science class or insist that your stupid stories are taught
beside it. It’s your kind that helped prevent stem cell research that could save millions
from devastating disease, and it’s your kind that sticks its nose into the private
lives of others when its none of your fucking business.
So as you can see, my earlier criticism wasn’t against the religious in general. It was against
that subset of believers that refuse to think. That refuse to shift their unbending dogmatic
positions against a constantly changing reality. That try their hardest to drag our modern
world back to the dark ages. Those moronic, retarded religious nutjobs like you.