Om Namah Shivaya Part 6

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It is our good fortune that you have come as our guest.
Please tell us as to what services we can provide for you
I left Kailash and came here in search of solitude.
I don't need any service, but would request you to see...
...that nobody comes this side -As you wish, Lord Shiv
Please do not deprive us of the opportunity of serving you
You are our guest and it is our duty to serve you.
Your service will disturb my peace, then I might have... leave this place and go to some other place.
We can never displease our guest
Can I stay here and serve you in your silent state
I will not disturb your peace in any way.
I can't accept anybody's presence here
But my being here will not give you any problem
King Himalay -Please order me, Lord
You have forgotten to take your daughter with you
Come daughter, Parvati
Nandi here, if he is here, then Nandeeshwar will be here too
Where there is sandalwood, there will be sweet smell too
Lord Shiv has left Kailash to come here. Be it Brahmadev...
...or Mahadev, how can they escape from Narad's sight
And Narayan does not even leave my mind
How are you here, Devrishi -Are you running from me
Not me, Bholenath - Both of you can't escape from my sight.
Why did you disappear from Kailash-That Lord Shiv knows
You will also be knowing something, Nandi
Has ascetic Shiv's mind melted a little and he has come here... be near Devi Parvati. -How do I know?
Then I will ask and find out -Please don't, Devarishi
Lord Shiv is in deep meditation, he does'nt want to meet anyone
Nandi, I am his prime devotee, Lord Shiv can't be without...
...hearing me speak, and l also can't be without seeing him
Let me go -But Devarishi- Too many buts will cause death
Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraya
Narad, you came here also -What to do, I have no...
...peace without seeing you. Why did you leave Kailash, Lord
I came in search of solitude & you don't disturb my medidation
Are you going, Devarishi -What Narad can't do, who..
... else can do- Sometime back Himalay king came with family
What?-His wife, Maina and Devi Parvati also came
Parvati also came- Lord told them also that he needs...
...solitude & sent them back. -Then good time has time.
What time- The time for the purpose with which Shakti's...
...incarnation Parvati was born is coming near.
Howmuchever Shiv may try, he can't keep away from Parvati
I don't need anybody's presence here. King, you forgot to take...
...back your daughter, Parvati. -Why have you come here?
Why are you troubling me? -We are your friends.
We will only do what you like, tell what Lord Shiv said
He does'nt want anyone to be near him. Wants solititude.
Just understand Parvati, Lord Shiv will be your husband...
...according to Narad's forecast. Nobody can change that destiny
He might want to be away from you now. But how can you...
...stay away from him. You must go near to wake up his love
But he got angry, both of you also saw.
Again when you go also he might get annoyed.
Then I should keep going and annoy him or what
No, to obtain love, you should love everything of his.
That includes his anger too -Even if he tries to avoid me...
...& he gets angry, I will go & meet him taking that as his love
Sati's strong intention was her love for Lord Shiv.
It is true that strong intention & love can win a weak mind also
If situation worsens, people get scared and run like Devatas
Devraj lndra, Lord Shiv has disappeared from Kailash for...
...solitude- If this continues, what will be our condition?
Now we are not able to bear Tarkasur's attrocities.
Lord Brahma & Lord Shiv both tell us to wait when go to them
Truth is Brahmadev has given boon to Tarkasur that he will...
...die only Shiv's son's hands
Now Brahmaji is also not there in Brahmalok
What can be the reason for Lord Brahma and Shiv to disappear
May be they left to avoid our going to them for help again...
...and again- No use worrying unnecessarily, Vayudev
We have to find a way to get out of this troublesome life now.
As long as Tarkasur is alive, we cannot escape from this problem
He should die for our relief, Devraj
The day he dies, heaven's throne will become empty and...
...Devraj lndra will become king of heaven and we will be happy.
Quickly find a way for killing Tarkasur and other demons...
...and we all will be relieved. -What will we do, Suryadev
No way to meet Brahma or Shiv. Don't know why Brahmadev... such boons to demons, which make only us to suffer.
Brahma's boons to all demons have only troubled us.
We should pray to Brahmaji to do some idea to kill Tarkasur.
Wicked ones, plotting conspiracy against our lord to kill him
We will kill you before that.
Let us take him to our Lord Tarkasur.
Hail Mahabali Tarkasur
Who is that rogue disrupting my enjoyment?
Were these the ones trying to disrupt my enjoyment.
They were trying to do Angh-bangh, Lord?
What is that, I am drinking, and you have intoxication?
They are Devatas and they were conspiring against you
I know that, but what is this Angh-bangh, now
We have words like raag-rang rang-me-bang etc. but what is...
...this Angh-bangh? That means spoiling a part of the body.
Fool, you think I am fool like you, sleep, peace, rule can... spoiled, but how can a part of a body get spoiled.
We can cut a part of the body -So that was their conspiracy...
...but whose body were they going to cut- Yours lord
They want to cut my body -lf too many parts are cut... can kill you- So they want to kill me?-Yes
I will kill those who want to kill me. Give them death penalty
This is grave injustice, these devatas are immortal by...
Sage Narad, today you are talking from their side
Even if they go to Shiv, what can they or that Shiv do to me.
They will go to Kailash to request Lord Shiv to marry.
Then he will have a son, and your death is certain.
As per Father Brahma's boon, you will die in Shiv son's hands
If you want your own good, release them immediately.
No, this is your game, I will not stop from punishing all of you.
That haired person has run away. Go and catch all of them
Hail Mahabali Tarkasur
Tarkasur's demons are coming behind us, but are'nt seeing us... we are invisible. -Then we will call them this side
How- by praising lndra. Hail Devraj lndra
Om Nama Shivaya
Nobody is here, but where is the voice coming from.
They are troubling us and they are invisible
Looks they are running towards earth- Let us follow
The demons have gone towards earth, escaped by Shiv's grace
Wait, catch them, they are our enemies
Why do you want to kill us, Recognise us, we are also...
...demons like you and are your friends- I am Daruk
This area belongs to me -Hail brother Daruk
Whoever does not obey my orders here gets killed.
But when have we not obeyed you, brother Daruk
I told you to stop, but you did'nt and I got angry.
We did not see you while running after the Devatas. Forgive us
Ok, I will if you say so, otherwise, I would'nt have
Who are you and what are you doing here?
We are soldiers of King of heaven, Tarkasur-Tarkasur
He defeated lndra and took over the reign of heaven.
That Tarkasur, I know, we two have played kabbadi in childhood
He is our disciple - Then you are our grandguru-Certainly
Now tell me how I can help you here.
We were running after Devatas to catch them.
They have always troubled us, but I could'nt see them.
Can't see them, as they have the power to disappear.
That wicked Devatas cause an illusion and trouble us or I will...
...catch them.- That you can do now also.
But why do you want to catch them. What harm did they do?
They keeping troubling our Lord -How?- By hailing lndra and
then telling Om Namo Shivaya -What is that?
It is a Shiv Mantra- Who is that Shiv- He is a big God
He is called God of gods. -Let me meet him, he will...
...forget to tell OM- He does'nt say OM, he is himself OM
Maybe, these trouble Tarkasur, I will see all of them.
Devatas are invisible, but when you hear lndra's name or...
...Om Namashivaya sound, you catch them and handover to us
Then we will teach them-You go to heaven and convey my...
...greetings to Tarkasur. -Certainly
Tarkasur's ignorant demons and Daruk had no inkling of the...
...truth that Lord Shiv is only world's Lord and care-taker
Omkar is his sound and Panchakshri Mantra...
...Om Namah Shivay is world's only chanting for Mantra
All sages & scholars know, that for any auspicious work, that... the only chanting i.e. Om Namah Shivay
Supriya, we wish you all success in your business.
Lord Shiv will take care of you -All is Lord Shiv's mercy &...
...your blessings, everything should be fine.
Om Namah Shivay
Tarkasur's soldiers and lieutenant said the same thing.
If we hear this sound, we should catch and handover to them.
What is that noise- Looks like a demon's sound-I also feel that
No, You must have just heard, sit down now
This is definitely a demon -They will not leave us
No chance for us to escape -Looks like some big demons
Brother Supriya & Kunti, some demons are going to attack us
No need to get scared, Lord Shiv is our saviour
These demons can't harm us at all. Chant with love now
He will not leave us Please save us Lord Shiv
Catch them, don't allow them to run. Telling Shiv's name
Lord Bholenath, protect us have mercy on us.
First Shiv, Bholenath, how many god's names will Devatas call.
I will see all those Gods.
Take them, will have to handover these Devatas to Tarkasur
Where are they taking us in the desert, will they leave us...
...alive. We had only travelled to do business.
Heard the big demon telling, he will hand us over to Tarkasur
We were only taking Lord Shiv's name. Will that go waste?
Praying Lord Shiv will never go waste
But it is going waste now -God is only testing us
Such a hard test that will cost our life
God always takes the most severe tests to see our devotion
What are you talking? Lock them up in a cave.
Tarkasur's soldiers will come to take them. Close the cave now
Where have we come, this place is stinking- The demons have...
...closed the cave too. Now our death is certain, brothers
Don't be disheartened. -Now also you feel we will live.
No use chanting Lord's name, you should also learn to believe Him.
When you consider him as your own, then he will come to you.
We did call Him, but got into this bad situation
No, this is Lord Shiv's leela. To show miracles, he puts...
...his devotees in lot of problems.-No use talking
Think of a way to get out -No, what happens is...
...according to God's thinking. To seek his help, we must...
...start worshipping Him -As you say, brother
Yes, we will do as you say
Lord Shiv, we don't have leaves, flowers, kumkum to worship you
We have only our true feeling of devotion.
Please accept our worship and protect us. Let us pray.
Om Namah Shivaya
See friends, Lord Shiv has heard us, this ornament of Shiv has...
...brought his message only. -What message this snake has?
That Lord Shiv will definitely protect us from Demon Daruk
Fools, even at the end of life, you worship that Shiv
Let us see how he protects you.
Om Namah Shivay
Tell now, Lord Shiv has heard us or not- Yes
The result of belief is sweet. -Yes- Then chant again
Brother Daruk, protect us where are you?-Come fast
Mahabali Daruk has come. Hail Mahabali Daruk
Tell, why have you called me
We are in a bad shape-Who has troubled you like this?
The snakes in the cave which came from a Shivling
Shiv & Shivling, he is troubling us too much, have to punish him
Come, let us go and see where those snakes are
What happened?-Did'nt you that demon's laugh.
You saw Lord Shiv's mercy now. Then why not believe Him fully.
What to do, brother, fear of demons takes away our belief
That means you have no belief, or else you will not fear at all
Belief should be total, should not go away like waves.
What to do, fear of life takes away our belief.
Tell me from where you have got this life, is it from the market!
Whoever takes birth only has only right to life.
Lord Shiv will find some way to save our life this time.
Cut these men and put them into the sea, Daruk brother
Yes, these Shiv devotees have become very proud
Today I will finish that Shiv as well his devotees.
Yes, our Lord Tarkasur is also tired of these Shiv devotees.
They trouble a lot- I will remove Tarkasur's and your problem now
Those demons have come- Let them come, Shiv will save us
But for that, we have to pray & surrender to him completely.
We are all his refugees only- Then worship him, He will save
Om Namah Shivay
Do not fear. Take this Pashupa weapon. It will protect you
Demon Daruk is coming here that is he is coming to his death.
Devotee, you kill him and make this place fearless & without...
...terror. Take Pashupa weapon
U drove away Tarak's soldiers, but you can't drive me away
I will kill all of you
Om Namah Shivay
Har Har Mahadev
Tell friends, demon's fear died or belief in God went off
Belief in God- Never forget this truth in life.
God will put us in circumstances where it is impossible to get out
But he saved us every time. We should be grateful to Him
Lord Shiv is our father, we are his children, but why is he not...
...bestowing his presence on us
You call him, he will definitely come.
Let us all call him together -Om Namah Shivaya
Dear devotees & Supriya -God Bholenath
Bless you
We have got everything by seeing you, no other wish is left
Supriya, I am impressed by your devotion, strong intentions and...
...confidence. Please ask for anything you wish for
We wished to see you and that has been fulfilled, Lord
We want to see you always. -You have to plan for that then
Definitely, please be present as Jyotirlinga in this place always
Whoever prays here, will not be terrorized by anyone.
They should always have your mercy on them
As per your wish, there will be a jyotirlinga here which will... famous as Nageshwar. Whoever worships this...
...Iinga, will not fear snakes or of untimely death. Bless you
Whenever Shiv's devotees called him in distress...
...Immortal, undefeatable Shiv came in Jyotirlinga
Immortal, undefeatable Shiv
Devotee Supriya who worshipped Lord Shiv devotedly with friends..
...was terrorized by Demon Daruk and got caught in a cave
They were saved by Lord and a Jyotirlinga appeared there
Then Lord Shiv also appeared & is present as Nageshwar there
This is the place where all your wishes get filled.
Problems vanish here and comforts come to you.
Hail Nageshwar
Supriya & his friends got their wishes fulfilled by Shiv worship
To hear devotees, Lord Shiv is ever present in Nageshwar Linga
On the other side, Parvati to obtain Lord Shiv, is immersed...
...alone in Shiv worship in her garden.
Her friend Jaya is searching for her anxiously.
Vijaya, not here, not there, where is she, now Vijaya...
...who told me to search her is also lost somewhere
Where do I search her Where were you, Vijaya?
You only told me search for Parvati, which I am doing
Till now you are searching her -Have you found her or what
That means we have'nt found Parvati, where would she be?
She must have gone to Lord Shiv in Himgiri mountain- No
He only told her that he wants solitude, & none should disturb
Yes, but will Parvati listen to Shivji
Jaya, Parvati will not listen to anybody else except Shiv
You keep on talking, we have come here to search Parvati
You are out of your mind -Who is mad can be seen later
Let us go first and search Parvati
Where has she gone? There she is- Where?
She has lost her sight along with her mind
See from my eyes -She is Parvati or a sage
Sage, your devotees have come -No your disciples have come
Why have you come here? -We have come to take you
Saw you lost in some thoughts -Vijaya, why this question
Yes, that has become the answer long time back
Why are you always teasing? -No only sometimes.
Listen, to disturb someone's meditation is a great sin
We will not share your sins, but share only your happiness
Then, listen to me- Certainly -Both of you go from here
Let us go
Om Namah Shivay
What does Kailash's Shiv think of himself, that he insulted us
He has come to our kingdom and is ignoring us only
He did not care even a bit for our prestige
Son Maina, why should you get so agitated for this?
There is reason to get agitated for prestigious people.
Shiv has come into our territory and has insulted us only
He stopped us from going to a place in our own kingdom.
Is this not our insult, mother? Nobody can tolerate this.
There is a difference between self prestige and arrogance, son
In your anger, you are proud about your rights.
If we had been restricted to go to a place which is not ours... would not have felt insulted like this.
But, mother, he should think of how he is hurting us this way
Why do you talk like this, had he not sent Nandi before and...
...asked for permission to come to Himgiri hill for solitude?
Son, if solitude was not required, Kailash was not small for him
Jaya, where is Parvati?-I have not seen her from morning.
Why both of you are not talking, where is Parvati?-There
Where- In the garden? -What is she doing there?
Meditating- Whom? -She is meditating of Shiv
Why did'nt you bring her back- She was'nt ready to talk also.
Parvati is praying Shiv who has insulted us, have to stop her
I will not let her pray, l will go and bring her now
Work done in anger and agitated mind is never good
Is it right for Parvati to worship Shiv who insulted us?
To talk about right or wrong in front of his parents, is it right?
And is it proper for you to accept that Shiv has insulted us?
To disturb someone's meditation, Will it be proper, son? Answer
Who will make these two understand secret of Shiv Leela?
How ignorant these two are?
Devarishi, accept my salutations -Your wish should come true!
You know the wish of my heart -I know little, rest you tell me
So that I have full knowledge -You can read my mind, Sage
Then I can only tell that the path chosen by you to obtain...
...Lord Shiv is very correct. -Meaning
That is only your Shiv devotion will only take you near Shiv
If you don't mind, shall l ask you a question.
You have already forecasted that Lord Shiv will be my husband
But why did he refuse to see me.
When unworldly things have to take worldly shape it becomes...
...very difficult - I don't understand, Devarishi
In truth, Lord Shiv takes hard tests of his devotees.
He sees whether his devotees come near even after stopping
When you are stopped, how can you go near Him.
This is the difficult part. Devotee should be patient & clever
Devi, you need not despair. Your future is very bright.
But what should I do now -Go ahead with full swing
But how- Go near Lord Shiv and try to draw his attraction
If he gets angry, then- No, he will only see you with mercy
Then I will definitely go, Please bless me- Yes
Forgive me, please don't disturb Lord's solitude
What were you doing just now by putting flowers on his feet.
I was not disturbing, I was only worshipping my Lord
I will do just that. I will silently pray to Him & not disturb at all
My Lord, you are all knowing, you know my mind and future
I have full belief that you will definitely fulfil my wish
Jaya, Vijaya, where have they gone?-What, mother?
Did you see Jaya & Vijaya? -Must be around only.
There they are -Yes Queen
Where were you, and where is Parvati from the morning
Must be in the garden and meditating on Shiv
That means you two do not know about Parvati's whereabouts
How will they know, ma, she keeps wandering here & there
Jaya, have you seen Parvati -No
Where did you go?- Why don't you tell where you went, Parvati
I had gone to see my God Shiv and worship Him
Do you care for the respect & prestige of your family?
if she cares, why would she go to one who insulted us?
Leave alone the insult, is it proper for a girl to go there
That too to that strangely dressed and ascetic Shiv
Brother, please, I can't hear anything against His respect
When I can speak ill about him, why my sister can't hear that?
The reason is he is my God
Who told you to worship him?
Who told you to have ill-feelings against Him?
Is this the answer to your question?
Yes, this differs from mind to mind, the feelings by which... claim to hate him, I pray to him with my brain & heart.
You are not using your brain, you are playing with your...
...feelings, and life's decisions can't be taken on feelings alone
Brother, I again request you not to disturb my Shiv worship.
Otherwise, the consequences may not be good.
Can your worship succeed after displeasing brother & mother
Think from all sides, there will be lot of difficulties ahead
I will reach my God after crossing all the hurdles.
Himalaya's daughter Parvati...
She daily comes here to worship Lord Shiv silently and goes back
But there is no effect on Lord Shiv. He is strong in meditation.
Then his meditation will not break at all- No, but when... will break is not known. -Brahmadev might be able... tell something about this. -Let us go to him
What will happen to us, Vijaya -Talk slowly, Parvati will hear
What will she hear, she is lost in the thoughts of Shiv
If Prince Maina comes to know that we have also gone with...
...Parvati for Shiv worship, he will get angry with us too.
Listen Jaya, none of us are doing anything improper
Parvati has come to worship Shiv & we have come with her.
We are not doing anything wrong, then why this fear?
We should also pray to Him so that He is pleased with Parvati
Devi Parvati, Accept Nandi's salutations- Greetings, Nandi
Who are these two girls with you today?-This is Jaya...
...and she is Vijaya, my friends -But they will...
Don't worry, they will not create any difficulty
Are you two Devi Parvati's friends?- Yes, very dear friends
Devi Parvati is also your friend, is'nt it?
Yes- I think your friend Parvati is a true and dedicated devotee...
...of Lord Shiv. Everyday she comes for worshipping Shiv.
Where do you find such dedicated disciplined devotees nowadays?
It is without doubt that Parvati worships Shiv whole heartedly.
That is why, I allowed her to pray Lord Shiv against his order
Seeing her devotion, I thought, l should not come in between them.
You might have disobeyed your Lord, but you have done a...
...great pious deed by allowing Devi Parvati to worship Shivji
You have understood the devotional feelings of Parvati
In truth, only because of your broad mindedness & greatness...
...Devi Parvati has been able to succeed in worship of Shiv.
We will meet tomorrow, Nandi Maharaj- Greetings
When will you listen to Devi Parvati's prayer, Lord
Devraj lndra and other Devgan were also worried and anxious...
...about when Parvati's prayer will succeed and when...
...Iove will awaken in Shiv's mind and when after their auspicious...
...union, a son will be born who will kill Tarkasur
With this anxiety, they all went to Brahmadev
Please have mercy and come before us, Brahmadev
Devraj, do you know why Brahma changed his place and form?
No, Devi Saraswati- We are surprised about this.
I request you not to disturb the work of creation of Brahmadev.
Your repeated visits and disturbance in his work...
...compelled Him to change his form and place
But you have come here too -We don't want to disturb...
...Brahmadev's work, but we are coming here for getting relief...
...from our problems -Lord Brahma had told you to wait.
Then what is the point in disturbing yourself and Brahma
Then, we will wait Devi Saraswati
Salutations mother Saraswati -Come, I was just wondering...
...why you had not appeared till now.
To appear before time and without reason is not in my...
...discipline. When the time came, I also appeared here
I accept your discipline. Now tell the reason of your visit
Devraj lndra's anxiety is the reason for my visit
Devraj lndra's worry will not go till he submits them to Brahmaji
Till he is worried, my anxiety will also not go.
Hence, I request you to grant them permission to see Brahma
The way you presented the issue, looks as if that if I don't...
...give them permission, I will myself become anxious
Hail mother Sarawati.
Salutations, please do something to solve our problem.
Devraj, I am fully aware of your problem, but can't help at all.
Why?-This depends on the wish of Mahadev Shiv
All the other Gods like us work only according to his wishes.
That is right, but Tarkasur's injustice and terror is beyond...
...the tolerance level. Unless he dies, we Devatas have no peace.
Inspite of repeating many times, you forget one primary truth.
Till one's good virtues are there he will enjoy all comforts
Tarkasur is enjoying the fruits of his hard & strong penance.
But you Devatas completely forget to do worship.
Where there are no pious deeds, problems will continue there.
Please order, Brahmadev, we will also start doing penance.
There is no point in getting my order. For gathering good deeds...
...start worshipping Lord Shiv and your problems will vanish
Parvati has been worshipping Lord Shiv for long, but still...
...has not succeeded in her goal -Don't be ignorant, Narad
Worship will never go waste. Parvati's penance will succeed.
When you hear the story of Kashi Jyotirling, then you will...
...Iearn the truth that virtues achieved from penance and...
...worship will never go waste -Tell us about Kashi Jyotirling
All of you know that Shiv & Shakti are one single form
This current separate worldly forms of Shiv & Shakti is to... the world the importance of penance & worship.
This leela & story will be moral for future generations of world
Listen to me, the Ardhanareeshwar form of...
...Shiv-Shakti will only be prevalent in this world.
Ardhanareeshwar form is the basic form of Shiv & Shiva.
Whenever Shiv & Shiva appear separately, new events occur.
Lord, all the gods are present in their divine places
But, where will our place be?
The place where Vishwanath appears first and does work...
...of world welfare, that will be our place, Shiva
Which is that place in earth, where you will incarnate, Lord
Kashi will be that sacred place, where Jyotirlinga will be...
...established & bad deeds of all beings will be destroyed.
May we start our Leela, Vishwanath
You also help in Shiv Leela, Shiva
Who are we? -Who has created us?
Where have we come from? -Where will we go?
Who is our creator? -We don't know even this.
Don't you know who I am? -No, I don't know you
But, if you know please tell me who I am.
Where have you come from? -From where you came
Where have I come from? -From where I came
Where have you come from?
Where have I come from?
Where have I come from?
Hey man & woman, you are the man & woman who appeared...
...from Shiv & Shiva. Leave your worry & anxiety...
...and start worshipping & meditate on your father Shiv.
All your questions will be be answered.
What is worship? -What is called penance?
By Shiv's grace, a continent will be created on the earth...
...which will be Kashi. On reaching there, you will...
...yourself get realization about worship & penance.
You will get satisfied with the replies to your questions.
This looks like Kashi -Yes, this is Kashi
How beautiful is this Kashi? Mind has become very happy.
Our eyes are blessed on seeing this divine city.
There is feeling to do worship of Shiv in the mind
My mind also wishes to do worship
Om Namah Shivaya
Our time for incarnation has come near.
Both of them are deep in meditation. Penance is complete
They should get the fruits of their penance
Shall we go to the earth, then.
Open your eyes, Purush & Prakruti who...
...have appeared from us.
Look at our side. We are pleased with your penance.
The parents, you were anxious to see, are only us.
You wanted to know how you were born.
We were the ones from whom you were created
I am your father -I am your mother
What are your names? - I am Shiv
What is your name? -My name is Shiva
Both of you have obeyed us and shown an example for...
...a perfect man & woman -We are pleased with you
Tell, what do you wish for?
Tell the wishes of your mind
What can we tell about what we want?
We ourselves do not know what we wish for.
We've come from you. You only tell us what we should ask for
It will only be right for you to tell us what we require
Lord, to make the worship of these two first man & woman...
...born from us, become immortal, you establish yourself as...
...Jyotirling in this Kashi Vishwanath.
Whoever worships your Jyotirling in Kashi, will attain salvation...
...and will be blessed. -Yes, as you wish
Whenever Shiv devotees called him in distress...
...He appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga
Immortal & Unconquerable Shiv Shankar
Kashi is the city in lndia where Shiv is present as Jyotirlinga
This is a place for salvation, and dear place of Lord Shiv
Lord himself created this Shivlinga.
This Jyotirling has been worshipped for many ages
Here the first woman & man worshipped Lord Shiv & Shiva
They appeared and gave them knowledge & blessings.
Kashi's Shiv Ling's greatness can't be described in words.
By seeing this Linga, people's bad deeds are washed away.
Hail Vishwanath Shiv
The idea of telling the story of Kashi Jyotirlinga is that...
...worship & penance never go waste.
The moral of this story is that worship takes one near God
Parampita, you have told us a very good story.
This is moral for the whole world
It will be great if whole world would benefit from this
But you should also benefit -Definitely, without doubt
Before hearing the story, you doubted about the success...
...of Parvati's success. This story also foretells the future that...
...Parvati's penance will definitely succeed.
Parampita, with your grace, that will certainly succeed.
Again erring Narad, not mine, Shiv's grace is only required.
It is true, like the man & woman born from Shiv-Shiva...
...had to struggle a lot for getting the mercy of Lord Shiv...
...same way it will take time for Parvati's penance to succeed too.
To get her wishes fulfilled, Parvati will have to go...
...through lot of difficulties. Not only her, her parents...
...and her brother will face a lot.
Parvati will have to bear the separation from her parents.
After that only her wishes will be fulfilled.
The meaning is that, none of you should have any doubts...
...regarding the union of Shiv & Parvati, as this will only...
...give you disappointments, and which will cause pain.
Strength lies in bearing the pain and not feeling the pain.
This is great. Have never heard such a Brahma statement...
...before. Did you hear, Devraj Strength lies in tolerating...
...the pain and not keep feeling the pain.
Hearing is not enough, you have to practice it, Devraj
And the time has not come yet, when ability to follow virtues...
...has vanished away - Such a time will come or what, father
Yes, such things will happen in Kaliyug
There will be lot of people hearing Brahma statement...
...but nobody to follow it. Lot of people will be...
...there to talk about virtues, but very few will do pious deeds
Meaning - That is in Kaliyug, people will talk of big virtues...
...and hear them too, but will do bad and small things
So, Devraj, start doing pious deeds, for yourown welfare...
... and Devgan's good. -Take advantage of this.
Brahmadev's advice will take you in the path of success.
What sort of strength should I show now?
To patiently wait is also one character of strength.
That is what I am doing -Not with compulsion, Devraj
That will only cause more pain to you. But waiting patiently...
...will make you think of the bright future ahead.
The sadness is, even after knowing all this, Tarkasur's...
...attrocities have reduced my brain-Let us go, Devraj
We come again & again to trouble you, Brahmadev
That is your right, Devraj -So, what is the future plan?
Except to wait patiently for future as per Brahmavakya
Will you not take the benefit from the Kashi Vishwanath story
Narad, Devraj is not able to understand my thought.
Mother, I will explain. The man & woman born...
...from Shiv & Shiva got Shiv's mercy only by worshipping Him.
Parvati will also get Lord Shiv only by worshipping & penance
For fulfilment of wishes, Shiv worship is very necessary.
By worship, Shiv gets pleased and gives you the fruits.
Not only me, all the Devgans will together worship Shiv
Where are you preparing to go? -You know that, brother.
I know, want to hear from you -I am going to Himgiri Hill...
...for worshipping Shiv with my friends-I won't allow that
Why?- You know- Still I want to hear from you.
We did not stop you from praying that irreligious Shiv...
...who insulted us. But by ignoring your worship which... intolerable. This way he is not only insulting but our whole...
..royal family as well.
You have to give respect to get respect
Whom have I insulted?-Ask your language, to use insulting words..
...against respectable people is also like insulting them only.
You worry so much about Shiv's respect, but have no concern...
...for respect or your family. When your prayers are not...
...accepted at all, why are you going again to be insulted?
Answer my question-How long it takes for God to answer...
...those who worship, do you have any answer to this?
Now you want to clear your way by using arguments. But l...
...won't allow you to go there. -To stop me from worship...
...or penance will go waste -What is this argument?
Father,mother & brother, l request with folded hands that...
...don't stop my Shiv worship. Or it will be bad for me.
Daughter, whatever is bad for you can't be good for us either.
Father, don't listen to Parvati. -Then I should listen to your...
... anger or what. Try to use your brain, son.
Whoever insults is our enemy. Is it foolish to oppose him.
Without thinking, to have enemity with someone is foolish only.
How can Lord Shiv be our enemy? He has come here...
...for a short time for solitude. If we show enemity...
...towards Him, he will not be harmed in any way.
But we will only be harmed. Nothing will be left behind then.
Parvati, you go with your friends and worship Lord Shiv
What are you seeing, Devraj -Meghraj, see how Parvati... worshipping Shiv with total dedication.
We should also start Shiv worship as per Brahma's advice
Definitely -Hail Devraj lndra
Kamdev, I got surprised to hear my praise after my defeat
Forgive me, defeat or victory will keep interchanging in life
Only creator knows when this struggle will end.
Tell me how can I serve you -Your asking me that itself... a great service to me. -I just don't talk, Devraj...
...but would like to do some work to serve you.
Then do one work for me -Please order, Devraj
See there in Himgiri's peak -One girl is worshipping... Ascetic.-That girl is Devi Parvati, Himalaya King's daughter
And that ascetic is none but Mahadev Shiv Shankar
Yes, Mahadev Shiv Shankar -Shiv has great mercy for you.
Whoever does not have Shiv's mercy, does not have mine too.
Then do something good for a Shiv devotee.
Shiv in deep meditation is not answering Parvati's prayer at all
If Shiv looks even once at Parvati with love, her prayer...
...and the creator's purpose will be fulfilled.
Purpose?-Only if Shiv is pleased, He will marry Parvati.
And Tarkasur will be destroyed only by Shiv's son
That Tarkasur who has snatched away our heaven from us
Who is the reason for our bad situation now.
If by creating interest in Shiv's mind, you can get back your...
...heaven, then I will definitely do this work, Devraj
If this work is completed through you, all Devgans will... grateful to you- Then, alongwith Rati I will start...
...this good work in Himgiri mountain immediately.
Lord Shiv, your meditation and penance are meant for welfare
My wish to pray & become your wife is also for world welfare
To end the terror and attrocities spread all over, please come... your worldly form, Lord Shiv
Swami, what should I do now
This fire will destroy the world. Even after decimating Kamdev...
...the angry fire from Shiv's third eye is very much active.
Something has to be done.
Om Namah Shivaya
Come Samudradev
Paramdev, Parampita
Please accept my salutations, how can I help you
Can you see the horse and the burning fire inside that
But how are these with you now?
This is Shiv's anger fire which has not quietened even after...
...decimating Kamdev. If this is not cooled soon, it will...
...destroy the three worlds So for world welfare and... per Shiv's instructions, l have brought the fire in a horse
What are the orders for me, Parampita
Samudra Dev, you have immense amount of water and... have the ability to withstand the power of fire
This fire will keep on absorbing the water and burn and the... will be saved -lt will be my good fortune...
... to obey Lord Shiv and yourself, come horse...
Ocean of mercy, Gangadhar and caretaker of the world
See the tears flowing from my eyes and hear cries for mercy
Please forgive my husband's mistake, and remove my pain
Please give back life to my husband, and help me
Ocean of mercy, Gangadhar
Without my husband I am incomplete
My every breath, feelings and self are all incomplete
Vermillion in the head is the basis of life for a women
Ocean of mercy, Gangadhar
If my husband does not live, I will also leave my life
Please show some mercy on me, Lord
Shiv devotees have a right on Lord Shiv
Ocean of mercy, Gangadhar and caretaker of the world.
Hear my cries for mercy
Rati, calm down, don't be sad. Can't change what has occurred
Accept whatever has been done.
For what mistake have we been punished.
For Devraj lndra, Kamdev had used the flower arrow...
...on you and disturbed your meditation.
There was no selfishness of ours. To help Devraj... his problems, we helped and we are in a bad state now.
Why this, Bholenath? Please show mercy.
I can't withstand the death of my husband. I can't live...
...without him. -Kamdev did this for me.
It is my mistake. He did this to wake up your...
...desire for Devi Parvati Please bring him back to life.
Laws of destiny are strong, whether one is human, demon...
...or Devata, all have to pay for the mistakes they do.
Please forgive Kamdev, Lord he did not do anything out of...
...selfishness and did this to help Devatas. Hence his...
...mistake is forgivable. Please show mercy on Rati.
Yes, Mahadev show mercy and give life to Kamdev.
If you don't give life to Kamdev, I will also sacrifice my life.
In disrupting my meditation, you have also helped Kamdev.
Whatever mishap occurred, Kamdev paid for it.
You also have to bear some punishment.
Lord, I am begging for mercy, you talk of punishment
Punishment has been given, now penance is only left.
I am ready to do penance -Then listen Rati, in spite of...
...being burnt by my third eye, Kamdev is not yet dead.
By my mercy, he is alive But he can't be seen in...
...worldly form. He is without a body now.
He will be now called Anang or Manoj.
What will happen, Lord? -Penance Rati
I will do penance, Lord, but don't make it so hard.
Penance can't be as per the wish of the sinner
Whoever bore the sin, his wish should be fulfilled.
I will do penance as per your wish, Lord
But, I know you are all powerful and forgiving.
If you can forgive our mistakes, I will get him back in full form
Definitely, but not now, you have to wait till Dwapar Age
In Dwapar yug,Kamdev will come as Pradyumna, Lord Krishna's..
...son, and you will get him as your husband
Be brave, what Lord Shiv said will come true.
You will get back Kamdev in Dwapar yug
Rati, I am your sinner. Kamdev came only to help me...
...and he got this punishment. -Devraj, swami had...
...voluntarily come to help you in your bad situation.
Who knew that this will be the consequence. Who can tell...
...destiny beforehand? Now this ash of Kamdev is my companion
Burnt to ashes. If Kamdev clashes with Tarakasur,...
...this is what happens to him.
You thought with your flower arrow... will be able to start Shiv's marriage, then Shiv's son will... born who will destroy me.
The whole world knows...
...who got destroyed. Now there is no chance for Shiv's son.
And by Brahma's boon, l am immortal
Lieutenant, can anybody kill me. -No, king, whoever wants to...
...die will only think of killing you.
Then let there be some music & dance on this happy occasion.
Order us, king- Go and bring the captured Apsaras.
They are crying for Kamdev's death. Let them dance before me
Kamdev's decimation made Tarkasur very happy with the...
...thought that he is immortal and engaged himself in alcohol,... and dance. He forgot that one event on his side...
...will not stop all events or wheel of time to stop running.
Kamdev's loss did not weaken Parvati's intentions in any way.
But she became more strong and determined in her goal and...
...came in the dress of a sage in front of King Himalay.
Daughter Parvati, in this dress -Yes father, I want to do...
...penance from today -I can't bear to see you... this dress nor can bear your wish.
Being a father if you can't hear my wish, who else will?
Please give me permission to do penance, father
After Kamdev's decimation, what is the use of worshipping Shiv.
All will go waste. Listen to me, I will search for another...
...suitable groom for you and get you married.
No father, to listen to such rude words is a bad deed for me.
I have accepted Shiv as my husband for ages to come.
To imagine another man or to even hear a name is...
...against my religion -Control your words, Parvati
Your actions and words are all too ahead of your age.
What have I done, mother -Till now nothing special
But whatever you are thinking of doing now, is it proper
You are a princess, brought up in a royal atmosphere.
I can't give you permission to do hard penance for that Shiv.
I will not allow you to put yourself under fire of penance.
Is it proper for a princess to have relation with an ascetic
What is improper in this? -A delicate princess to have...
...Iove for a hard ascetic, has not happened till today.
Which sage has told that this kind of act is improper?
You have started arguing a lot, Parvati
To talk back for proving one's truth, is not an argument.
I have heard both you and your mother. We can't reach any...
...decision by anger or argument.
I have decided to allow Parvati to do penance.
Father, have you thought properly and taken this decision.
Are you asking this question, after thinking, son?
You are not agreeable to anything I say.
Please allow me to leave -I can't allow you to leave...
...alone, daughter, Jaya and Vijaya will come with you.
Mother, please give me permission to leave-My daughter!
This place looks correct. Has peace and solitude as well.
We can do penance here without disturbance. I will meditate here
You will do penance here alone. -Won't you be scared in this...
...Ionely place. - What sort of fear, whose fear, the creator... our protector-No, we can't leave you here and go
What will we answer the King and the queen
Same as here, why should we go leaving her alone here.
Your stubbornness is not right -Then are your attitudes right?
Both of you don't get carried away by emotions.
Let me do my duty which can't be completed otherwise.
Now both of you go. -How can we leave you alone... this lonely place and go -We will have lot of fear
Both of you are cowards, but will make me one too.
I have come here to do penance, for that I need strength...
...determination & fearlessness. Now both of you go.
Our heart can't accept this. -Don't listen to your heart
And act according to your brain. Anybody doing penance...
...cannot have any fears. Shiv is with me. You go without worry.
Shiv, Shiv! What is this Shiv! Why did father give permission...
...for Parvati's penance. Is it proper for a princess to have...
...relationship with an ascetic. No that is not right.
He is not fit to become the husband of Parvati
I have decided to allow Parvati to do penance.
Why should we allow that Did you do right by asking
me this question. Then how should questions be asked.
You have to answer me, father. Who is that Shiv?
How big is he, why should my sister Parvati suffer for him
Please tell me, what is the truth.
Who is this Shiv? What is the truth about him.
Maina! Maina!
Who are you? -The one you are searching for.
And for whom you are so restless
No, I am not restless & why should I search for you.
There is a necessity for me -No, it is not there.
Don't deceive yourself- What sort of stubbornness is yours?
Who are you?-The same who has to be inside you, but...
...had to come out. -Don't confuse me & introduce yourself
I know you very well. You also recognize me. I am Shivtatva
So you know me. Tell me who I am.
You are ignorant- Shivtatva (essence of Shiv) when you...
...know, I have no knowledge, keep away from me.
Don't you fear me? -What to fear from one without strength.
You don't know my strength! If I enter into one's brain...
...& mind, I can destroy lakhs of beings in a moment.
Terror when it comes under my feet can cause rivers of blood
A family or a whole kingdom can be washed away by that.
Only under me only jealousy bad thoughts, war, enemity etc.
...are born. This causes severe enemity and one being goes...
...after another's blood. When untruth and irreligion come...
And can you do all this, and you say I have no strength.
To do such destructive acts, is not a matter of pride but... shameful. I can't do all this. This is irreligion.
Then what can you do? -I create feelings of peace,
Iove, non-violence, & unity in the minds of all beings and help...
...them to lead a peaceful and happy life.
Keep them away from your arrogance and give them...
...a blessed life which will be worth living.
My strength is not destructive, but good & constructive.
Enough, I have seen consequence of your strength in human life
Whatever you saw was the result of your destructive power
...not my power. I have always created the inner beauty of man.
I only improve the good creation and artwork in human.
You are wicked and coward. If you come in my way....
...I will destroy you completely.
That is not under your control. To curse me in your anger...
...also shows your ignorance only. By talking bad words, you...
...are acting wicked, then how can you call me wicked.
You are sad that your sister Parvati is doing hard penance...
... for Shiv with very noble intentions.
You are scared of devotion for Shiv, but you call me a coward.
You think wrong, talk wrong and do wrong things.
That is why the consequences also turn out to be wrong.
So your name is ignorant -Keep quiet, talkative one
Who are you to comment on how I am?
Who has given you this right to talk about me?
Who are you to talk about my sister Parvati?
Why don't you answer?- I am not wicked, but divine
I told you that my basic place is inside you.
But I can be there only if you get some knowledge
When you are arrogant because of ignorance, I also can't stay...
...there & come out.- How did you dare to call me arrogant...
...& one surrounded by darkness of ignorance? Do you know...
...that whatever I think & do are only the laws & rules.
This is that arrogance and ignorance because of which...
... violence has spread throughout the world.
So, leave this arrogance of yours and destroy it so that...
...I can come inside. -Why should I allow you to come inside me
What big Shivtatva, not allowing one to think or do something.
Go and live inside your Shiv -The whole world is inside...
...Shiv only. Now Shiv has to be established inside the world.
And I have to come inside you -Why are you after me
Why do you want to enter me. What is there is Shivtatva?
There is strength in it which will do great welfare
There is great light which can remove complete darkness
Where do these strength and light live?
Mind, soul and in the brain
What is the use living there? -Good emotions, good thinking...
...and noble feelings which give rise to thoughts of welfare
Then what happens?- Soul becomes sacred and mind...
...pure, and brain starts thinking about human welfare
After all this happens? -Because Shivtatva comes...
...into the being, he will not hurt anybody's good feelings
One does not feel he is great and others are stupid or bad
He does not put hurdles in the path of one doing penance.
He thinks of everybody's welfare and starts working towards it
That means, if you are within me, mind becomes alive with...
...good thoughts and there are great advantages.
Yes- You are telling the truth and to accept it is only good...
...for me. Then tell: Om Namah Shivaya
Oh, knowledge of Shiv
To think of others welfare and not put hurdles in the...
...path of those indulging in devotion and penance.
That means, I have got knowledge about Shiv.
Forgive me, I was a fool and an ignorant.
Om Namah Shivaya
Parvati -Devarishi, you here
Thought about your good made me come here.
Before doing penance for getting a husband, you have... start doing Shiv Mahima fast for getting your loved one.
You have made my path easy, Devrishi, just tell me now... to when and how this fast is absorbed.
Please give me that knowledge -Today is the third day of...
...month of Chaitra. Starting from today, for a month,... should eat only once a day & do various types of prayers... a Shivling with the help of Vilva (wood-apple) leaves.
I will start the fast today as per the law of destiny.
Parvati is doing penance in the forest alone, fasting and with...
...thirst. I don't know what will happen to my daughter.
Come, Devarishi- Why these rays of worry in your face?
My only daughter is doing penance all alone in a forest.
This is naturally a cause of worry, Devarishi
It is natural but it is unnecessary also- Unnecessary?
Yes, no need to worry as she is herself complete in all ways
Now she is doing Shiv Mahima fast, which will fetch her the...
...husband she loves.-That her penance will succeed.
Definitely, also all girls who observe this fast in future...
...will definitely get husbands of their choice.
The fast observed by Parvati will be a boon and a model...
...for girls in the coming generations.
Only by Shiv's grace, all wishes come true.
Devarishi's words are hundred percent true.
Those with Lord Shiv's mercy are ever happy & contented.
Only one against Shiv are always sad.
Such evil-doers never reach their goal.
Devraj lndra and other Devgan were still away from their goal...
...only due to this difficulty. So they came to Brahmadev...
...after the decimation of Kamdev.
Kamdev's decimation was definite in destiny.
To try to wake up a strong ascetic like Shiv Shankar who...
...has a third eye is not easy. The bravery attempted by...
...Kamdev deserved punishment and he got that
According to destiny, Kamdev had to leave one day.
But all this happened due to me -Maybe you were the medium
But events have occurred only according to law of nature.
So you need not worry -Even if I don't worry about...
...Kamdev, Tarkasur's attrocities come to mind to cause worry
After Kamdev's loss, his terror and rudeness has increased a lot
Now he thinks he will not die at all, as Shiv's son will not be...
...born at all. -He has no brain -lf he had a brain he would...
...not be doing things, which he is presently doing.
Since he is bad, his arrogance has increased and attrocities...
...will also increase and his power will also increase.
And the possibility of getting back heaven will finish.
No need for you to worry. Whatever you told were all...
...current activities of Tarkasur. But you do not know what... written for future in the law of nature.
Yes- Then calm down. I can only tell you now that...
...Devi Parvati has started doing Shiv Mahima fast for...
...obtaining Shiv as her husband. -This is good news for us
And bad for Tarkasur. I have repeatedly told you that...
...prayer or penance never go waste. There may be delay...
...definitely you will get the fruits.- But!
Still you have doubts- We have debated this issue many times.
But no result has come out. After Kamdev's decimation...
...the possibilities of marriage between Shiv-Parvati is lost
Why do you always get disappointed?
Don't you know that by Shiv's mercy, impossible can happen
Have you not heard the story of Shiv Devotee Bushma who...
...came back to life from death. By Shiv's grace, when dead...
...can come back to life, why can't your wishes be fulfilled.
Who is this Bushma, what is her story?
There was Brahmin named Sudharma. He and his wife...
...Sudeha were very unhappy as they did'nt have children.
But Sudharma was hopeful that his son will be certainly born
Please come inside, Maharaj Listen, see who has come home
Tell me from there only who has come- Please sit
No, to see great astrologer Chandraveer, U have to come out
I have brought him to tell about your future. In a moment...
...he can tell when our son will come to play in this house
Come out-Salutations Maharaj -Bless you- Please have this
I am already a Soubhagyavati please tell from the lines.... my hand as to when l will be blessed with a son.
Tell something, when will small feet's sound be heard here
See Sudarma, the way we relish sugar, we should practice...
...digesting bitter gourd and lemon -What is the real matter?
See friend, we astrologers have some rules and regulations
We don't tell hard facts and tell only good things.
But seeing your pure heart, l have to tell you this truth.
Is there something bad -lf not bad, it is not good also
We try not to hurt the feelings of those whose future we predict
To keep you in darkness is also a sin, so I am telling you
Your wife's hand's lines and face clearly tell that some bad...
...spirit is around her. She will never be a mother
And she will do some work which will be inauspicious....
...for which she will have to do repentence.
Is there anything else. I feel bad, I had to tell something...
...which is not in your favour.
Some bad spirit is around here and she can never be a mother
Swami! Swami!
I have thought of something -I am also thinking only
I have taken a decision too -What decision?
We need a child, this race has to go further.
I wish that you should marry again-What?
I would not do that to you even in my dream.
Then, we will die without a child. Our race will finish here
Think about, who will light our pyre.
Sudeha, don't tell which will make me feel sad.
I am only telling the truth. You only tell who will be there to...
...take our name after us- Nobody, but how I can remarry
The same way how you married first time.
Tell me who in this world does not wish to have a child
I also wish for a child, but l- Why the hesitation & delay?
My younger sister's son will also be my son, is'nt it?
You are talking about Bushma -Yes, you marry her
I will consider her as a sister only and her son will...
...also be my son. -Ok, Sudeha, you listen to me also
I don't want to listen, I have come only to tell and...
...understand that I will make you accept my words.
Sushma is great Shiv devotee. I will go to her tomorrow only
A woman is an embodiment of love, loyalty, patience,...
...affection and motherhood. These are her ornaments.
By these characters only she with her motherly love...
...has given comforts to the world for ages.
The good feelings of a woman are got by Shiv's blessings
If it is told that, the whole world is run by Lord Shiv... will not be false at all