Rihanna, Week 5 America's Best Dance Crew Season 6

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D-TRIX: It's kind of similar to last week.
You got all these hard crews-- like all the B-boy crews, and
you got the krumping crew--
dancing to usually people they probably wouldn't dance to.
So I think that's going to be cool to see how the B-boys
react to another artist this week that's not usually in
their genre.
LOUIS DIPIPPA: Our song is "Only Girl In the World,"
which makes no sense.
It doesn't even fit us because we're all boys.
We're an all boy crew.
There's seven of us.
DANIEL TORRES: OK, so we found out that Pedro can speak
English, but can't say the word rehearsal.
OK, say it.
PEDRO: I can speak English.
Come on, man.
DANIEL TORRES: Say rehearsal.
PEDRO: Rehearsal.
DANIEL TORRES: Instead of rehearsal, he said
"re-has-hol." "Re-house-hol."
PEDRO: "Re-house-hol." Come on, man.
I say it right.
D-TRIX: When you see someone in the bottom, and I know what
it feels like to be in the bottom, you have to fight and
just dismiss everything from your mind and just release
your soul and release your heart.
And I feel like that's what they gave me last week.
MALE SPEAKER: When I get excited I go over top--
like, wow.
NICK MARA: We have normally a lot of funny stories.
And there's especially a big one, but I don't want to get
too personal with that.

NICK MARA: No, no, it's how like every day-- it's a daily
basis, I guess.
We all just play around.
And then all of a sudden it just comes out.
MADISON ALAMIA: It definitely happens in
rehearsal all the time.
Like we're just running the routine and
then all of a sudden.
THOMAS MICELI: We're definitely going to try to do
better this week and try getting
D-Trix to like us again.
And we're just going to try as hard as we could
and give it our best.
D-TRIX: Since we started the show, knowing who is going to
be in the bottom two took us by surprise
the last two weeks.
It's crazy, like with ReQuest and Street Kingdom last week.
But regardless, two crews have to be in the bottom.
And everybody's so good.
And I think it just comes down to, obviously, heart and who
wants it the most--
but who strategically pre-planned before the show
and has ammunition.
You know what I'm saying?
It's hard if you're running out of stuff.
You're like, crap, we're running out of ideas.
Well, it's going to be the crews that trained up to this
moment that are ready for it, that are going to take over.
We're Instant Noodles.
STREET KINGDOM: Street Kingdom.
IAMME: We are I.aM.mE.
PHUNK PHENOMENON: Phunk Phenomenon.
INSTANT NOODLES: And you're watching
Just Dance on DanceOn.
D-TRIX: Woo, did I say that right?