Fire Alarm Fun at Rochester Institute of Technology Ellingson Hall

Uploaded by musicfreakcc on 27.09.2009

They'd probably be killed at the hands of 500 angry people.
I'm serious, if this happened at 4am and they found out who did it,
Yeah, Life at Ellingson is fun, but this is one of the biggest downsides.
Now, everyone's headed back in.
Yay, the fire alarms have stopped. Uh, supposedly...
Of course, this dorm is half-deaf.
Currently, they disabled the audible horns, which pretty much blast your ears to death, anyways.
and because of crap like that, we all have to leave.
Seriously, people burn their popcorn all the time,
Whoever pulled the alarm or burned their popcorn is dead.
Hey, at least the fire alarms work.
Luckily, it's only 10:50pm
I am not pleased.
This is the 3rd fire alarm so far and this is the 4th week of school.
Now, the worst is when this happens at 3am, which it has.
I'm not very happy
Whoever pulled this alarm or burnt their popcorn is dead.
This camera sucks, so I have to back up quite a bit.
Yes, it's a fire alarm disco party here at Ellingson Hall at RIT.
This sucks so much.
And we've got all of Ellingson out here.
and we're finally at 1 - good lord!
Gosh, it's been like a minute and a half...
Did they really? >> Probably.
>> Someone: Could they make it extra-loud for the deaf people?
[extremely loud horn] >>Ouch.
we are getting the hell out of here.
I got my iPod and I can't forget my badge, and
I bet someone burnt their damn popcorn.
>> We've got a fire alarm at Ellingson at RIT.
[alarm sounds]