My Australia: Episode 09 - Part 3

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Hi guys.
Can I ask you what the words 'girls' day out' mean to you?
Fun, shopping, spending.
First of all, drink white wine.
Watching movies, love stories.
Oh yes, shopping.
Maybe go shopping.
No, go for beer.
Oh, go for beer. Okay.
Yeah I'd say they go shopping.
Okay, and anything else?
I'd say that'd fill all the day.
Right. Okay.
Pedicure and manicure.
We call it 'girls' talk' in Japan.
Girls' talk'. Okay.
I think it's more about spending the time together and ...
We talk about men and all the problems they have.
Going and having dessert.
High tea.
High tea.
High tea? Okay.
What do you think's gonna happen in the World Cup?
In the World Cup well, I think we will do ...
See, this is what boys' day - we want a boys' day out.
Yeah, boys' day they talk about soccer, especially being from the Netherlands, otherwise if you're
Australian you talk about rugby or something like that.
Well, we've heard a lot of different ideas on what a girls' day out should be and now
we get to see one up close, courtesy of Raisa and her mum.
Raisa grew up in Bandung Indonesia with her parents and younger brother.
As a baby she was fat.
She got skinny and liked to dance and play the piano.
She had a head for numbers and she won a lot of mental arithmetic competitions.
368 plus 534 plus 235 would be
She started a double degree in Indonesia but then won a scholarship to study international
relations at Flinders University in South Australia.
She now lives in a share house close to the University.
When she needs a break from study she sometimes goes into the backyard and does the hula hoop.
Living here has definitely made me independent.
I learned how to cook here whereas before I got here I've never even touched a stove.
I've never even cooked instant noodles.
Today's special coz I have my mum here who I haven't met for like over ten months.
She's been here the last couple of days for a holiday and I've been showing her around
Adelaide and everything and she's been liking it here so much.
The flower is so beautiful.
Yeah, Australia has a wide variety of flowers.
We don't have flowers like this in Indonesia.
Today I'm at King William Road and I plan to do a bit of window shopping with my mum
and then have a manicure and also have high tea, all of which, whom, I've never done.
I've never had a manicure all my life coz I don't really have nails.
I only go to the salon to, you know, cut my hair and everything.
And high tea, I've also never done that.
I presume that it's having tea in a more fancy way maybe but yeah, I'm looking forward you
being a lady of the day sort of thing, yeah, and with my mum too, so that'll be cool.
I can do with a bit more dresses because we have, you know, a couple of weddings coming
I think today will be a fun day, you know, lots of self-pampering and lots of fun stuff
so why wouldn't it be cool, you know, for two girls to hang out and everything so I
think I'll enjoy today tremendously
and the weather's perfect, it's not too hot, not too cold so, I'm sure that today's gonna
be smooth and cool.
Suitable for me?
Not really.
Oh, no.
Bikinis and everything. Oh, they have lots of jewellery too.
These are probably going to be too big for me, as usual.
It's definitely different to spend time with my mum here compared to in Indonesia
because in Indonesia we're both like, you know, sort of busy with all of our activities
and everything.
But now is the right timing because like I'm done with all of my assignments and everything,
my mum's here for a vacation so we can really spend time together.
And Adelaide's like the perfect city for that because everyone here is so relaxed.
You really get the feeling of vacation here.
Raisa, look at this.
Oh, is it a pear or something?
Looking forward to show my mum how much I've changed over the last ten months because I
have changed a lot.
I'm more independent now and I can cook now and yeah,
I guess like she can detect those visible differences nowadays and I think it's change
for the better
so yeah, I'm looking forward to showing her that.
Oh this one's Aussie Bloke's Cookbook. I cook this before.
All right.
I'm guessing this is a lamb roast and you put rosemary in it.
Yep, I've cooked that.
One day you have to cook for me.
Yeah, buy me an oven first. A good oven.
So one thing for sure that hasn't changed over time is that I love purple, then and
Purple's like the best colour in the world and my mum knows that and yeah, lots of accessories
that are different here from Indonesia
so my taste has probably changed a bit but I think, you know, it's pretty much the same,
So we've been window shopping, well, sort of looking around and everything.
We haven't actually gotten anything because either the sizes are too big here or maybe
we're too small.
And yeah, I think it'll be cool to get my nails done coz I don't actually give particular
care to my nails.
So what do you think of the manicure so far?
It's fun.
Because we're on vacation mode, there's no other things going on and we can really enjoy
and you know, really relax and maybe even fall asleep while having our manicure, so,
that'd be cool.
It looks nice on you.
Yeah I know, it's good colour isn't it?
I'm definitely going to get more manicures in the future now that I know the result.
Good, I'll put it on Facebook.
It's been interesting to have my mum here because the last few months I've only communicated
with her through like, you know, text message or email her or chat with her,
so none of the physical, sort of confrontation, contact and yeah like, I've sort of grown
closer to my friends these last couple of months and now ...
So yeah, it's another adjustment I guess.
Like when I go back and be with my family again after being independent, like you get
used to your own personal time,
and now like, you know, you sort of blend in with your family, lots of other influences
going in.
So it's gonna be interesting but I mean like they're my family so it's gonna be good, yeah.
I've never been to a place like this before so today has been like the girliest day of
my life probably like you know,
having manicures and then going for high tea and everything because like I'm usually you
know, just sort of like not girly, definitely.
So this is a tea cup?
It is a tea pot yes.
How cute is that?
Okay, I'll take one.
Wow, don't they all look beautiful?
I don't know how we're gonna finish it though.
Australian sugar is not exactly sweet.
I sometimes need three or four.
Look, it's a beautiful ...
You chose like the biggest cup cake.
Are you sure you can finish that?
Yeah, I try to finish it. It look nice and delicious.
She's more confident and one, I'm happy now she become a good cooker.
Before she can't cook anything but now she can cook variety food like Australian food
It's, I think it's marvellous.
Everyone in our family get proud of her, yeah, she's doing the best thing I think, in here.
Had the best experience in Australia I think.
I'm definitely glad that I came to Australia.
Like, I have benefitted so much from this experience that like I think that the impact
would last me for a lifetime
because it's a life changing experience indeed and this may sound cliched or whatever but
I really do mean it,
like it has gone beyond my expectations and they're just so accepting to, you know, international
students or international people.
So when you hear that Australia is multicultural like I really do support that statement and
I've experienced it myself too.
I didn't even go through an adaptation period.
I think I just blended in straight away and when I do go back to Indonesia like it's gonna
be another readjustment
in terms of like climate and then going back to my friends and my family.
Although one thing like, the one thing that I'm looking forward the most is, you know,
having Indonesian food coz they don't have it here.
Like they have Malaysian food but they don't have Indonesian food and I'm totally looking
forward to that.
But yeah, like, I guess life is like that, you know, full of changes and everything and,
as human beings, the only thing we can do is just adapt and accept it and you know,
so I'll just go with the flow I guess, wherever my life leads to.
Seems like Raisa's girl's day out prompted some great reflections on her year living
in Australia.
That's it for the show. Time for me to go and get some high tea of my own.
Here's what's coming up next week.
Akki has a go at grape picking and earns some money
Weiping tries her hand at catching crabs
and Faye meets a group of people with green thumbs.
See you then.