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C: Good morning!
So, how's the sexiest patient in the hospital?
S: I dunno, which room is he in. C: This one.
They still letting you out today? S: Uh huh.
C: Have they upped your medication or something? S: No?
C: So what are you looking at me like that for? S: Like what?
C: All smiles...
Has some hot doctor been in here giving you a sponge bath? S: No! C: Good, 'cause that's my job!
S: Mum was here.
C: When? S: Last night.
I was sleeping and... and she was here. Well, just for a moment.
C: Sy, I've just seen your mum setting up the stall and she didn't even ask how you were.
S: Well actions speak louder than words, Christian. C: Yeah. Yeah they do.
Look, you were on some pretty hardcore drugs last night- S: I wasn't dreaming, she was standing right there!
C: Maybe you just saw what you wanted to see.
I'm sorry, but all your mum cares about is her public image.
And one of these days that glass-house of hers is going to come crashing down around her.
Z: Good morning!
Madam, uh...
I: Customers keeping their distance? Z: What?!
I: Well I can't say I blame them. You don't want bits of roof in your chicken tikka, do ya! Z: Shut up, Ian!
I: Oh and, yeah, my spine's fine... If you're asking.
Z: I'm surprised they could find one...
I: Sorry? Z: Nothing!
I: I mean, it hurts like hell but, I can just about walk, you know.
Z: Well you know what they say Ian: If you don't use it, you lose it!
Y: You're wasted on a market stall. You have staff for this, don't you?
Besides, I thought you'd be at the hospital. Z: Why would I want to go back there?
Y: Well, the delicious canteen food for starters. Z: You lied to me.
You said that you'd called the hospital, and that Syed was in a critical condition.
Y: He's your son, and he needed you. Z: You have no right to make any decisions about my family.
Y: Soon Afia and I will be part of that family, and we should stand united.
Z: You tricked me into going to that hospital, so that you could get me alone and vulnerable. Y: You're mistaken.
Z: Am I? Y: Yes.
Z: You stay away from my family. Y: I think that under the circumstances it's going to be very difficult, Zainab.
I: You know I'm sure the pain gets worse as the shock wears off.
I mean, my wrists are absolutely killing me, I could do with a massage. M: Oh leave it out, Ian. I'm just about to eat.
I: I mean, when you've had a near-death experience it makes you realise what's important to ya, and, what you want from life.
J: And you want a massage? I: I want a massage from you.
J: I've got things to do.
I: Where you going? J: Out! I: Who with?!
J: Tanya is taking me to pick up my dress for the wedding.
I: Look love, you can't leave me on my own. I'm practically disabled.
J: You'll be fine. I: I could really do with your help! J: Ian!
I: Why can't you pick up the dress next week? J:The wedding is next week and I need to check the alterations.
I: No-one's gonna be looking at you anyway. It's all about the bride. J: Thanks very much, Ian.
T: Sorry, sorry. I know I'm late. Just one thing after another this morning.
J: Well is everything alright? T: John Manley, well he's only gone and pulled out of the wedding!
G: Best man. He got a contract in Hong Kong, he's not coming back. I: Have you eh, have you found someone else?
G: No, not yet. But I have promised to sort it out by the end of the day. T: He's so good in a crisis!
J: Hey Tanya, I can't be too long, I'm leaving Ian in the lurch. T: Oh, behave! You're a free woman now!
J: Oh, well you try telling Ian that! T: Here, this dress place does free bubbly, and I mean the good stuff.
J: Oh well, in that case. Eh, I'll see ya later Ian. I: Yeah. Bye love.
J: I'm not your love, Ian.
I: Bye...
M: His name is Syed Masood.
No, it doesn't matter who I am. No, I don't want to speak to him, I just want an update on how he is.
Shouldn't you be at the market? Z: I called Waseem. I need to be the project manager. M: We can't afford to pay Waseem.
Z: Don't be so dramatic, Masood. This place won't be closed for long.
Wow, these insurance people really are dressing down nowadays, aren't they?
I tell you, that is what is wrong with this country. Nobody takes pride in their appearance anymore!
M: Zainab, I can handle this. Z: Yeah, wand now we're both handling it, alright Masood?!
M: Zainab, eh, you should go see Kamil. He's due for his feed.
Z: Tamwar and Afia know what they're doing. Besides, I want some answers.
A: All done Mister Masood. M: Oh, thank you.
Z: Alright, how long will we have to wait? A: I'm sorry?
Z: For the money. Because every day that this place is closed, it's costing us.
A: It's not my department, love. Z: Really?! Well make it your department then.
You think we pay our premiums for the fun of it?! M: Zainab, I said I could handle this! Z: We pay your wages Mister, eh...
A: It's Andy. Z: Right, we pay your wages Mister Andy! So in return we expect some professionalism and some efficiency!
A: Here's a quote for the repairs. If you want the work done, give me a call. M: Thank you.
Z: He's a builder?! I told you to call the insurance company Masood! Do I have to do everything myself?!
M: Eh, what are you doing?
Z: We need that insurance money. Do you think that quote's gonna pay for itself?! M: Yeah, give me the 'phone!
Z: Tamwar, I need you to get my diary, get me the number for Walford Insurance company- M: Zainab, give me- just-!
M: Masood, what are you doing?! Give me the 'phone back! M: No! Z: Now!
M: We can't call the insurance company, because we're not covered! Z: Of course we are, I took the policy out myself!
M: I stopped the payments three weeks ago.
Z: How much?
M: Four, five...
Z: Please tell me the next word is 'hundred'.
Is this all of it?
M: There are a few things I don't have down on paper... Z: Like what?
M: A few IOU's; a loan. Z: From who?
M: Zee- Z: From who?!
M: Phil Mitchell.
Z: You took out a loan from Phil Mitchell?! M: It was for Afia's ring and then she went a lost it.
Z: Phil Mitchell?! M: Come on, we can sort this out. Zee, we can fix it!
[baby cries] A: I'll go.
Z: ...Because your wife has to come along and sort out all your problems!
This invoice here from Greg, this is from two months ago! How am I going to look Tanya in the face, huh?!
M: Give it here! Give it here! Z: "Minor repair-work to roof, structural issues identified and... And discussed."
that means you knew?
M: Yeah well, we couldn't afford to do a full re-fit. I had to do some patching up myself.
Z: You idiot! You could have killed our entire family and all of our friends!
M: Look, I took a risk, okay?! I had no idea the ceiling was gonna fall down!
Z: You destroyed our business, you risked our lives, you...you... Put Syed in hospital!
M: I wanted the party to be a success! I didn't want to call it off! Z: Tamwar you get in here right now!
Your pride! Because of your pride, you've ruined everything!
I want you to go down to that market-stall, do you understand me?!
You go and you send Waseem home. We need to save every single penny that we have got!
T: Fifty quid's gonna break the bank? Z: Just do what I say. Don't you disrespect me!
I still haven't forgiven you for what you did at the mangni yesterday! T: What are we gonna do?
Z: Why don't you ask your father that, he seems to have all the answers!
A: Oh! Y: Shouldn't you be at work?
A: I took a few days off for the mangni. Y: Your mum not around?
T: Um, she had a bit of an emergency. Y: I hope everything is alright.
T: Yeah, it's fine. She's just a bit of financial stuff to sort out, so, fine.
Y: That's what you get when you invite Afia into your family; a drain on your finances. She's cost me a fortune!
If I can help in any way, you just let me know.
T: I guess that's what happens when you've been married forever, you start keeping secrets and lying to your own family.
A: That won't happen to us.
T: Eh, our wedding rings are hidden inside a Dr. Who DVD?
Could be worse, could be Star Gate.
A: Well, we need to tell them about the wedding. They can't keep budgeting for something that's already happened.
T: Have you seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? A: Eh, no?
T: It's about a chainsaw massacre. So,
we'll be living there, and mum finds out that on top of everything else, we're already married?
A: So we say we need to postpone it. Take the pressure off until we can tell them the truth.
T: What would your dad say? A: I can talk him 'round!
M: And he's definitely been discharged?
That's great news.
Ah, okay. Thank you for your help.
T: Where is mum?
M: She's gone out. You should be at the stall.
T: Yeah. Eh, me and Afia were talking, about the wedding; maybe postponing it... M: Why would you wanna do that?
T: I thought, under the circumstances- M: Nah, you don't need to worry about that.
T: No, we are worried! M: Your mother and I can handle it! T: Dad, it's just a ceremony, it can wait!
M: You're a good son, Tam.
T: I don't like seeing you like this. I just wanna help.
M: And Afia? T: She wants to help as well. It was her idea.
M: Nah, you two have suffered enough. It should be celebrated. It will be celebrated.
T: Yeah, it was celebrated and then the ceiling fell in. M: You're getting married Tam. End of story!
S: Thank you.
C: Come on then, hop-along!
S: I need to talk to her. C: I think that's a really bad idea.
S: She came to see me, I know she did. C: Syed, please! S: Just give me a minute!
S: Hi!
Z: I have to get home. S: I just wanted to say thank you,
for being there last night in the hospital. Christian insists that it's the drugs, but I know it was you.
Z: I made a mistake.
I won't be repeating it.
C: Let's get you inside.
S: I guess you were right about the pain-killers. C: You're gonna have to let it go, Sy.
L: Have you seen Abi? C: Sorry darlin', I've been at the hospital.
T: Oh, here he is! J: Oh, right, eh. Now, what do you think?
I: You'll look beautiful. T: Aw, that's what I said. Oh no, I didn't actually, I said, "Your baps look great in it". J: Yeah.
G: How much champagne have you had?! J: Oh, just the one, you know- T: Bottle.
T: Did Lauren turn up? G: Yeah, for about two seconds. T: Ah, so what you been doing?
G: Oh, choosing a new best man...
T: It's not windy Pete, is it? G: No.
T: Oh, great. It's not the plumber, with the teeth like Stonehenge? G: No.
T: Oh, thank god! It would have cost a fortune to re-touch the photos, honestly. So go on then, who is it?
T: Oh, I am so sorry Jane. I will try and sort it out.
J: No, if Greg wants Ian then he's... He's welcome to him. T: Well listen, call me, right? Out, you!
J: What are you playing at?!
I: Oh, Greg. Oh, he thinks I remind him of his dad. J: Is his dad an embarrassing desperate old man as well?
I: I'm not old. J: This is not about Greg's dad. This is about you trying to force me to spend more time with you.
I mean, upping my hours, calling me 'love', asking for a massage.
You are in denial, Ian. We have been through this before, we are getting a divorce!
I: Yeah, and you can't wait for that, can ya? You keep running off to Masood! J: What?!
I: Look, I saw you the other night outside the Argee Bhajee, the way you were looking at each other!
J: He was upset, I was comforting him! I: Oh what, like the last time he comforted you at a hotel?!
J: Masood is a married man and unlike you, he respects his wife!
I: He's still a bloke. J: Ten times the bloke you'll ever be!
M: Um, I've looked at the figures,
and if we increase the Masala Queen's sales by twenty percent we could probably ride out the next few months.
Z: Great. We'll just work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Why don't we get Kamil started in the kitchen?
M: I'm trying to be practical here? Z: Really? As opposed to what; reckless, stupid, idiotic?
M: Alright, Zainab, you've given me a good kicking. But can we try and do something constructive now?
Z: Like what, huh?! We owe money to half of Walford. We have nothing! M: We still have the Masala Queen!
Z: And who's going to hire us?! Our name will be mud no thanks to you!
M: You know, we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't have put a bid on the Argee Bhajee-
Z: How dare you turn this back on me!? M: -Behind my back!
Oh yeah, you never made a bad decision, have you?! Z: I was trying to build a future for our family; for Tamwar, for Kamil.
You have just stripped us of everything that we have ever had! Who are they gonna look up to now, huh?
Their failure of a father? A man who's destined to trawl the streets with nothing but a postman's bag over his shoulder?!
They will pity you, Masood, and you don't even deserve that! [knock at the door]
I: Alright? M: Ian. I: I'm not disturbing you, am I?
M: What's this? I: It's eh, an estimate of the costs for my treatment.
You know, medical bills, X-rays, medication. That sort of thing. I haven't factored in physio, stress, loss of earnings yet.
And then I haven't even mentioned the fact that my wrist is so bad I can't lift a frying pan. Z: Aw.. You have two hands Ian!
I: Thanks for your sympathy. It's both of them that I've hurt. M: We can't deal with this, not right now.
I: Well I suggest you find a way, Masood.
Z: With everything on our plates, do you really expect that we're going to play these power-games with you?!
I: No, I'm not playing games, Zainab. There's no fun in that 'cause I always win. I'll expect my compensation soon.