Print Barcode Labels with Professional Labeling Software

Uploaded by TECITSoftware on 17.02.2010

In this video you learn how to create and print a simple bar code label with your individual data.
Start TFORMer now and begin with an empty label.
Click on the barcode symbol and then place the barcode with the mouse as required.
A window opens in which you can edit the bar code content.
With a double-click a datafield is created.
A datafield is a placeholder for dynamic data.
Enter a name for the datafield and confirm with OK.
This datafield is assigned automatically to the barcode.
Confirm again with OK.
The bar code content is replaced when printing your data.
To edit the data click on Data.
The data to be printed is shown as table.
Now I'll enter some bar code data.
For a print preview click Preview.
You can zoom in as required.
Now select your target printer and click OK.
TFORMer now prints the barcode labels with your data.
In addition TFORMer also offers numerous output formats like PDF.
I hope this video has been of interest to you - Thanks for watching!