Dance Moms Miami - Season 1 Episode 3 - Don't Judge Me - Todrick Hall Full Episode Recap

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TODRICK: Wassup!
This is your boy, Todrick.
Thanks for coming back to another week
of Dance Moms recap.
This week, I had the wonderful and talented Nicki Minaj
booked on the show.
But she got busy so I went to the next best thing.
He's even more famous than her and has more Twitter followers
than she does at the moment, and his name is, the one and
only, Scott Hoying.
SCOTT: Oh, hey.
TODRICK: Thanks for coming back, home slice.
SCOTT: Of course.
Any time.
TODRICK: Thanks for dressing up for the occasion.
SCOTT: Thank you.
I thought I'd wear my nicest clothes.
TODRICK: At the top of the list was Lucas.
TODRICK: At the bottom of list was Hannah.

This week, Kimmy and Sammy both got a solo.
And the group number's a contemporary piece about
All of the numbers had to do with insecurities.
I wasn't sure what insecurities were, because I
don't have any.
So I looked it up, and I was like, wow, this is a really
huge epidemic.
So I'm glad that they are focusing on this.
So, they all did an exercise, and they all
covered up their eyes.
And they talked about what their insecurities were.
It was a really touching exercise.
But then, in the parents' room-- like the holding room--
there was all this drama, because the parents started
feeling like Sammy was a little bit too cocky.
And saying all this rude stuff to Sammy's mom, Abby.
SCOTT: They were just being really mean to her and
teaming up on her.
TODRICK: And it's obviously because they're--
SCOTT: Because they're insecure.
TODRICK: And they're jeal of the fact that her face looks
exactly like-- what's the--
SCOTT: Courtney Cox.
TODRICK: Exactly like her.
So, one day they're all fighting.
And then the next day, they're literally all acting like
they're in a breakfast club together.
And they all go out to eat like they're
in Sex and the City.
And they go out for drinks.
So, they go out.
And then the moms are telling Abby that Debi basically went
to Victor and asked her to--
SCOTT: Sabotage her daughter.
TODRICK: So they get to the competition in California.
Kimmy was literally stressing out the whole week, because we
all know that she's such a perfectionist, like the
epitome of OCD.
And she was, like, freaking out about this dance, thinking
she wasn't going to be able to get it.
And she literally-- what I basically would
say is killed it.
She was so good.
Then Sammy also performed.
And she had a great number with a lot of sass and
She did great.
And Lucas also killed his number.
He was a little bit wobbly on the tilt.
SCOTT: For a second.
But he pulled it off really well.
TODRICK: Yes, he did.
In the end, they all did great.
Kimmy brought home the trophy for second place.
And in the group number, they got fifth place.
So it was not the best that they could have done but still
really good.
SCOTT: Still pretty good for 500 dancers.
TODRICK: Everything was happy, and they all lived happily
ever after until--
SCOTT: Abby called Debi out in front of all the moms, and
everything went crazy.
They started yelling at each other.
TODRICK: Yeah, and it was so shady, because Debi was trying
to be like--
SCOTT: She was like, not at all.
TODRICK: No, I didn't say that.
And then Abby left and was so upset outside.
SCOTT: Yeah, genuinely upset.
She was like, these people are crazy.
TODRICK: I've never had to deal with this.
SCOTT: And I felt for her.
I feel like she's the only sane one.
TODRICK: He was so--
He was like, I like her.
She's the only one I like.
SCOTT: And Todrick's like, you're really into this.
TODRICK: You really need to calm down.
Can we also just take a moment of silence for Victor.
He is the best teacher ever.
He is so supportive of all the kids.
He's strict.
He knows how to deal with the parents, and he works with the
kids so well.
SCOTT: Yeah, before they went on stage he would give them a
little pep talk.
TODRICK: Every single person.
It was like an Oprah episode.
I was like, yes, Victor.
You better pep talk those kids.
You are representing Stars.
You're a firework.
Put your love on top.
SCOTT: What?
TODRICK: You are the champion, my friend.
You're on the right track, baby.
You were born this way.
Oops, I did it again.
After every performance he was like, yeah!
So just call on me, Victor, when you need a hand.
We all need somebody to lean on.
So, Victor, if you're watching this, please adopt me.
Well, us.
TODRICK: Adopt us.
All right, everybody, thank you so much for tuning into
this here episode of Dance Moms Taking Over Miami.
Uh, my name is Chucky Lee.
SCOTT: And I'm Billy Bob.
TODRICK: And you're watching--

SCOTT: Peace.