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ROBERT ROLDAN: Who's better at busting a move on the beach,
Rihanna or Nicki?
Get a sneak peak of the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.
And Tyce Diorio stops by to chat with us about, What to
Expect When You're Expecting.
This is Just Dance for May 4, 2012.
Hey guys, this is Robert Roldan.
And you might know me from So You Think You Can Dance.
I'm so excited to be here hosting Just Dance because it
is going to be the best episode ever.
Sorry Twitch, sorry Courtney, sorry Allison.
Let's get started.
Rihanna just released her new music video for "Where Have
You Been." And for me, as a Rihanna fan, I was so excited
to see how good she is at dancing.
Seeing Rihanna in this music video nailing those dance
moves kind of was a full-body overload for me.
I was sweating a lot.
And kudos to Hi-Hat for that fast-paced choreography.
That was some fancy footwork.
Nicki Minaj's video for
"Starships" finally hit YouTube.
The video is one part Hawaiian beach vacation, two parts
kaleidoscope party, and three parts booty.
At least the "Starships" video is a bit of an improvement
from the "Stupid Hoe" video--
not really.
Click here to see what Kid Fury thinks
about Nicki's wig party.
The 2012 Billboard Music Awards are less
than a month away.
They just announced some of the live performances that you
guys get to see on May 20.
Justin Bieber, LMFAO, CeeLo Green, Carrie Underwood, and
The Wanted are the first five artists they've confirmed for
Talk about some huge acts.
Leave me a comment below to tell me who you would hope to
see in the show.
A couple weeks ago, we brought to you the newest trailer for
What to Expect When You're Expecting.
After that, people went a little crazy in the comment
section and were wondering why it was on a dance channel.
That's right, we do read all your comments.
For the record, if there's dance to be found, we're going
to bring it to you-- whether it's in a movie, on a TV show,
or in Kmart.
And to prove it, we snagged an interview with What to
Expect's choreographer, Tyce Diorio.
TYCE DIORIO: In the opening of the film--
it's obviously featuring Cameron and Matt--
and they are on this television show, a la Dancing
With the Stars, but it's called Celebrity Dance Factor.
I got to choreograph ballroom and hip-hop and
disco and all that.
It was absolutely unbelievable.
ROBERT ROLDAN: I'm so excited to see the movie, and thank
you so much for coming in.
And thank you Jax, you were awesome in this interview.
TYCE DIORIO: Of course, thanks.
It's so great.
ROBERT ROLDAN: And I can't wait to see the film.
TYCE DIORIO: Catch it guys.
TYCE DIORIO: Expect it.
ROBERT ROLDAN: Selena Gomez just released video number two
for her song, "Hit the Lights." And it's a party.
Miranda Sings has made quite a few music videos of her own,
so let's see what she thought of Selena's.
MIRANDA SINGS: I watched the video.
And first of all, I was confused because there already
is one, and now she's doing a second one.
So weird.
Also, she's in a club.
Are you 21, Selena?
I think not, so illegal.
She's sweating, which is really gross.
And then the most shocking part about the
video was the bullying.
There was a girl sitting there, and everyone was
throwing water balloons at her, which is really rude and
mean and bullying.
Selena also says a cuss word in this song. (WHISPERING) She
says the D-word, so--
And she's says, "hit the lights"--
And then she's in a room of balloons, which is also
violent because what if they pop?
So, I was not a fan of this video.
It was very rude and inappropriate, especially for
someone her age.
So Selena, you should really be ashamed.
I'm just saying.
ROBERT ROLDAN: The fun and games are over on Dancing With
the Stars, and we're at the point in the competition where
things get serious.
Check out my recap of this week's performances and
results in case you missed it.
No, check it out for real-- it's good.
We all know that YouTube has changed the way that new
talent is discovered.
Just ask the man, Justin Bieber.
America's Got Talent is gearing up for their new
season, and they're opening their talent search to all of
you out there in YouTube land.
In 2010, opera-singing Wunderkind Jackie Evancho went
from a blurry YouTube audition to finishing in
second place on AGT.
Plus she was on Dancing With the Stars just this week
Check the description box for all the details.
Glee's third season is winding down, but they're pulling out
all the stops with their guest star lineups.
Last week's episode had Whoopi and NeNe.
Is it me, or does it sound like I'm naming the Rice
Krispie mascots?
If you missed the episode, "Choke,"
check out Mia's recap.
The future stars of Oxygen's All the Right Moves are giving
LA residents one night only to see their
dance company in action.
"Shaping Sound Presents, Come Together" will take place at
the Saban Theatre on Tuesday, May 8.
The company was formed by Travis Wall, Kyle Robinson,
Teddy Forance, and Nick Lazzarini and features some of
LA's most talented dancers.
Check the description box below for details.
If he's not busy making music videos or organizing flash
mobs, Todrick is probably watching Dance Moms Miami, and
I'm probably busy doing anything else.
Click here to see Todrick's recap of this week's episode.
America's Best Dance Crew has gotten cutthroat with a
double-elimination last week.
This week, the seven remaining crew's had a Drake challenge,
and Just Dance was there to find out all the details.
MALE SPEAKER: So this week is Drake week, and the challenge
is to bring a Drake lyric to life.
And we got "Make You Proud." And our lyric, if you want to
know it, is "running on a treadmill, only eating salad."
FEMALE SPEAKER: This week we have, "Find
Your Love" by Drake.
FEMALE SPEAKER: To change up the styles from Madonna, we
kind of went with what's going on in our
actual lives right now.
So we're using all of our feelings and emotions and the
struggles that we're going through, and we're using it as
a good thing.
We're using for strength in this routine.
ROBERT ROLDAN: The first round of dance showdown battles took
place, and D-Trix finally announced the four YouTuber's
who will be moving on to round two.
D-TRIX (OFFSCREEN): Whatsupelle, Woodysgamertag,
Itskingsleybitch, Seananners, congratulations to--
ROBERT ROLDAN: There you have it.
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