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We're a web design and branding studio located in san diego california.
We have over fifty years combined experience in a variety of industries
from web development to design
to publishing
to copywriting.
We have a really strong team hear and each one of us brings our own unique
and each one of us brings a unique skill set to the table.
we really believe in nurturing the creative spirit.
giving our team the flexibility that they need
to do their best work.
As an account manager here at Skybox Creative
customer service is a prime part of what i do.
Making sure that all of our meetings start with face-to-face connection
and also making sure that we setup timely deadlines, are accountable for
deliverables. That is a lot of what makes Skybox unique from other firms.
You know...
skybox from the beginning had this uncanny ability to
integrate themselves into our business development team
to the extent to where
they were one with us.
it was very evident that they did they're
due diligence, they're true research on our industry
and on our business so that when we
brought our teams together
they were able to represent us as well as we could have ever expected.
Skybox creative always offers a very cutting edge approach to doing
branding and marketing and they also
deliver a very high-quality product.
it really is what sets us apart and it's really what gives us an edge when learning a
company. Figuring out
the best way to approach they're branding package or their web
we have a strong focus on web development but we really are a branding
firm at our core. By doing an industry analysis and competitive research, we're able
to see how we can find a unique niche that they can really shine.
Really all of our materials end up having a complete cohesion,
so that the full branding package comes together.
Content management systems are very user-friendly for clients because they
can update their own
content very simply and easily.
Basically what they can do with wordpress which is what we use for many of our
back end content management systems
is that they can update
all of their own text, photo galleries, add video and also calendars and other
modules that will help them in their day-to-day lives
there are four main steps in our design process. Discover, develop
designed and deliver.
And what's important about all of them is that we combine collaboration between
us and our clients to make sure that your final product is something that you've
also had a stake in
and that really exemplifies your company
and your image.
We recently worked on a rebranding campaign for a dental company.
we started with the logo worked on all of their collateral materials including
corporate folder, membership cards and their web presence.
As a result they're going national and they're also adding to their service offerings in two
thousand eleven.
I've worked with various individuals that do branding marketing and web development
in the past
Skybox Creative offers a little bit more than a good edge
I would say. They're a little bit more creative
and they're very flexible in regards to they're ability to give a
product in a limited time amount.
I would say
get in touch with them.
Make that first call,
because that's where they won us over. From the initial contact in was evident that they
were committed
to serving and that was really important to us.