Mouth Watering Raw Mint Ice Cream - Ligia's Kitchen

Uploaded by ligiapop on 05.07.2011

Hello! I'm Ligia Pop, and in this episode, I invite you to prepare a delicious and refreshing mint ice cream with me.
Our ice cream only needs five ingredients: 1/2 glass of water (or 125ml), a hearty bunch of mint,
250g of soaked cashews (these have been soaking for about an hour), followed by natural sweetener,
(you can use agave, rice syrup, maple syrup, honey, etc.), and the juice from 1/2 lemon.
We'll put the five ingredients into the blender and mix them well.
The mint...
The cashews...
The water...
The natural sweetener...
And the lemon juice...
It has a beautiful texture, and the color is a vivid green!
The ice cream mix is ready, and now we have multiple options for chilling it.
We can prepare it in an ice cream machine -- which I'll demonstrate in just a bit -- or we can put it in
the freezer, where we'll need to check it constantly and mix it as well. After an hour in the freezer, you'll need
to get it out again and mix it well. Another option is to pour it into ice cube trays and chill it.
Let's get back to the ice cream maker, because that's what we'll use today.
It works quite simply. Its container can be placed in the freezer, where it becomes very cold. The mixer, which
you see here, mixes the ice cream batter in the cold container, transforming it into real ice cream.
Let's add the ice cream batter into the container.
We want to make sure the mixer is affixed properly to the motor, and that the lid fits snugly over the container.
Let's start the machine. We'll want to check the texture of the ice cream from time to time.
When the mixer no longer twists and you hear clicks from the motor, it means the ice cream is ready.
Let me show you the texture of the ice cream.
Now we'll scoop it out into a Sundae glass.
I'm Ligia Pop, and I thank you for joining me! See you next time! Now let's taste the ice cream! :-)
It's very good and very minty! :-)