ORBEA BICYCLES - EUSKALTEL euskadi, orange passion (part 2)

Uploaded by OrbeaBicycles on 15.03.2011

AIZonE technology is a big plus for our bikes.
Good aerodynamics means giving it less
pedal when coming
down aport. What we are looking for is
to go as fast possible with as little effort as possible.
A bike full of nerve, which is very
aggressive, and performs fantastically.
A pretty aggressive bike, but easy to handle too.
What the Attraction offers us is
that with each pedal stroke
the maximum force is transferred to the bottom bracket.
Roads, depending on where you go,
have more bumps, are windier.
They have worse asphalt. In the end, anything you
can minimize you're going to gain on your performance.
When climbing, the bike is much stiffer
and the torque you make on the
pedals moves very well back to the chain.
It is also true that I am very happy to
race with Orbea,
because it is a great bike, the best I've ridden on so far.