Special event in memory of U.S. Representative Tom Lantos, featuring Joseph Biden

Uploaded by ushmm on 25.02.2011

Vice President Joseph Biden: Now do you know, my daughter's generation, whom Tom knew and
took care of as well, my brilliant 29-year-old daughter, to her generation, the idea of preventing
genocide is thinkable. For the longest time, for the longest time--even after World War
II--the notion was somehow it was not preventable; it could be intervened, but it wasn't preventable
from the outset. I give this museum credit, the people who build it, for the notion that,
what Tom believed with every fiber in his being, that not only should it be intervened
when it occurs, but it is preventable. For all those reasons, this is, this is hallowed
ground, and I feel it every time I come here.