Breaking Pointe - Episode 3 - Second Cast Is First Place for Losers - Full Epsiode Recap

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Hey guys, this is David with DanceOn bringing you your
weekly recap of Breaking Pointe, that's a new show on
the CW that brings you backstage to Ballet West,
which is a dance company in Salt Lake City.
And this week they are casting their season.
So the dancers are figuring out whether they're in company
one or company two and also which roles they're getting.
I've got to say that, overall, this episode was sort of a
thumbs down episodes.
The theme of this episode was definitely
manipulative editing.
There was the dinner scene with Beckanne when she went
out with all the dancers, and they cut a bunch of their
conversation with shots of her being alone.
And it was just very obvious that they're trying to
manipulate the situation and make it look like she was
being left out when she probably wasn't, as much.
And there were also the rehearsal clips with Allison
being exhausted in rehearsal, when they Elena Kunikova
giving her direction.
It looked like there was a lot of repetition of basically the
same view exhaustion shots and then interspersed with
different direction.
And I felt that she was just doing her job and maybe, like,
had a little bit of an off day.
But they blew it completely out of proportion--
like reality TV does.
And then just random stuff.
Like there was as scene with Beckanne and
Katie in their apartment.
And they were talking.
And literally there were sentences that sounded like a
YouTube video.
That were cut in a gazillion places.
And that's fine for a blogger on YouTube using jump cuts.
But if you're trying to tell me that this is a reality TV,
do not cut the sentences into three pieces, please.
Anyway, in addition to all this manipulative editing,
they tried to sort of have competition
between pairs of people.
So there was Christiana and this girl Catherine, who she
lives with, who I was not aware of, but, like, wahbam--
she's awesome.
And she beat out Christiana for this principle role, so
there's that.
Ronnie and Rex are apparently competing.
And Ronnie said, I don't want to be Rex's friend.
And I'm like, why don't you?
He's adorable and nice.
And I don't know why you wouldn't want to be friends
with him, but there's that.
And then, obviously, there's Alison and Beckanne because
Beckanne is really young and getting stuff.
And Alison is really frustrated because she's old,
and she's not.
Those were sort of also, like, eh, I don't know.
I don't do the whole rivalry thing on these reality TV
shows when it's forced like it obviously is here.
Something that I think was funny about the episode was
that the very first shot was literally of Ronnie oiling his
up his body in front of the mirror.
Like, shirt off, oiling up his body in front of the mirror.
And I was, like, OK, I guess this is
how the show is starting.
Later on, he went to fix up his tattoo, and there was some
focus on him.
And I was thinking, all the guys on this show have
girlfriends except for Ronnie.
Is Ronnie the gay one?
No, no, he couldn't be gay.
He likes motorcycles and stuff.
But then they cut to the one gay guy of the ballet company.
Because apparently there's only one gay guy
in the ballet company.
And then they have this whole thing where Alison took him
out to this gay bar, and trying to find a guy.
And it was, like, super trashy, and I
was not digging it.
They did not execute that well at all.
Then he found a guy, and they were hanging out or whatever.
And the just cut away.
And I realized that the show is trying to be PG.
I don't think they've shown one person kiss, except for
the Disney couple.
They try and like go to these clubbing scenes but they don't
refer to the fact that people are drinking.
And they don't really hook up or anything.
So I don't know what this shows trying to be, or what
line there is for censorship.
But it's very confusing
Anyway, the cast list came out.
Beckanne got a soloist, duh.
And Alison is in three shows now, so she's overbooked.
Instead complaining about not getting anything, she's now
complaining about getting everything.
So like, this girl cannot get it right.
And then they went on to explain what a review is, and
why a review is important.
There was literally a two-minute segment saying,
like, this is a review.
And this is why it's important for dancer.
And I'm just like, oh God, OK.
One thing that I was happy about in this episode was the
ballerinas conversation about eating.
Because we remember last week that Allison talked about
dieting, and I was horrified.
It was nice to see ballerinas on TV eating and
talking about eating.
And, yes, hooray for food.
My quote of the week of the episode was Beckanne, after
she got a feature review as a rising star in a magazine.
She was talking about why the other women
should not be jealous.
And she said, I'm a rising star, and I feel like these
other women have already risen.
So I don't know why they're jealous of me because they're
not really qualified for the position.
Literally, you guys are all old and past your prime.
And I'm just beginning, so back the hell up because I'm
coming through.
This episode was not for me.
Too much reality, manipulative editing, competition BS--
focus on the dancing.
Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching.
And I'll see you later.