Faces of Johnson County -- Chrissey

Uploaded by JoCoEmergencyMgmt on 21.09.2010

I had two hurricanes when I was down in Louisianaů
ůwhich actually turned ito a tropical storm Fran and then Hurricane Lily i was working only came through so being
ůso being from New England you donĺt have toů
suffer through hurricanes I was finally thrown into a spot where I didů
ůwhere I had to cover 400 guests of the hotelů
ůand all the employees on top of thatů
ůbeing totally unprepared
ůjust walked in not knowing a thing and thought ôwhat am I going to doö..
ůit was a fly by the seat of your pants kind of thingů
ůthat was freaky.
ůYou know itĺs hard to say because I came from 8 years of hotel managementů
ůbecause there was always something going on like firesů
ůmany riot partiesů
ůsevere weather now around the winter Seasonů
so sometimes the hotel and guests were fine, but the outside was a disasterů
and he still had to do
because the outside services affected your inside servicesů 0:01:14.380,0:01:21.380 ůso you were always trying to be two steps ahead, but really you were two behindů
I usually grab my camera (laughs)ů
ůnormally Iĺm on a weather radio or watching tvů
ůbecause Iĺm glued to it, itĺs an addiction!
When the TV says ôItĺs coming to get youůitĺll be here in 15 minutesö
ůIĺm like here were go, right now to the basement!
I do have oneů
ůwith tools and extra shoesů
contact lens solution
and uh... uh...
Food packsů
You know I didnĺt even know what CERT was at firstů
But my coworkers said, ôit gets you involved in the communityö and I said ôwhat am I going to do?ö
and so i think um... somebody sent an email around and I thought, ôOk thatĺs pretty interestingö
i could probably use that
So I went in and they taught you everything from search and rescue stuffů
ůto some real significant issues to just ways to stay prepared in your neighborhoodů
ů and i thought that was a nice touches that it's more
about being prepared at home and taking care of your family and your neighbors before
you respond to something bigger so they covered a broad range of skillsů
ůand it helped out a lotů
i think what comes to mind first is the education piece everyone doesů
ůthatĺs made us really pushedů
that the other half of me says that we are really luck that we donĺt get the weatherů
ůof evenů
..the metro getů
but uh... i still think people need to be prepared and i just think
ůtheyĺve taken for granted what hasnĺt happened yet.