Olympics Preview: John Orozco, gymnast

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Olympics Preview: John Orozco, gymnast continued…
>>JOHN OROZCO: I’m John Orozco, I’m from Bronx, New York, I’m a gymnast on the senior
national team.
My training day goes like this. I get up about 8:30, practice at 9:30 to about 12:30. We
start up second practice around 3:30 to 6:00 and for me my practice ends at 6:00 but I
have to coach from 6 to 8.
We don’t do a lot of weight training because we need to be strengthening our own bodies
to carry our body weight. A lot of it is calisthenics, a lot of pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, not
too much lifting weights or bench presses.
I would say 50% of it is actually mental. You have to be mentally tough. Some people
might think it’s crazy but what I do to keep myself from being scared of a scale or
a routine, before I get up on the equipment I think to myself, “okay, what’s the worst
possible thing that could happen? I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen.” And
that gives me a piece of mind, and it gives me a comfort going up onto the apparatus,
doing a skill that I’ve been scared of for a long time.
It takes a lot of determination, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of will power because it’s
not easy. Keeping focused during those days where you’re not feeling so great and you
feel like you don’t really want to be here doing these routines over and over again,
and you know you’re sacrificing a lot because you don’t get to hang out with friends that
much or have a social life. Sometimes you might lose sight of your goals and your dreams,
and “man, is this really what I want to be doing?” But you just got to remind yourself,
“this is my dream” and you have to do the hard work first before you can achieve
your goals. And the best part for me is competition. Finally getting to show what I’ve been working
so hard on and getting to show everyone what I’ve been practicing for all these years
and how it’s going to pay off for me. At the end of your competition, your last event
is high bar and you stick the dismount and the crowds cheering for you. And that’s
just a great feeling it’s an adrenaline rush, like all of your hard work has paid
off and everybody gets to see it.