Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 19 ~ Symphony of Sorcery 2/2 - Spellican/Chernabog] (English Subs)

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Mickey: Thank you, Sora.
Mickey: All thanks to you
Mickey: Oh yeah! I was supposed to be getting water!
Mickey: I have to hurry or I'm going to be in trouble!
Mickey: Let's meet again, Sora.
Sora: Yeah, of course.
Riku: You waited for me?
YMX: Yes, the one chosen by the Keyblade, Riku
Riku: What?
YMX: You were the one the Keyblade picked first
YMX: But you were unable to control the darkness and fell into it...
YMX: The Keyblade that you were supposed to obtain went to Sora instead.
YMX: Yes. You are always a burden to someone.
Riku: That may be true, but that's why I am here now.
YMX: You have acted according to my calculations once again but... You are more powerful than I had thought.
Riku: If you're going to say that much, then how about telling what's up your sleeve?
YMX: It appears your heart does know the means to embrace darkness.
YMX: I don't need you. You have a resistance to the darkness.
Riku: Good
YMX: The time of the abyss is near.
Mickey: Thank you Riku. Now, unleash the power of sound.
Mickey: What is the meaning of this?
Riku: Sora...
Mickey: Sora? Huh that's odd. My heart feels warm for some reason.
Riku: Yeah, he has that effect on people.
Mickey: I see.
Mickey: Riku and Sora, by releasing the power of sound and combining it...
Mickey: you two have given birth to a powerful force called music.
Riku: He always makes the best of any situation. He takes on anything that would surprise anyone with composure.
Riku: He always makes everyone smile.
Mickey: I see. He might've enjoyed the music too then.
Mickey: The reason why Sora can live so happy go lucky...
Mickey: is all thanks to you, I think.
Riku: Hm?
Mickey: You two depend on each other
Mickey: That's why you feel at ease and can live as your heart desires.
Mickey: I'd like to be a part of that someday
Riku: Of course. I'll be waiting.
Mickey: Master Yen Sid, I wonder if he's okay.
Yen-Sid: Hmm... Although against his wishes, with the great wizard and the fairies...
Yen-Sid: In a place where time is different...
Yen-Sid: they are quickly teaching him how to at least use magic.
Yen-Sid: After that, it is up to the strength of his resolve and stamina.
Mickey: I see...
Mickey: How about Sora and Riku.
Yen-Sid: Even if Xehanort had an inkling of our actions...
Yen-Sid: Destiny Islands was engulfed by darkness.
Yen-Sid: In that time, in that place, no matter what power he had...
Yen-Sid: if he was not there he should not be able to approach Sora and Riku.
Mickey: Is there a possibility that Xehanort could have calculated that and acted accordingly?
Yen-Sid: That is most likely improbable.
Goofy: I wonder if he went through time and saw such a thing?
Yen-Sid: To traverse through time one needs a body in that place and time.
Yen-Sid: Xehanort does not have the means to control his bodies as he wishes.
Mickey: Oh my... No way...
Mickey: Xehanort lost his original body and after that...
Mickey: wrested control of Riku's body.
Yen-Sid: What in the world...
Yen-Sid: Has he calculated even all of this?
Mickey: Should I go and save them?
Yen-Sid: One cannot go into the realm of dreams.
Yen-Sid: Where should we head?
Mickey: If everything is according to his plan he won't be in the dream realm forever.
Mickey: I am sure he would appear somewhere in our world.
Mickey: The number of places where he could appear is limited.
Mickey: What's left is to trace the ties of the heart...
Mickey: That is what I learned from Master Aqua.
Donald: King Mickey.
Goofy: Us too...
Mickey: Thanks fellas..
Mickey: But I'm going to go it alone.
Mickey: This time won't be like the others. It's going to be a tough battle.
Mickey: And if something would happen to me, Riku, or Sora...
Mickey: You guys are the only ones who can protect the world.
Yen-Sid: King Mickey, I cannot sense where Sora is but..
Yen-Sid: I faintly sense that Riku is in the realm between
Yen-Sid: That is all I can do, beyond that you must rely on your heart.
Mickey: Understood.
Mickey: I will see to it that they come back safely