Rebirth - The Movie

Uploaded by HitokageProduction on 15.10.2010

In the civilization before our there was one man who wanted
To reveal his destiny
To know the purpose of his life.
Who am I? What am I supposed to do?
I was a warrior.
Is this why am I here?
I also wanted to find a wisdom
but the more I know more questions appear.
I was fighting against evil
but what is good and what is evil?
Where are you going?
To Atlantis.
I traveled much.
And I was sent to many missions.
But I will not forget one of them.
I will never forget those eyes.
I was sent to catch a demon.
You came to kill me. But you are not strong enough.
I will complete this mission and deal with you at any rate.
You think so? Maybe I will spare your life.
Let's end this. do not know what do you want. Nor do I.
I survived. he just disappeared.
I was continuing in my journey. But I knew that something is not right.
Something inside me.
Fighting is not fulfilling me anymore. I do not want to be a warrior.
This world is going to die.
So I leaved the order and went to our last hope.
Last hope of our race.
To Atlantis.
The end of this world is comming.
Now when I left the order I feel empty.
I feel clear. Clearer than anytime before.
But still I do not know why am I here in this world
and what is the purpose of my life.
But this night I had very strange dream.
Where am I?
What is this place?
Do not worry. It is a dream.
But this dream may change your life.
Who are you?
I have not time for this. Let's get out.
Your abilities are not working here.
You humans are calling us angels.
I want to help you. He wants to help you.
Who is He?
That time I realized that this world is not just coincidence.
That there is something perfect above us.
So should I dedicate my life to him?
Should I try to find this perfection?
Should I try to find Him?
Big changes are comming.
Now this time I need to know who am I.
Maybe the simplest answer is right.
I am that I am.
I am just here. No more, no less.
At least now I feel finally free.
I am part of this perfect world.
Maybe I did not find and answer.
And I will not find it.
The only thing I know is that I am a traveler.
A traveler heading to unknown territory of this life.
But I know for sure that I must not give up.
And must keep going.
Thank you. Thank you for this life.
Thank you for this journey.
I can be in this world thanks to Him.
Thanks to perfection of this world.