geet 20 june 2011 part 2 WITH ENG SUBS

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they have come for radhika's relationship.
they know maan.
this maan..he gets time like these to do stupid acts like these.
did she recognize us?
shut up!
geet this is a very good thing.there is already a shagun in the house then we can prepare for another shagun right?
why not why not very good.
yes babhi lets pray that radhika's wedding also happens with nandini's wedding.
god will do that,
come come ill send refreshments for you.
thank you so much
jugnu has come to get the maam! now say something! now i got my visa to america
now i am happy!
wow mama ji! whats up?you are wearing ameican clothes?
havent you country like looks.
yes i understand.come
ok did you get some roti's?
one minute one minute move!
go go go we dont give charity.go
who are you show me your face
where did they go?
one minute one minute wait!
i have seen you somewhere.
tell me where i have seen you.
have you ever been to uganda?
i have never been to bhatinda.
thats havent seen me cuz i live in bhatinda.
and you?
have you ever been to uganda?
i have never been to ludhiana.
thats why you havent seen me cuz i live in ludhiana.
shut up! you are confusing me.
im telling you if i have seen you than i have seen you.
even america wants jugnu's sharp brain and eyes.
give me a hint of where i have seen you. give me a hint.
you give me
wait.ill have to drink my tonic to remember.
i got it.
i remember
now i remember where i have seen you.
you are..
where did you see them?
you know this tall man with a suit he does side roles in a punjabi movies.
yes beeji
mamaji beeji is calling.
yes sister coming
dont know what happened to adi sir. i told him to go findthe jewelry man. and he called the parlor. now i have to do everything. what do i do?i have been..
maan?what are you doing?you know how scared i got?how do i know its you?
who can hold my sweetheart besides me?
and if someone tried to hold you then ill break his hand!
oh garam dharam paji! our plan has not been finished yet. and i have a lot of work left. go from here!
say it again
hai after hearing such a sweet yes even if god takes my life i dont care.
looks like youll create a fight between me and god.
fight with god?
yes geet. if god talks about taking my geet's life then what do you think your maan sing khurana wont fight with him?
maan sir.
adi sir. he must have come with the jewelry. ill go