Stuff - New York Giants Fans Say

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 07.10.2012

What’s up guys? Hope you’re doing well.
So this week I decided to do Stuff New York Giants Fans Say.
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Let’s go Giants. Let’s go Giants.
Lawrence Tynes might be the best kicker in the NFL.
The Patriots, oh my gosh.
Tony Romo is as clutch as Lebron…you know what I’m saying…on the Cavs.
Lawrence Taylor.
Greatest ever.
Of all time.
He couldn’t be stopped. Who was going to stop Lawrence Taylor? I wasn’t going to
get in his way.
How do we lose to the Cowboys man. DANG!
DAHECK is Eli doing? Eli! Pass the ball!
See this is why Eli, he is not a good quarterback sometimes.
Ramses though.
Let’s go Eli! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m talking about Eli!
Elite, Elite!
You can’t spell Elite without Eli.
Can you spell it…I don’t think you can!
He had a concussion, he might have thought he was playing defense.
I don’t care!
I just feel like our whole team is endorsed by Subway.
The Jets?
When have the Jets done anything, ever?
I like Michael Strahan’s gap.
It gives him personality.
Just because you say you’re going to win the Super Bowl doesn’t make it happen.
You see what I’m saying.
I could say I’m a pony, am I a pony? No!
The Dallas Cowboys are a joke! Oh my gosh!
You know I know some Dallas Cowboys fans, delusional.
Highly delusional.
They’ll never win with Romo
They will never win!
Tony Romo’s garbage. He’s terrible. He’s got ears like Dumbo.
He gets XM satellite on that.
How many playoff wins does he have? One!
He gets NFL Sunday Ticket.
I mean he doesn’t even have to pay, it’s like cheating.
They might be America’s Team, cause you know we’re in a recession right now. So
you know they might be America’s Team.
It might be true.
The Jets are about as relevant as the Green party in this election is.
They really are.
That may be an overstatement.
How do we lose to the Eagles?
You know, this happens every year. We start off bad, then we get good, and then we just
win the Super Bowl. That’s how it is!
It happens.
You know I picked up salsa dancing? The ladies love it. They love it.
That’s what I hear.
Plaxico Burress, I can understand you getting shot. People get shot all the time.
You shot yourself, in the leg.
How does that happen?
At what point does your brain register, “I just shot myself.”
He said it just felt warm and kept walking and didn’t know what it was.
I will always love David Tyree forever.
If I ever see him I’m going to salute him. Just like that.
From here to there.
You know he doesn’t play football anymore right?
I don’t care. He shouldn’t , I would’ve retired. Where can your career go but down
after that catch?
You down with J.P.P.?
Yeah you know me.
Absolute beast, he can do like 342 back-flips in a row.
I know.
It’s on ESPN!
I just love the Giants.
We are winning the Super Bowl this year.
Coughlin makes the ugliest faces possible.
He’s always red.
There was LT, but let’s not forget about Harry Carson. I know you remember.
The best linebacker.
The best linebacker
Tiki, he messed up when he said Eli wasn’t elite.
Come on Tiki, where is your uhh…commitment? What is it?
No Loyalty.
Is this a Cambell’s Noodle?
It’s a Chunky Soup commercial. That’s not our mascot though.
Jamming Jerk Chicken.
Jamming Jerk Chicken?
I’m going to have to go get some of that!
Why, just cause Victor Cruz is on the commercial.
Jamming Jerk Chicken.
Eli Manning has more Super Bowls than Tony Romo has playoff wins!
Do I have to say anything else? Is there more for me to say? What more…should I say?
He’s been playing good lately. Y.A. Tittle, Phil Simms level.
He’s better than Phil Simms.
Yeah, he’s better than Phil Simms.
Jeremy Shockey.
He was good!
He was good.
Remember that time he ran without his helmet on and trucked like three people.
I do remember that. And then I remember the time at the Super Bowl where he was chugging
those beers too.
We have the most African sounding names on our team.
We have more vowels than anybody else.
Prince Amukamara.
Mathias Kiwanuka
What’s the kid that played on the 49ers?
Uhh, Kyle Williams.
Kyle if you can hear this, wherever you are Kyle. If you can hear this…Thank you. Thank
you so much!
He’s not dead.
Victor Cruz.
The man’s a genius.
There’s no reason he shouldn’t be on Dancing with the Stars.
He should be sponsored by Tostitos.
I mean, we did get off to a slow start. But, that just how we win Super Bowls.
Every year.
That’s how we do it.
You get two identical resumes. Do you hire Thomas Smith or do you hire LaDanavian Smith?
Stop jeopardizing your child’s future with these names!
[inaudible screaming] Wooo, that’s a good one.
He gets XM Satellite on that. The whole thing no preview. The whole k—Kaboodle.
Did you just say Kaboodle?
Yep, it’s going on YouTube.
Prince Amukamara is actually a prince of a Nigerian town, I heard that.
Just like the Bears did to the Cowboys.
Did you see that game?
They suck.
It’s not good. It’s not good. Ughhhhhh…
I know a Jets fan.
Did you see that video?
I did, Stuff Jets Fans Say.
That video was terrible.
Not very good at all.
Oh my gosh…it’s cause they’re Jets fans.
I’m a grown man.