LITTLE STINKY (Zombies vs. Ninjas #5)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 01.06.2012

Spence, have you gone crazy?!
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I can't believe Tanzy makes us clean up our room once a year.
Yeah, what a b----!
It not so bad! Andre find whole pizza under mattress!
That ain't pizza! That's your pet hamster that disappeared last Spring!
Aww, Senor Poopsalot! Me wonder where you been hiding!
I will never understand Russian culture.
C'mon, guys, the Chuck Norris cooking special starts in 5 minutes!
What the heck?
Everyone I'd like you to meet the newest member of our team. Say hello to "Little Stinky"!
Spence have you gone crazy? That's a Zombie!
Wheeeew, I think Little Stinky needs a diaper change.
Nope, he just smells that way.
He could bite someone.
Duh, that's what the cone is for.
You know, Spence, there are places that will take in unwanted babies.
Me? Get rid of a kid just because he might be an inconvenience? What kind of selfish
monster do you think I am?
Little Stinky just smashed the TV!
I gotta get rid of this kid.
Hello, and welcome to Planned Profit-hood.
I know you! You're the mom from that show, "Eight Minus Kate"?
Heh-heh, yes, that's me, those ungrateful little monsters. So, how can I help you folks
Well, we've got this new baby and we're not sure what to do with it.
There's tons of ways to make money off of your child: commercials, reality shows, scientific research.
We're not here to make money.
Whoa, whoa, whoa - let's hear the lady out. Exactly how much could we make?
Well, let's have a look at the little bundle of joy and I'll give you an estimate.
OH MY GOD! He's beautiful!
He is?
I can already see my new hit series: "Kate Plus a Dead Kid". I'll be happy to take him off your hands.
Together we're gonna make a fortune!
Wait a second. You don't love Little Stinky; I love Little Stinky! And kids should only
be exploited for profit by those who love them!
Forget it he's my meal ticket!
Hold it right there!
Who the hell are you?
It Harry Potter and his Little Magic Friends!
Hey, our characters had names, too, you know!
That was a long time ago! Our mission now
is to stop the exploitation of kids for profit on film and TV.
Why? You guys made millions!
Sure, when we were young and cute; but then we grew up and no one took us seriously no
matter what we did.
I even showed my penis on Broadway!
So did I!
He means in a play, stupid.
Oh, right.
She's getting away!
Pediatricus Exploitus Preventitus!
Move it, you ----!
Let's set that bomb and get out of here.
Bloody Hell! My Azkaban!
Oh man! Now we have to take out the Harry Potter kids!
Serves them right. "Goblet of Fire" sucked!
Heads up, dude!
Everybody get out!
Not without Little Stinky!
Spence, move!
There's nothing you could have done, Spence.
Poor Little Stinky, he'll never know the simple joys of childhood such as eating brains and
scaring the crap out of people.