Black Jack 21 - Full Episode 17 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Black Jack 21!
There are only twenty-one hours left for everyone remaining to live.
Will the dreaded phoenix disease exterminate the entire human race?
With despair abounding on the Sky Hospital, the last battle for our survival begins on that ark.
Shine... The love is Believe... the truth
Even if life is filled with sorrows,
no one will ever be truly lonely.
When I look up at the sky as I pray,
I feel as if I can hold your dear smile.
Although I struggle through a forest of dilemmas,
my feelings will endure for all eternity.
More than a thousand I love yous,
I want you to be here.
No one can replace you.
Your smile will be the light leading me to tomorrow,
and towards the sun in the sky.
Security system unlocked.
Hang in there!
Black Jack, how are Nishikawa and the others?
I put them in your cancer hunters along with Mantoku.
We've bought some time for now.
I see.
You're not done yet!
Change the plane's destination.
That's right.
Imagine the Sky Hospital landing in Tokyo like this.
The entire nation of Japan would be infected with the virus.
Then where are we supposed to go?
Change our destination and fly to the North Pole.
The North Pole?
That's right.
We know that the virus is less active in a cold climate.
The flight plan has been adjusted.
We're now headed for the North... Pole.
Hey, Shirabyoshi!
The Sanctity of Life
Based on "99% Water" and "There was the Second One" by Osamu Tezuka.
Please wait!
Are you really going there?
Yes, because the situation has changed.
But you don't have to go yourself.
In order to rebuild the organization, I need the evolved virus.
And there's something I must do that only I can.
Black Jack!
Don't move so quickly.
Your blood pressure and pulse rate, which were abnormal due to the epinephrine injection, are now back to normal.
What's that?
It's a mixture of a carcinostatic substance and a chemical that heightens the body's resistance to the virus.
It may help a little.
What are you going to do now?
I'm going to find a cure for phoenix disease.
Are you serious about that?
We don't know anything about phoenix disease.
This is Lickey Air Force Base in Alaska.
Please respond.
The US Air Force is contacting us.
This is Lickey Air Force Base in Alaska.
Sky Hospital staff, respond immediately!
Respond immediately!
This is the Sky Hospital.
Because of a leak that occurred, we are...
Are you Dr. White?
A certain virus is present on the aircraft.
We're aware of the situation.
I'll let the national security adviser speak to you now.
Go ahead.
I'm Clark Bowman, the national security adviser.
I congratulate you on your courageous acts.
We've gathered specialists from contagious disease control centers all around the world,
and they are currently searching for the cure for phoenix disease.
Until we find the cure, you are to have no contact with third parties.
Are you going to leave us here to die, Clark?!
Can you hear me, Black Jack?
It's me, Kuma!
Dr. Kuma!
Why are you there?
I wanted to atone for what I've done, so I joined this team.
The situation is grave.
But we have not given up yet.
Dr. Kuma, what are you...
Let me send you the data we've gathered so far.
Dr. Kuma!
Black Jack, you may be able to find something,
because you were Dr. Honma's best student.
Dr. Honma...
We'll continue to try our best too.
This is a huge amount of data.
It would take a month just to study all of it.
Let's get started, Shirabyoshi.
How could you?!
That was top secret.
Twenty-one hours.
We ran a simulation on how long it will take for the evolved virus to kill them.
They can only live for another twenty-one hours at the most.
We must find the cure before that–no matter what it takes.
Wait, Doctor!
What will happen to the virus if they die?
It's hard to say.
Normally, a virus dies off once its host dies.
I see now.
We don't have to worry about the virus spreading here.
Black Jack.
Will I live?
Who knows?
I thought I had eternal life, but now it seems to have slipped away.
You had such an idiotic dream.
You wouldn't understand.
I've seen many deaths.
How fragile, yet precious people's lives are.
Eternal life...
the only challenge the weak human race had to overcome to win against death.
Challenge, huh?
Are you going to make the serum using my blood?
Yes, if it's possible.
I don't think it's that easy.
Then you'll die here.
Black Jack, do you really think you can cure phoenix disease?
I'm the same as you.
I enjoy the challenge.
Yes, Mr. President.
There are eight hours left.
Yes, sir.
Have our newest thermonuclear missile on standby.
The thermonuclear missile?
That's right.
It can vaporize and aerify anything that stands within a one-kilometer radius,
including the infected and the virus.
Then are we...
This is a presidential order!
This is the original B.O.P. virus.
And this is its current form.
According to the data they sent us, Dr. Jorujyu found it deep in a snowy mountain in Canada.
He could not determine if it had been there in ancient times or if it had fallen from outer space.
Dr. Jorujyu was solely focused on the fact that this virus generated electricity on its own.
Using this, he created a battery that powered the artificial heart the Noir Project created.
After that, Dr. Jorujyu artificially made B.O.P. rapidly evolve using radiation.
After repeated exposure to radiation,
it became an elixir of immortality by attaching itself to human DNA thereby preventing senescence.
But on the other hand, B.O.P. collects iron, carcinogens, and other debris in the blood steam like a magnet.
That causes hematomas to form all over the body,
and thereby forming cancerous cells.
This is probably what phoenix disease is.
No way...
So the radiation treatment from my cancer hunter actually made the virus evolve even further?!
If B.O.P. loses its ability to generate electricity, we should be able to stop it from spreading.
And the key to that is...
This is...
How could I have...
What's the matter, Black Jack?
Hey! Black Jack!
Phoenix disease is developing!
Black Jack!
There it is.
It's still too early to give up.
Yes, I know.
We need to treat you quickly first.
Give up already,
Dr. White and Dr. Black Jack.
It looks like we made it on time.
Why are you here?
We came to get the evolved virus and the cure.
And what do you intend to do with them?!
I need them for the organization's sake.
The main computer room is just beyond that door.
use the security system.
I'll go with Dr. Black Jack to get my father's blood.
Come with me.
Look at my face.
Because of this face, I suffered through hell.
You're despicable.
I will kill you myself.
Isn't it sweet that you'll die while looking at your own mother's face, Black Jack?
What's this?!
Intruders are on board.
What have you done?!
Eliminating the intruders.
Black Jack!
Now it's time to end this.
Wait, Renka.
You must not kill this man.
Now, lower your gun.
Do as I say.
Shut up!
I'll never follow your orders again!
No way...
Black Jack!
What happened here?
Are they both dead?
We can save her with an operation.
Hey, Black Jack...
Prepare for an operation.
Are you really going to do this?
It's useless, Black Jack.
I can't let someone die.
Dr. White, answer me!
This is Lickey Air Force Base!
Dr. White!
The twenty-one hours that Dr. Kuma spoke of will soon be over.
Prepare to launch.
This is...
the artificial heart!
It's the Type Hydra artificial heart!
Why is it...
She has the artificial heart that my dad made.
Her blood pressure is decreasing.
Her breathing is also weakening.
The heart will stop at this rate.
No way!
There's no damage to the heart from the gunshot.
This heart would keep beating for eternity even if it were taken out of the host's body.
And if it is stopping, that means...
Could it be?!
What is it, Black Jack?
I may be able to cure phoenix disease!
Shirabyoshi, we must get some of her blood.
We'll make an antiserum from it.
Meanwhile, I'll give her a heart transplant.
I'll explain everything later!
But where do we have a donor for the transplant?
There's one over there!
Her father, Mantoku!
Opening the hatch.
Target confirmed.
We can fire anytime, sir.
Good. Fire now.
The missile has been fired.
Seven hundred and twenty seconds until it hits the Sky Hospital.
How could you have done this?!
Is this how much you value people's lives?!
The twenty-one hours you spoke of are over.
This is the Sky Hospital.
Please come in.
Thank God you're still there!
We found the cure for phoenix disease.
This is the B.O.P. that was used in the Type Hydra artificial heart.
And this is the new B.O.P. that evolved from the original form.
They have opposite electrical charges.
We've discovered that when these two are in the same environment,
they cancel each other out,
and thus eliminate any effect on the human body.
We can make an antiserum based on these findings.
Very well done.
Five hundred and twenty seconds until the missile hits the target!
Change the missile's target.
Yes, sir!
Damn. Why isn't it recognizing the commands?
What's going on?
I can't change the destination.
That aurora...
I see.
I can't control it remotely because of magnetic interference from the aurora.
No way...
Then detonate it in mid-air!
Yes, sir.
Sorry, I can't do that either.
Two hundred and ten seconds until it reaches the target.
We were about to get the antiserum, but now we'll lose it!
Shirabyoshi-kun, a missile is...
A missile is headed your way!
What did you say?!
Leave the spot at once!
Damn. I'm getting dizzy.
My hands are getting heavy and they're feeling numb.
Why am I saving this woman anyway?
Isn't she the very person who made my mother suffer the most?
So why am I...
She's not worth saving.
Are people's lives that important?
Yes, they are.
You still care about prolonging people's lives, Black Jack.
When creatures die, they die from the forces of nature.
Only humans try to prolong their lives by going against those forces.
So which way is right?
Shut up, Kiriko!
What would you know?!
Black Jack.
Dr. Honma!
Don't forget this:
we don't cure people; we only help people cure themselves.
Kuroo, you've done well.
Come here, Kuroo.
You've done enough.
Let's go together.
Wait, Doctor!
The patients are waiting for you.
Are you...
Yes, I am.
I'm eighteen, so this is how I really look.
I'll always be with you, Doctor.
Hang in there, Doctor.
Where am I?
I won't give up yet.
Because of the interference from the aurora, the autopilot system won't work.
You must fly it manually!
All right.
Please fly.
Twenty-one seconds until it reaches the target.
I will save this life!
Pull up!
Fifteen seconds to the target.
Pull up!
Detonation confirmed.
The Sky Hospital has been lost from radar.
I'm sorry, Black Jack.
Please forgive us.
This is the Sky Hospital.
This is the Sky Hospital.
You're alive!
Yes, somehow.
Operation complete.
I've done it.
We have the antiserum for phoenix disease,
and we'll provide it for free to anyone who needs it.
You're giving away such a critical vaccine for free?
You're serious?
No countries will gain from this.
We have decided to call it the Honma antiserum.
Honma antiserum?
That's right.
Once, Dr. Honma Jotaro tried to find the cure for Honma's hematoma and by himself too.
Honma antiserum was made possible because of him and his dear student.
We have decided to name it out of respect for him.
Dr. Honma.
I'm so happy for you, Dad.
"The Honma Family Sleeps Here"
I just returned, Dr. Honma.
You seem down, Sharaku-kun.
He's been like this since Pinoko-chan left.
You haven't been really happy since Dr. Black Jack left either.
You're blushing!
I wonder how he's doing?
Shut up!
You're always being yelled at by Pinoko-chan!
No I'm not.
I'm more grown up so...
I'm sorry!
Who's more grown up?
Dr. Black Jack!
When did you get back?
I missed you so much, Pinoko-chan!
It was such a long trip.
Yes, it was.
welcome home.
Hurry! Hurry!
It's just as we left it.
Doc, are we really going to rebuild the house here?
We'll start from scratch again.
The shadow covering the door, an obstacle we can't see yet.
I take notes on everything from north to west.
There's a frail, pale flame whose
glaring rays
pierce into my eyes.
I'm stuck in an endless loop.
This costume shines light into the darkness.
The black grove is producing buds.
If you set off on your journey before dawn,
the image of the moon shatters on the sea of miracles.
To the wind headed for the future, make a gust!