Mahabharat - Episode 84

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War knows no age nor generation
At one end of Kurukshetra on a bed of arrows lies Bhishma
At the other end is Abhimanyu's pyre
One old man and a youth
In between are two generations of Bharat's clan
This war has enveloped its lour generations
The pyre has added to the lire of war
Every heart is aflame ...
... burning the warrior in its lire
But every warrior is also some mother's son
This lire has burnt to cinder a mother's sleep
Countless mothers are rendered sleepless
Why are you awake?
I cannot sleep
Mothers whose sons are on the battlefield ...
... can neither sleep nor stay awake
Come! Let's pray!
I'll pray for a long life for your sons
You do the same for my sons
Why put God in a dilemma?
He has to reject one of the prayers
What happened?
I don't know. I feel like crying since evening
Some big tragedy has taken place in Kurukshetra
We are living in the age of tragedies
Hence, when my eyes fill with tears ...
... I tell them to go away and ...
... search for another pair of eyes
My tears don't listen to me
May God protect this dynasty!
My respects Grandsire!
Come, my child!
Say something, my child!
I do not have proper words to say ...
... what I am going to tell you today
Have you come to tell me something?
I have come here to mourn
In today's battle ...
... your great grandson ...
... Abhimanyu was killed
So, the war has reached the fourth generation
Who killed him, my child?
Sage Drona!
Sage Kripa!
Duryodhan! Shakuni! Dushasan!
And Karna !
Hows that possible?
It was decided one warrior would light another
That was decided when you were the Chief
Sage Drona had arranged the Wheel Trap
There, those seven brave warriors ...
... surrounded my son and killed him
Why didn't you rush to help him?
Susharma had taken me to the other end
Jaidrath did not allow anyone to enter after him
My son was left all alone
The seven warriors killed my unarmed son
Wipe my tears, my child
Those who surrounded and killed an unarmed youth ...
... are not worthy of being called warriors
They are cowards!
Forgive them this crime
The real murderer is Jaidrath ...
... who stopped help from reaching him
Don't forgive him, my child
Bless Uttara on my behalf and tell her ...
... it is a matter of pride to be Abhimanyu's widow
Where are you going?
It is dawn, mother ...
... and he's yet to wake up
Have courage, my dear!
Ordinary people die ordinary deaths
Warriors die on the battlefield
Control yourself, my dear
You have a gift from Abhimanyu
Take great care of this gift
The child in your womb is the future of this clan
You must nurture him
The war is about to begin
Can a warrior sleep at such a time?
I'll wake him up!
Okay! Yesterday's war has tired him
Let him sleep!
No! It's important to wake him up
Or else the other women will laugh at me ...
... that I did not send him to the battlefield
Don't worry!
The Kauravas can do no harm to Krishna's disciple
All right! Should I wake him up?
No! It is a wile's duty to wake up her husband
All right! Go!
O dearest! O heir of the Lunar Dynasty!
You have slept enough!
Wake up! It is time for war to begin
The armies are already on the battlefield
What is this new strategy of sleeping?
And why sleep on the floor?
Wake up!
Why don't you listen to me?
Look! He refuses to wake up
He won't wake up now
Why won't he wake up?
Have I really become a widow?
That cannot be! No!
Don't cy! Hush!
That cannot be! No!
Truth and Religion is indebted to you
Every married woman is indebted you
As long as this Earth lasts ...
... married women will bow to you
I have lost the very desire to live
Live you must, my dear!
You must live for Abhimanyu's son
That's why war is undesirable
You lose more than you gain by waging it
It is a deal in which even Victory loses
I have understood this today
Our army will definitely win this war but ...
... when Yuddhistir sits on the throne ...
... he will see it is marred by Abhimanyu's blood
The war has begun
Take me to Jaidrath!
The Kaurav army stands between Jaidrath and us
Nothing can stop me today
Did I not say you can only control your Actions ...
... not the result!
Neither the Sunrise nor the Sunset is in your control
Why is your dynasty fond of taking oaths?
Grandsire has sworn an oath. So has Bhim!
And now you are trapped in an oath!
Did it befit them to trick a child?
Is it ethical for seven warriors to attack one?
Ask Lord Shiva to answer your questions
Jaidrath was protected by his boon yesterday
He had granted the boon with lull knowledge
He is God and God does nothing unknowingly
Jaidrath's killing is essential
But what was the need to swear an oath?
Now your eyes will be on the Son and not the target
The eyes, and not the arrow, pierce the target
The dust of your oath is in your eyes now
Forgive me Krishna
I have already sworn the oath
Take me to Jaidrath
I'll take you to him
Today he is at the centre of of Drona's lotus formation ...
... twelve miles from here
He may be 12,OOO miles away...
... but I'll kill him before Sunset today
If not, I'll immolate myself
Take me to Jaidrath
Warriors like Arjun should not immolate themselves
It will be impossible to break the lotus formation
What answer will I give my brother Pandu ...
... when I meet him in Heaven?
He'll will say I did not try to save Arjun
He can ask many more questions
From the Wax House to Draupadi's disrobing
No! You did not know my younger brother
He did not even want to sit on the throne
Grandmother's order compelled him do that
He would have surely made Duryodhan his heir
But he will definitely ask me ...
... why I did not stop Arjun from ...
... committing suicide?
What answer should I give him?
You'll have to answer that question yourself
Either Jaidrath or Arjun will die today
Look into your heart and see who you'll like to see alive
Jaidrath is my son-in-law
I cannot even think of his death
Arjun is like my son
I cannot answer such a question
I'll worship the God of Fire and ...
... request it not to appear when Arjun immolates himself
This way both Jaidrath and Arjun will be saved
It is not that I do not mourn Abhimanyu's death
I do!
But warriors do die during a war
I have sent my condolences to Yuddhistir
It does not befit Arjun that ...
... he makes his sister a widow
I think Krishna will explain to him
It is all Krishna's fault
Arjun was not even willing to light
Had he refused to light ...
... this war would not take place ...
... and Abhimanyu would be alive today
Krishna has instigated this war
God knows why this enmity!
Take me to Jaidrath!
For, if the Kaurava army stands in the way ...
... we do not have enough time. Let's go !
I'll take you Arjun...
...but start clearing the way
As you wish!
Arjun is marching on! Stop him O Teacher ...
... or he'll win this war before Sunset
My respects!
Do not stop me because ...
... by Lord Shiva, whoever stops me today ...
... I'll kill him to reach Jaidrath
So, please do not stop me today
As long as I stand in your way ...
... you cannot reach Jaidrath
You'll have to kill me to reach Jaidrath
As you wish!
At this rate it will soon be Sunset
Wait! Vanquish your enemy before leaving
You are not my enemy but my teacher
I also know none in this world can defeat you
None can stop Arjun today
What can I say to Duryodhan?
When Krishna brought the peace proposal ...
... I had told Duryodhan ...
... to accept it
To give live villages to the Pandavas and end the quarrel
But he did not listen to me
Now that the nectar has flown away ...
... why think and talk of it?
Duryodhan was not responsible for it
You yourself were responsible
No! It was not I but my ill luck
Tell me about the war in detail
For, that is my punishment
Scared by Arjun's determination...
...Duryodhan is moving towards Sage Drona
Arjun has broken through the lotus formation
We thought he would not be able to pass you...
...but you allowed him to get away
I could not lire an arrow into his back
If you can surround and kill a child you can do that
O Sage! This is not your hermitage ...
... to discuss the ethics of war
This is the battlefield! Go and protect Jaidrath!
Jaidrath wanted to return to Sindhu last night ...
... but I promised him that we would protect him
Go and fulfil my oath
I cannot leave this place
I am not Jaidrath's bodyguard. I am the Army Chief
I must also capture Yuddhistir for you
You go and protect Jaidrath
I'll wait here for Yuddhistir
Arjun is not with him now
It will be easy for me to capture him
Go to protect Jaidrath
As you order!
Let's go!
Why have you stopped?
The horses are tired
Tired horses will not bring you victory
But Krishna ...
It is almost Sunset, Krishna!
Yes! That's true!
Beware Arjun!
Arjun is not on his chariot
One of the rules of War Was ...
... a chariot-rider cannot attack a loot warrior
Grandsire made those rules, not I
My rules say : Kill an enemy wherever he is to be found
Raise your weapon, Duryodhan
Don't insult me by holding back. Fire at me!
Don't allow Jaidrath's head to fall on the ground
Whoever drops his head to the ground ...
... will find his own head blown to a hundred pieces
Ensure that Jaidrath's head falls in his lather's lap
That is the road to his salvation
It will be so!
Duryodhan will get me killed today
I would have been miles away by now
What are you doing? Try to stop his chariot
Why hasn't the Sun set?
When Death stares into one's lace
The Mind cannot think of a life-saving strategy
In such a moment even friends...
... seem to be enemies