MyDamnChannel Live with DailyGrace - 12/4/12

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we alive?
I think we're live!
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, this is so exciting.
I hope people are there and watching.
Hi, everybody, if you're watching this.
How are you doing?
Today is Tuesday, December 4, and I am broadcasting live
from "MyDamnChannel LIVE" from Los Angeles right now.
That's what the weather's like.
A big white blur.
It's wonderful out here.
What they say about the weather is great.
Uh, hi, guys, Daily Grace here.
I'm just gonna--
pardon me for one second while I just post a quick thing on
all of the social media things and such.
This is where I try and talk and type at the same time and
my brain slowly dissolves.
Um, how are you guys?
Oh, cool.
That's really cool.
Um, have you had a great Tuesday?
That's awesome.
Me too.
I'm only half present with you right now
because I'm typing something.
I'm so sorry, this is so rude of me.
But please bear with me for a moment.
Um, I don't even know if you can hear me.
MyDamnChannel, insert weird post.
OK, now, these casual, casual Hangouts that we're having are
oh-so casual, because I'm just going to talk to you guys a
little bit and answer your questions.
So leave some questions in the comments below if you have
them for me.
I'm already so tired.
I need to exercise somehow, do some
sort of physical activity.
Um, OK.

Doing two things at once.
My brain can't brain!
Oops, oops, I pushed the wrong thing.
Sorry, sorry, guys.
I'm all over the place.
Uh, I'm a mess.
Wearing a scarf, so you can't be a mess if
you're wearing a scarf.
I feel like it's just social protocol.
"Grace, how are ya, girlfriend?"
I'm doing pretty well, thank you,
sammyhope, who asked that.
Uh, I feel a little tired today, but overall I am well.
Uh, trying to think of what is happening in pop culture
that's huge news.
It's a helicopter!

What's it doing?
Isn't that crazy?
That we've developed technology--
that a giant metal thing can just go whoop,
right up into the air?
Pretty cool, right?
Science and engineering is awesome, but that's not what
we're here to talk about.
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating each other.
And that is good for them.
I am so happy that they walked in a park and
stared at each other.
Have you guys seen those photos?
Apparently they went to Central Park, they walked
around, they looked at each other, they didn't look like
they were making very interesting conversation.
At one point Taylor is holding a rogue random baby.
It's a lot of confusing things, but it-- it looks
very, um, staged.
Because they are walking and they're, like, looking
directly at each other while they're talking.
And I, when I walk next to someone, don't really look
directly in their face when I talk to them.
But maybe that's just me.
Excuse me.
I'm burping.
Uh, innatelymagical just said, "I just broke up with my
girlfriend and she wants to get back together, but I
already have feelings for another girl.
Should I tell her?"
I hope she's watching this broadcast because then you--
you don't have to tell her.
I just told her.
Hey, innatelymagical's ex-girlfriend,
he be movin' on.
He found another 'gina that is calling to him.

Eat cake?
It helps sometimes.
Um, let's see.
What other questions do you guys have? "Do you like
pancakes?" I love pancakes!
I went through a period of my life when I graduated college
that I literally was eating pancakes for
dinner every night.
It was--
I don't--
I just love pancakes because they are so malleable.
You can create so many different
combinations with pancakes.
Um, and I've even thought that there should be, like, a
pancake restaurant.
I know there's IHOP.
I know.
But a restaurant where you can, like-- like a salad bar,
customize your pancakes.
Well, there should be a whole, like, customizable restaurant,
I feel like.
Because people love choice.
That's why people effin' love FroYo so much.
Because of the toppings.
They don't actually love frozen yogurt.
They love the toppings.
The frozen yogurt is a tool to get what they really want,
which are the toppings.
People eat the top of it and then they leave the rest of
the frozen yogurt.
It's just the toppings.
Toppings toppings, toppings.
And I think that's why it's been so successful.
So if you opened up a restaurant that was like a
cereal bar with a pancake bar and an omelette bar--
it's just a breakfast so far--
pizza bar.
You could just make all these things.
It would be-- someone make that.
And I want to go to the restaurant and eat something
that I create.
But then you can sign a waiver that-- before you walk in.
And then it says, like, if you get sick because you created
something that you thought was gonna be, like, hilarious and
awesome, you can't sue us for it.
You know?
Restaurants always more fun when you have to sign a waiver
before you get seated, right?
Um, let's see.
"Did those moving guys steal your stuff in the end?" No,
they brought all of my stuff.
It's all back there.

It's all very much a mess right now.
So eventually I will show you guys this place, and you'll
get a tour and all that jazz.
But right now it's a big ol' mess, so I am not
showing it to you.
Because I like you to judge me by my cover when my cover is
beautiful and clean.
Uh, OK, let's see.
"Hey, Grace, will you help me study for my yoga exam that I
have to take tomorrow?" That whole thing sounds stupid.
Remember it.
Not Shakiras.
That you can take with you for your whole life, actually.
"Bailey's and ice cream on pancakes.
Try it.
Yum." Ooh, lamb92, that sounds good.
That sounds very delicious.
Someone should try and make a Bailey's pancake.
Maybe that someone is me.
Now I'm just having a conversation with myself out
loud to a group of strangers.
No, don't do it.
I'm gonna--
I'm gonna do it, so, you guys, don't do it.
Uh, let's see.
"You remind me of a less slutty Ke$ha." Alright.
Do we know that Ke$ha is slutty?
Like, what other than that she dresses crazy--
do we actually have proof?
Or are you just insinuating based-- are you just judging
her by her cover?
OK, that's cool.
That's really very sweet.
"Do you like the Jonas Brothers?" Um, they haven't
done anything to me personally, so I guess, yeah.
They seem like fine little fro-tops.
Uh, I watched the Jonas Brother reality show on E!
once, and that is hard to watch.
His wife is--

let's just go forward from here.
Uh, let's see.
What else do we got?
It's beautiful.
You should think about coming here." Anna Silva.
Oh, I--
oh, thinking about it right now.
I'm thinking about going there.
The thought of me going there is in my head.
And thank you for planting that seed thought.
Uh, hopefully it may grow into a tree.
But sometimes when you plant seeds they don't grow.
That's why I'm not pregnant right now.
Uh, "Grace, do you still have that Mona Lisa thinking- of-
hamburger drawing?" Mm, no.
That's back in my place in New York.
I have to go back to New York in a couple weeks and finish
getting rid of all the stuff that's in my apartment.
So you'll actually see me back in New York for, like, a week
before the holidays.
And then I'm gonna go home for the holidays.
Which I don't think I've actually even told my mom.
So you guys have found out before my mom knows.
If she had a Twitter, I'd tell you to tweet at her.
My mom should get a Twitter.
No, she shouldn't.
What would be the benefit of that?
Absolutely nothing.

Uh, [INAUDIBLE] question and then we're
going to wrap it up.
These go so fast when they're just Hangouts.
Like, they go fast when I was in the studio, but they go so
much faster now that they're just just me sitting on a
couch talking to you.
Uh, let's see.
One more question.
Uh, trying to pick a good question.

Now I'm under pressure.
Now I won't make a choice.
This is what happens when a girl tries to make a choice
very quickly.
"Grace, are you black?" Nah.
All right, guys, that's it for this very quick live broadcast
from MyDamnChannel LIVE.
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, because Arden Myrin
will be on the show with Beth at 4:00 PM Eastern Time 1:00
PM Pacific, and you'll get to see Nate do a video with
Grumpy Cat, and I am so jealous.
I am so jealous.
That cat is so--
it's just, like, everything that's inside of me is on the
outside of that cat.
It's so great.
Uh, so make sure you tune in to that tomorrow, guys.
Thank you so much for watching today, and remember that you
can check me out every other day of the week at or Bye!