DailyGrace LIVE from LA! - 6/4/12 (Full Ep)

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Hi, Daily Grace here.
From MyDamnChannel LIVE.
Look, it's a change of setting.
That is crazy.
Everyone freak out, unsubscribe.
Just kidding.
You guys are temperamental.
I'm in a different place because I'm in LA.
Isn't that wacky, and crazy, and silly?
I'm out here shooting My Music, and they, so
graciously, let me use their studio to do MyDamnChannel
LIVE for you guys.
This is exciting.
But it's going to be a little bit of a different
MyDamnChannel LIVE.
It's going to be way more paired down.
And it's just going to be me, chatting with you guys for 10
glorious minutes, that we'll never get back ever.
But do we want them back?
Hopefully not.
There's no return policies at this Grace mart.
So there's a fly in here, that's live, that's live.
Flies are live.
My Music has all the amenities.
Ha-ha, So let's start by looking at
some of your tweets.
I asked you guys this morning for some questions, and I'm
going to take a little look see at what you guys
had to say to me.
So why don't we take a little peek?
You guys twitted a bunch of crap, good crap to me, so I'm
going to answer some.
What's our first tweet?
This is from Rebecca Sampson, and her handle is alecazendra.
Oh, I get it.
Do I?
I don't know if that's a thing, or not.
But she says, "do you like California?"
I do like California.
I have to drive out here.
I have a super sweet rental car.
It's a Ford Focus.
It's black.
It's pretty nice.
It absorbs heat instantly, which is great.
Um, and within being here less than 24 hours, I witnessed
another car accident.
LA is the city that keeps on giving to
car insurance companies.
Pretty amazing.
But I've been doing a lot of shooting for My Music so far
for the second block.
So I haven't gotten to see a lot of stuff,
other than my apartment.
I'm sleeping in the living room of my apartment, because
I'm too afraid to sleep in the bedroom.
So that's another fun thing for me out in California.
But the weather's been really nice.
Super super pretty every day.
California, here we come.

Remember that?
The OC?
That was a great show.
Was it?
I don't know.
Let's take a look at another tweet if we can.
Cameraman John, can we pull up another tweet?
Oh, it's already up.
How wonderful.
It's from mesusiep.

Cool handle.
And it says, "Would you date a guy, who is shorter
than you?" Oh, man.
OK, I, to be honest, I don't think I would.
Ah,op I'm so vain.
Um, I'm tall.
I'm 5 foot 9, and one of the things I do find attractive
about a guy is when he's taller than me.
So I can't--
I don't know, it's like in my biochemistry, my--
I didn--
It's I didn't choose to be this tall and
to like taller guys.
It's just how it happens.
But, maybe one day high heels will be really in fashion for
men, and not so in fashion for women.
And then the tables will turn.
And it may be different.
But who knows?
But for now, I don't know.
It depends.
It always depends.
You can never say something so definitive, because there are
exceptions to every rule, right?
We're learning so many things here today,
guys, so far so good.
What's another tweet you guys sent me?
This is from Anthony Thessalucus.
That sounds like a bone disease.
That's fun.
@gracehelbig "new viewer, so you don't have to guess."
Thank you, I hate guessing.
I'm really bad at it. "Will you ever come to Chicago and
perform improv?" Um, maybe.
I went to Chica-- obviously very good at giving you guys
specific information about great travel destinations.
But Chicago seems like a really cool city.
And I have a friend who is going there for the summer and
doing an intensive improv program.
Maybe you guys know him.
His name is Justin Akin.
He's called I do Internet on the internet,
because he does it.
And he's going there for an intensive program.
So maybe I'll pick his brain to find out if it's worth it.
Who knows?
In the meantime, when I get back to New York, I'll still
doing improv with Borealis at the People's Improv Theater.
Plug, plug, plug, plug, plug Friday
nights at eight o'clock.
If you're in the city, go see them.
Plug, plug, plug, anyone have a three-prong outlet
because I got plugs.
Plugs, plugs, plugs, plugs, plugs.
Let's look at another tweet, shall we?
Look, this chair does this.

Isn't that neat?
It's pretty cool, right?
Don't have this at MyDamnChannel.
This is pretty neat.
Guys, this is free entertainment for you.
You're stopping what you're doing with your day to watch
me do this.
Look at this.
One more, one more.
Hey, like a ballerina, just spot, always spot your focus,
so you don't get dizzy.
They tried to teach me that--
I took ballet.
And I took dance and gymnastics at the same time
when I was like five or six, and the dance teacher
literally told my mother to take me out of dance because
I'm not good at that.
And to keep me in gymnastics, because I should only run and
tumble and do things like that.
I, in my later life, appreciate her directness.
Though, don't say that to a child's mom.
Ah, OK.
This is from hellohennahyde.
Ooh, the alliteration is happening.
"If you could live at any time in history for a while, what
time period would you choose?"
Oh, what time period would I choose to live in history.
Well, now I'm so jaded, because I have so much
technical things at my fingertips that every other
time period would suck.
It would be so bad.
I would just be--
I wouldn't know where I am at any point, and I wouldn't be
able to get in touch with anyone, because I don't want
to walk two miles to go to their farm to find out if I
can borrow eggs to make a gross dinner, 'cause I can't
order it off a seamless web.
Whoa ho.
Jaded, my grandparents would be so not proud of me.
Let me think about this for real.
If I could live at any time, any time in
history for a while.
How long is a while?
I think, as long as I didn't have the knowledge of what the
future is like now, maybe I would live--
maybe I'd live in the '80s.
That's a fa--
Look at the answer.
Maybe I would live in the '80s because ah, just big, the
possibility of just wearing like stirrups, leggings and
giant hair, and thinking that it's like, awesome.
Every minute of the day seems like a fun existence to just
make yourself look as ridiculous as possible, and
everyone would think that you are cool.
Maybe, something like that.
Who knows.
Let's take another tweet.
This is from Burt the Builder.
It that a pun off of Bob the Builder?
That's a children's show.
Why are you making puns of a children's show.
How old are you?
Is there an age limit to use Twitter?
Who knows.
There should be.
internet privacy laws.
Get on that.
Ah, "Who is your favorite My Music character, other than
Ah, ooh.
Ooh, let's think about it.
Let's do the thinking swivel.
Um, my favorite My Music character other than Idol, ah,
though I clash, I don't clash, though, I have clashes with
Indie, I really like Indie.
Specifically, because I want to wear all of Indie's clothes
all the time.
Every time I see one of Indie's outfits, I think am I
inside a mid-20s boy?
Because I want to wear all those cardigans.
And here's behind the scenes, ah, ah special information.
Indie wears women's jeans.
I said it.
I said it.
Tweet it.
Tweet it to Indie that he wears lady jeans.
He wears leans, lady jeans.
He can--
They fit him so well though.
I mean give him a half a chance,
they look pretty amazing.
Yeah, I, I like Indie because he's so direct, and mustaches
are amazing.
And I want every cardigan he owns.
Let's take one more tweet before the show ends today.
Oh, no.

That sounds like a band that I would never see.
Ha ha ha.
"How can I be as great as you.
Teach me."
It's-- there's--
yeah, there's not.
There's nothing to teach.
It's just--
You just have to grow your arms and legs long and flail
them until they run into walls.
Um, don't take corners very well.
Drink more caffeine than you should, but wake up thinking
you're not going to drink as much caffeine as you say you
are going to.
Every time you have a free hour, and you're like, I
should go do some work, go to a Forever 21 instead.
It's a really good thing to do with your time.
When you debate over like, I should start building credit
in my life, because I'm in mid-20s.
Just go and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey,
because their credit is pretty horrible, so you
don't need it either.
But eventually you'll get a credit card.
And maybe some frequent flyer miles.
But that's what you need to aim for.
Does that answer your question?
Guys, oh my God, 10 minutes flies by, like the first time
you have sex.
Hopefully, you'll remember this in a fonder way.
Thanks for watching My Damn Channel Live today, guys.
Make sure that you can check me out every other day of the
week on MyDamnChannel.com/DailyGrace.
And I'll be here next Monday at 4:00 PM Eastern and 1:00 PM
Pacific and a different time for all of you that live in
the middle of the country, or in other countries.
How dare you?
No, that's cool.
That's very progressive of you.
Ah, have fun with the rest of your week.
Enjoy your Monday.
And tell Beth I said hi.
I don't have a bell.