[sub]BBS: Last Episode PT1

Uploaded by strwbrymilk on 31.01.2010

I'll take you somewhere safe, Ven.
Ok. I got it.
We just have to go through there, right?
Understood. I will not let Terra fall to the darkness.
I will bring Terra back as one worthy to be a Master.
There's no way Terra will fall to darkness.
Now that you've become a Master, I will let you in on a secret.
If anything were ever to happen to me...
and you had to protect yourself from the forces of darkness...
use my keyblade to seal this world.
For generations, it has been the duty of all keyblade masters to protect this world in-between,
so that the balance between light and dark could not be abused.
This is a strategy passed down through generations of masters for that purpose.
You must change the structure of this world,
so that all visitors will be lost to oblivion,
and no one will be able to solve the puzzle.
Except for you, Aqua...
You may get lonely, but just wait a bit.
I'll bring back Terra and definitely come back to wake you.
Aqua... Please destroy me.
Terra, lead me to you.
Who...am I?
This is the power...of darkness...
No. You're Terra!
Terra...you say?
His heart has already disappeared within the darkness.
He himself has been swallowed whole!
My name is Master Aqua.
Return my friend's heart!
Fighting back again?
Terra! You're there, aren't you?
Get out of my heart!